Ted Cruz Has Become A Foul Stench

Conservatives Gather Near Washington DC for CPAC 2015  (February 26, 2013)

The Supreme Court is about to go bonkers. Liberal bonkers to the dark side for 50 or 60 years. The damage to the country would be catastrophic. The rule of law would be an arbitrary line that would get crossed with every “ruling”. And Ted Cruz and his minions have decided to play games with America’s future.

Not that Cruz is that much of a kingmaker. He is more of a grand-stander. But he has a considerable faction of so-called conservative media pundits who are still reminiscing about the primaries and how Cruz was Jefferson and Washington all rolled into one Cuban-Canadian, roly-poly, slick haired, fork tongued meatball. Their love of Cruz is akin to the Zika virus. You know it’s out there and you were hoping that it would go away. But it (Cruz) hasn’t.

There are stories now almost daily, about how Cruz and his national team of delegate thieves are planning a revolt at the convention. Add to this, the neocon yammering of Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell who seem quite content with handing the presidency to Hillary Clinton. These alliances aren’t really alliances. They are separate factions working side by side to create doubt, chaos and tons of anger among actual voters who rejected Cruz and the rest of the God forsaken establishment.

But if Ted Cruz really is the smartest man in history according to the likes of Glenn Beck and Mark Levin, he ought to be a little worried about his country. Some would say that Cruz only cares about 2018. That is when he can be re-elected to the senate and position himself for a presidential run in 2020. With Hillary in the oval office, Cruz can pontificate, grandstand and filibuster to his heart’s content. And those fading talk show hosts can applaud his courage as he accomplishes absolutely nothing.

So if you were thinking that Ted Cruz would eventually come to his senses and endorse Donald Trump, think again. Cruz and his stable of Kool Aid drinkers don’t seem to have any senses. They are consumed with talking about the Constitution and the Founding Fathers. Those pursuits make no sense in light of the fact that Trump is willing to go full Monty conservative on the Supreme Court, the economy and on immigration.

Trump is also willing to take on the media and the special interests. And that may be where the problem lies. Trump has rendered much of the media pointless, including conservative talk radio. And the special interests own the media including talk radio.

Ted Cruz would wink and nod at these people as he slimes his way into the role of just another Washington politician. Cruz would placate the gravy train while sounding all Constitutional and Christian without actually being any different from the rest of the D.C. Cartel.

Ted Cruz needs a prescription for common sense pills that he can take when his mind starts to wander. Any time he dreams of being the president or giving one of those speeches where terms like “trumpertantrum” are born, he needs to take two common sense caplets and then he needs to stop talking.

The problem with all of this is that Ted Cruz holds a few cards. He has a lot of delegates. He has a team willing to revolt. He is still getting free publicity from his conservative talk buddies. And he has the same ego as Barack Obama. And he believes his own lies. He thinks that he can destroy Trump and swoop in at some point to ‘save the day’.

Ted Cruz has become nothing more than a foul stench. A pungent odor. There were plenty of politicians who came to their senses to help the country in the past. So much hangs in the balance. And Ted Cruz is still focused on Ted Cruz. This is no time for ego or posturing. This is a time for choosing. And Ted Cruz needs to lay down his fake and ineffective weaponry and wholeheartedly throw his support and his delegates to Donald Trump.

If he wants to be re-elected in 2018, it’s the only play that will work. Otherwise, his career will die a slow and painful death. And that may be the only consolation we have knowing that a third term of liberal hell is underway.

George Will Can Go To Hell!

Salute To FOX News Channel's Brit Hume

George Will has been part of the bourgeoisie class of political thinkers in this country for decades. His opinions are well constructed if you like living in a hypothetical world. Will has no answers for the working class. He only embraced Ronald Reagan kicking and screaming. And even Reagan, by today’s standards wouldn’t be the remedy for what ails us now. We are thirty years removed from a time when the two parties worked together and compromised. Both have now become so polarized against each other that finding common ground is heresy.

Will is stuck in his own Wall Street Journal reality. He believes so long as the stock market does well, the rest of the country is fine by default. But Wall Street has no connection to main street. More and more Americans have either opted out or have decided not to play the stock lottery. And even fewer understand it. That might be due to the fact that capitalism as once practiced is no longer preached in our education, or reeducation centers.

All money flows from a benevolent government who’s main job according to the central planners is to evenly distribute what is rightfully “mine”. George Will has bought into this idea because he supports trade and immigration policies that contribute to this way of thinking. The country has to ration resources because fewer and fewer Americans see any benefit to busting their ass for 40 or 50 hours a week when some illegal from south of the Rio Grande can cash in on at least $30,000 in welfare just by showing up.

Welfare Better Deal Than Working

In the backward world of George Will, we can finance these freeloaders, again, so long as Will’s portfolio looks good. Will has always worn those annoying spectacles that are a prop to make him look and sound more intelligent than you or I. The tint has to be rose colored because there is no way a man of his raw intellect could be so blinded by 30 plus years of rampant crony capitalism. Surely he must understand that the proletariat below him is suffering. But the establishment has given up on the little guy. Look at what happened in 2012 when the GOP picked two silver spooned white guys, who in theory were supposed to lobby for votes from the 47% they disdain. That didn’t play so well in Ohio.

Donald Trump has rewritten the political playbook without knowing any of the sanctimonious George Will rhetoric. And come to find out, Trump doesn’t need any fancy Ivy League lingo to reach the downtrodden souls who haven’t experienced a real wage increase since Bill Clinton got impeached. And yet George Will would have you believe that the party (meaning Trump) that supposedly left him is in grave danger because they’ve allowed the cake eaters to infiltrate.

George Will is nothing more that a globalist shill. Someone who attends the opera and the symphony and lives a life few of us could understand. Supposedly he likes baseball. But he doesn’t like the guy who used to be able to afford to take his family to the games he is often in a sky box to see. Will doesn’t understand that millions of us can’t even afford to take our kids to a minor league game because we have little or no disposable income.

There’s one last thing that irritates me about George Will. It’s the same thing that irritated me about Ted Cruz. This idea of self importance. Grandstanding. Making a personal statement that only makes people think less of you. Most Americans could care less about the fact that you loathe Donald Trump or are leaving the GOP. The GOP left ordinary folks decades ago.

President Eisenhower was the last republican who truly understood the proletariat. He distrusted the global system and saw what was coming with pin point accuracy. It’s stunning how disconnected a man like George Will is from the people of this country. It might be the reason why Will is held in such low regard. Nobody cares or worries about what George Will thinks.

And for all intense and purposes George Will can go to hell. And if that is not a suitable place for him, I’m sure one of the EU countries would love to have him.

Donald Trump Just Put A Huge Dent In The New World Order

Republican U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump reacts on stage as his wife Melania looks on at his 2016 New Hampshire presidential primary night rally in Manchester

Just by existing and having an opinion, Donald Trump has put a huge dent in the New World Order. He’s given courage to millions of people who don’t want centralized global government.

It’s shocking to think that a man who’s only been on the political scene for a little over a year is having the kind of impact he’s having.

But the common sense void is being filled. And people are rising up to claim their God given right to individual freedom.

Barack Obama and by extension, Hillary Clinton have been dealt a blow that will likely mean that their long term schemes have been thwarted. The march toward one world government just ran into a Donald Trump wall. And there’s no going over or around it.

For the liberal elites, they are getting upended by a man with no prior political experience. His ideas of freedom and national sovereignty are spreading like wildfire. It’s really just that simple.

And all Trump has to do is stay on message and he will be the next president of the United States. Because like Britain, we are craving independence and freedom from tyranny.

The Government Media Complex Are Completely Fine With A Donald Trump Assassination


America has reached an odd tipping point. We are now at a place where it’s okay to fire bullets at the presumptive GOP nominee, Donald Trump. Whether you like Trump or not, there seems to be a coordinated silence about the real likelihood that Donald Trump could lose his life running for president.

Yesterday, Michael Steven Sandford, a British national who had overstayed his visa, was arrested in connection with a possible assassination attempt on Trump. If you mainly spend time with the three major networks and the liberal cable channels, you might have missed this story amidst the spin machine tasked with making the Corey Lewendowski resignation the story of the century.

But imagine if you will, an assassination attempt on queen Hillary and what kind of media coverage that would get? Even Fox News would be wall to wall with panelists and “experts” trying to make sense of it all.

Fortunately, local authorities in Las Vegas haven’t completely sold out to the feds and acted quickly in apprehending the scum bag. The newsroom at CNN must have been horrified that they had to report on an assassination attempt on their favorite punching bag. I’m sure that the 15 seconds of capture footage was more than enough to satisfy the reporting requirements of Jeff Zucker and friends.

All lives do not matter. Donald Trump’s life doesn’t matter. Remember he wants to secure the borders and beef up our entire check-in process. And that might have prevented this lunatic from being here in the first place. And the hopes of so many Trump haters would have been dashed.

The honest truth is that the media hates Donald Trump with the kind of hatred that makes their disdain for Mitt Romney or George W. Bush look tame in comparison. Trump is uncouth and unconventional and he puts them in their place. He has used the new media to go around these dinosaurs to create his own narratives. And they hate him for it.

This battle will continue. Unless of course the media and the current government get their wish. And that wish is a death wish for Donald J. Trump.

Mark Levin Shuts Down Caller Who Thinks FBI Directly Involved With Orlando Massacre


Conservative talk radio used to be a place where you could freely express a thought. These days it’s more like controlled demolition. You can be as bombastic as you like, as long as you agree with your neocon host.

Mark Levin has become the latest pawn of the New World Order. His disdain for Donald Trump borders on pathological. During the primaries, Levin would spend his 3 hours of Bain Capital sponsored propaganda ripping Trump a new one. Levin would become apoplectic when talking about Donald’s ideas on trade. “A trade war would put America into a recession!”. No caller ever got through to inform the “great one” that America is already in a trade war, and we are getting our ass kicked.

Last night a very intelligent gentleman got past Mister Producer and began to posit a theory about possible FBI collusion in Orlando. Levin pretended to be fooled by the caller as he shut him down. “He seemed intelligent, and such a gentleman”. These neocon talk shows all screen out any kind of plausible theories that might make for a good dialog. Even if you believe that Obama’s goons didn’t stand down, you ought to have the ability to make your case on a third rate talk show that is hemorrhaging ratings faster than his morning counterpart – Glenn Beck.

The callers have gotten more intelligent than the hosts. And any attempt to think creatively is met with an ivory tower rebuke.

Does anyone think for a second that Orlando wasn’t a second 911? We have the intelligence. We just refuse to do the job. And Mark Levin’s caller has seen this movie before.

Americans are on to it. So called conservative talk is just another protective arm of the media industrial complex that has sold out to big business and those who hold the puppet strings that keep these bozos employed.

Orlando Massacre Insures Trump Landslide


Forty-nine victims. And another dead piece of human refuse. The worst massacre ever. Radical Islam. And Barack Obama calls it plain old garden variety terrorism. No mention of the motivation. In fact the usual crap about “we don’t yet know what his motive was” was part of Obama’s painfully inept remarks. A president is supposed to give the nation comfort in situations like these. Maybe even a steely resolve. A backbone. But Obama does not have backbone. He had to be coerced into taking out Osama Bin Laden according to inside sources.

This is a weak kneed, limp-wristed dictator in chief who only projects weakness and oozes with political correctness.

In contrast, Donald Trump has been saying that these people need to be rounded up and deported. The FBI can’t just stand down when they have a reasonable threat. They must take action. The agency has become much like the border patrol. A Trump presidency would put an end to this lunacy. These people would be able to do the jobs they were trained to do.

This tragedy happened at the wrong time for democrats. They are constantly telling us we need to let more Syrians in. Keep the borders wide open. Women want safety. And they are the key to his election. The glass ceiling won’t matter to them if their families aren’t safe in their own communities. Donald Trump speaks to these issues using logic and common sense.

Also, the folks over at Never Trump incorporated ought to put their pea shooters away and unite behind the only candidate who has pledged to make America safe again. Any of the qualms about Trump were destroyed in Orlando. Neocon war mongering is not homeland security. And people are waking up to the notion that America first means securing the border and eradicating the terror network with due diligence.

Orlando was a wake up call that should put Donald Trump in the White House in landslide fashion.

Trump To Hillary: Give Migrant Money To The Poor In The Inner Cities


Donald Trump issued a challenge to Hillary Clinton and indirectly to Barack Obama today at the Faith and Freedom Conference in Washington D.C.

Trump, who was on prompter, told the packed house of mostly Christians, that Hillary Clinton should revoke her support for president Obama’s migrant import program. Instead, Trump says the money ought to go to the inner cities to help the poorest Americans so they can rebuild their lives.

Trump’s America First theme is hitting a nerve with many disaffected democrats and minorities who see their country supporting foreigners instead of native born citizens. This strategy also puts Hillary and Obama on the defensive. America has too many problems to be the world’s dumping ground .

Trump also reiterated his call to temporarily ban all immigration until we can get a handle on our own affairs.

This strategy will give democrat consultants fits. No GOP candidate in recent memory has made a serious pitch to the inner cities. This could be a game changer which may result in a historic victory for Donald Trump come November.

Never Trump Means Always Hillary


The media wants Hillary Clinton to be the president. They love the idea of a woman being president the same way the loved the idea of a black man being the president. And who cares about policy or corruption?

And there are republicans who love Hillary’s neocon credentials. She’ll be first to bomb a country back to the stone age so long as she can promote “American values”. And those American values now include changing our views on God and faith according to the Hildabeast. She actually wants Americans to ditch their belief system for her one world socialist LGBT mindset.

Donald Trump is the only person standing in the way of a world ready to collapse under the weight of moral and financial bankruptcy. Those at the top of the New World Order recognize the threat and are doing everything in their power to stop Trump. And of course that means promoting and defending the most corrupt presidential candidate in history.

The stakes are so high that most Americans who are paying attention know for a fact that America is over if Hillary succeeds.

This is no longer a battle between the lesser of two evils. This is a battle between raw evil and the good that Donald Trump represents. And if you don’t see this for what it is you are part of the problem and need to go back to playing with your electronic devices.

The time to fight is now. And it’s time to lay it all on the line for Donald Trump.

Donald Trump Is Our Last Hope

TREUMOOOOAt this point Donald Trump could say far worse than the so-called judge comment controversy and I would support him more and more.

If this country does not wake up to the fact the elites in both parties hate the average American, then we are lost forever. We will be a mediocre country with flashes of greatness, but we will no longer be the nation that put a man on the moon or wins wars or leads to world curing diseases.

Obama thus far has succeeded in knocking us down a peg. Hillary will finish the job. And people will continue to wallow in despair and will look to the government to sustain them. This isn’t just about Donald Trump. It’s about who we are going to become.

Hugh Hewitt: A Knee-Jerk Liberal


The Salem Radio Network is now Hugh Hewitt’s baby. Hewitt recently took over the coveted morning drive spot on “The Answer” channel and now gets to set the table for the likes of Glenn Beck and Mike Gallagher. Hewitt was also one of the questioners in a long line of tedious debates with GOP presidential hopefuls on the Clinton News Network. (CNN).

The idea that Hewitt can put together a cogent thought outside of the beltway babble is laughable. Hugh worked under Richard Nixon and likely watched in horror as a cowboy from California made it to the oval office in 1981. Hewitt is no conservative. He might be a neo-conservative, but more likely he’s a politically correct moderate who loves Paul Ryan and makes no bones about his disdain for Donald Trump.

Hewett was so incensed by Trump’s Mexican judge comments that he more or less aligned with the Huffington Post – who recently called for violence against Trump and his supporters. There is no doubt that Hugh-boy would be comfortable with Hillary Clinton as the commander in chief of the armed forces.

The fact that this clown reacted in the way he did to Trump’s comments proves that he and the network he represents are not “The Answer” to anything. They ought to re-brand their on air endeavor as “The Problem”. Furthermore, the hosts, sans Mike Gallagher, have no solutions other than constant knee-jerk reactions to anything that comes out of Donald Trump’s mouth.

Hewitt is part of a long line of country club know-it-alls that make their living trying to sound more intelligent than the people who tune in. No bombast. No red meat. Just intellectual snobbery of the highest order.

Michael Savage recently called Hewitt and the network he represents, a second rate failure. A station that is lucky to get a “1” share in most markets and a man whom has the appearance of an aging nerd robot, whose speaking cadence often mashes words together including his own name..”U-U-IT”.

The truth is that nobody cares about what Hugh Hewitt says or thinks. His latest commentary on Donald Trump is akin to a poor man’s Glenn Beck trying to insert himself into the liberal media news cycle. And again, who cares?