Violence at Trump Rallies Proves That Free Speech Is Dead In America


So you don’t like it when Donald Trump says he wants to keep illegal aliens out of America? Well, that’s too bad for you. Trump and his supporters have a right to believe it and say it.

But there is a new group of Nazi-like liberals and Never Trumpers who share a similar ideology. They believe that Donald Trump should be assassinated and that his supporters should be more or less stoned to death.

The Founders believed in free speech. And the First Amendment is there to protect even the most egregious forms of speech. It’s also funny how all the hate speech activists have not come forward to denounce the kinds of things being said by their side.

The speech police only get into gear when their sacred cows are being slaughtered.

In San Jose, we witnessed some of the worst violence this country has seen since the 1960’s. People being bludgeoned for having a political viewpoint. Even Cher was appalled by what was happening to Trump supporters.

And the radicals are being augmented by folks like Erick Erickson, Glenn Beck, Brad Thor, Mark Levin and most of the mainstream media. These people refuse to denounce the terrorism because they are sympathetic to it. They refuse to promote the concept of free speech because they loathe Donald Trump.

It is no longer acceptable for people who believe in the Constitution to remain silent in the face of raw evil. Americans of all political persuasions need to stand up for the First Amendment by condemning the violence taking place at Trump rallies.

Otherwise, the violence will continue and Donald Trump’s life will be in real danger.


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