Glenn Beck Continues To Lie


If you tune into the Glenn Beck show this week, you’ll be treated to a PBS style on air documentary about Ronald Reagan. A slick, pre-recorded revisionist history portrayal of arguably one of the greatest presidents in the last 100 years. The problem with the piece is it omits some very important aspects of Reagan’s character. Reagan was a fierce, unrelenting negotiator. He negotiated with congress, with Gorbachev and he bargained for a second term and won with the American people.

Beck did remind his audience how Reagan was once a liberal democrat and changed his views radically as he saw the carnage of progressive policies in action. Kind of reminds you of someone running for president in 2016, doesn’t it? No mention of Donald Trump anywhere in the documentary. No surprise there.

Last night Beck appeared on another struggling media personality’s show. The Kelly File, (which is now losing to Sean Hannity in the latest ratings), seems to embrace as many channel changing guests as one show can possibly book. Beck was on to tell the world how his suspension from Sirius XM was “politically motivated” and had nothing to do with reality. Except, Beck lied again. He failed to mention the thousands of phone calls that were received from actual listeners who were appalled that Beck and his ghost writer pal Brad Thor would suggest that a “patriot” do the country some good by shooting Donald Trump in the head.

Beck insisted that he is still Ghandi and Martin Luther King all rolled into one lovable giant cheese ball. Both Kelly and Beck laughed and cavorted as if they were hiding in the same made for TV bunker, both victims of Trump’s media offensive. The visible signs of stress have taken their toll on both Beck and Kelly. Beck has put on about 50 pounds. And Kelly has aged about 10 years in 10 months.

For all of the so-called “good” that Glenn Beck accomplished during Obama’s first term, it’s all been wiped out by his illogical, unbalanced attacks on Donald Trump. All that is left for Glenn Beck is a TMZ approach to politics. Say something outrageous and hope that Breitbart or Drudge will repeat it so you can start a fight with them that keeps your name in the news cycle. Drudge and Brietbart have become daily targets for Beck who once effusively praised both outlets as journalistic pioneers.

A few months ago, Donald Trump referred to Glenn Beck as a “sad sack”. I can’t think of a more appropriate term. Glenn Beck is no longer relevant to the conversation. And radio programmers would be smart to do more than just suspend Beck. Laura Ingraham and Mike Gallagher are fine radio hosts who would make excellent replacements for the fat little thespian from Seattle. There is no longer any room on the stage for someone with this kind of self serving agenda. Moreover, Glenn Beck is simply reaping what he has sown.


4 thoughts on “Glenn Beck Continues To Lie

  1. By his own mouth, Mr. Beck has revealed himself to be not only unbalanced, but malevolent and dangerous. Any news or radio organization that publishes/broadcasts Mr. Beck’s ravings is irresponsible and complicit.


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