Donald Trump Is Our Last Hope

TREUMOOOOAt this point Donald Trump could say far worse than the so-called judge comment controversy and I would support him more and more.

If this country does not wake up to the fact the elites in both parties hate the average American, then we are lost forever. We will be a mediocre country with flashes of greatness, but we will no longer be the nation that put a man on the moon or wins wars or leads to world curing diseases.

Obama thus far has succeeded in knocking us down a peg. Hillary will finish the job. And people will continue to wallow in despair and will look to the government to sustain them. This isn’t just about Donald Trump. It’s about who we are going to become.


3 thoughts on “Donald Trump Is Our Last Hope

  1. Trump said nothing wrong at all. It was succinct. The judge supports groups like La Raza, which supports illegal activity. He doesn’t want to stop illegal aliens, Trump does. He should have recused himself. The basis for his biases are in his ethnicity. Trump should be very concerned about him.

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  2. I completely agree with this assessment. We need to have resolve through the end of this election cycle until it’s over in November with Donald J Trump elected to the office. I really hope that the very first date on the job he will take a huge broom and starts cleaning up the “house”.


  3. Mr. Trump has certainly revealed the hearts and ideologies of many a previously presumed conservative pundit, politician and author.

    Every day, ‘another one bites the dust’ under Mr. Trump’s precision-guided verbal torpedoes.


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