Hugh Hewitt: A Knee-Jerk Liberal


The Salem Radio Network is now Hugh Hewitt’s baby. Hewitt recently took over the coveted morning drive spot on “The Answer” channel and now gets to set the table for the likes of Glenn Beck and Mike Gallagher. Hewitt was also one of the questioners in a long line of tedious debates with GOP presidential hopefuls on the Clinton News Network. (CNN).

The idea that Hewitt can put together a cogent thought outside of the beltway babble is laughable. Hugh worked under Richard Nixon and likely watched in horror as a cowboy from California made it to the oval office in 1981. Hewitt is no conservative. He might be a neo-conservative, but more likely he’s a politically correct moderate who loves Paul Ryan and makes no bones about his disdain for Donald Trump.

Hewett was so incensed by Trump’s Mexican judge comments that he more or less aligned with the Huffington Post – who recently called for violence against Trump and his supporters. There is no doubt that Hugh-boy would be comfortable with Hillary Clinton as the commander in chief of the armed forces.

The fact that this clown reacted in the way he did to Trump’s comments proves that he and the network he represents are not “The Answer” to anything. They ought to re-brand their on air endeavor as “The Problem”. Furthermore, the hosts, sans Mike Gallagher, have no solutions other than constant knee-jerk reactions to anything that comes out of Donald Trump’s mouth.

Hewitt is part of a long line of country club know-it-alls that make their living trying to sound more intelligent than the people who tune in. No bombast. No red meat. Just intellectual snobbery of the highest order.

Michael Savage recently called Hewitt and the network he represents, a second rate failure. A station that is lucky to get a “1” share in most markets and a man whom has the appearance of an aging nerd robot, whose speaking cadence often mashes words together including his own name..”U-U-IT”.

The truth is that nobody cares about what Hugh Hewitt says or thinks. His latest commentary on Donald Trump is akin to a poor man’s Glenn Beck trying to insert himself into the liberal media news cycle. And again, who cares?


One thought on “Hugh Hewitt: A Knee-Jerk Liberal

  1. Michael Savage often acts like a child when talking about other talk show hosts and he’s constantly bragging about himself. That’s his weakness. Otherwise, he makes many cogent statements about the state of the nation under Obama.
    As to Hewitt, he is surrounded by leftists. Every day he seems to have Chuck U Todd and/or Mike Allen (Politico) as guests. He’s on MSNBC or CNN and Meet the dePressed either frequently of always. I don’t know since I stopped watching when Russert died.


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