Never Trump Means Always Hillary


The media wants Hillary Clinton to be the president. They love the idea of a woman being president the same way the loved the idea of a black man being the president. And who cares about policy or corruption?

And there are republicans who love Hillary’s neocon credentials. She’ll be first to bomb a country back to the stone age so long as she can promote “American values”. And those American values now include changing our views on God and faith according to the Hildabeast. She actually wants Americans to ditch their belief system for her one world socialist LGBT mindset.

Donald Trump is the only person standing in the way of a world ready to collapse under the weight of moral and financial bankruptcy. Those at the top of the New World Order recognize the threat and are doing everything in their power to stop Trump. And of course that means promoting and defending the most corrupt presidential candidate in history.

The stakes are so high that most Americans who are paying attention know for a fact that America is over if Hillary succeeds.

This is no longer a battle between the lesser of two evils. This is a battle between raw evil and the good that Donald Trump represents. And if you don’t see this for what it is you are part of the problem and need to go back to playing with your electronic devices.

The time to fight is now. And it’s time to lay it all on the line for Donald Trump.


4 thoughts on “Never Trump Means Always Hillary

  1. What is in Hilary’s Emails is in this post.

    What is in the Emails ?

    Every thing the United States did not want the Al Qaeda and the world to know.

    xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx

    At the center of a criminal probe involving Hillary Clinton’s handling of classified information is a series of emails between American diplomats in Islamabad and their superiors in Washington about whether to oppose specific drone strikes in Pakistan. The 2011 and 2012 emails were sent via the “low side’’—government slang for a computer system for unclassified matters—as part of a secret arrangement that gave the State Department more of a voice in whether a Central Intelligence Agency drone strike went ahead, according to congressional and law-enforcement officials briefed on the Federal Bureau of Investigation probe. Some of the emails were then forwarded by Mrs. Clinton’s aides to her personal email account, which routed them to a server she kept at her home in suburban New York when she was secretary of state, the officials said. Investigators have raised concerns that Mrs. Clinton’s personal server was less secure than State Department systems…The still-secret emails are a key part of the FBI investigation that has long dogged Mrs. Clinton’s campaign, these officials said…Law-enforcement and intelligence officials said State Department deliberations about the covert CIA drone program should have been conducted over a more secure government computer system designed to handle classified information.
    Clinton knew that her emails involved discussions of Iranian nuclear negotiations, drone strikes in sensitive regions, and North Korea’s nuclear weapons program, yet she asserted that nothing classified had ever passed through her unsecure, improper email system — to which our enemies almost certainly had access.

    The Emails were Treason, like Benghazi.

    Newly released State Department emails help reveal how a major Clinton Foundation donor was placed on a sensitive government intelligence advisory board even though he had no obvious experience in the field, a decision that appeared to baffle the department’s professional staff. The emails further reveal how, after inquiries from ABC News, the Clinton staff sought to “protect the name” of the Secretary, “stall” the ABC News reporter and ultimately accept the resignation of the donor just two days later. Copies of dozens of internal emails were provided to ABC News by the conservative political group Citizens United, which obtained them under the Freedom of Information Act after more the two years of litigation with the government.

    A prolific fundraiser for Democratic candidates and contributor to the Clinton Foundation, who later traveled with Bill Clinton on a trip to Africa, Rajiv K. Fernando’s only known qualification for a seat on the International Security Advisory Board (ISAB) was his technological know-how. The Chicago securities trader, who specialized in electronic investing, sat alongside an august collection of nuclear scientists, former cabinet secretaries and members of Congress to advise Hillary Clinton on the use of tactical nuclear weapons and on other crucial arms control issues.

    xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx

    To find the bad guys you only have to follow the money.


  2. One of my Favorite Singers is dead, lost to Obama’s Violence.

    RIP Christina

    Grimmie had such a beautiful voice.

    Each person murdered, raped, or beaten since 2008 is Barack Obama’s fault.

    I blame the monsters that have been spreading violence since 2008.

    Another voice silenced by George Soros’s, Barack Obama’s, Louis Farrakhan and his Muslim Brotherhood, the New Black Panthers, The Black Lives Matters Movement, and the evil people of our world’s violence.

    Radical Islamic Terrorists, the nations with Islamic Law, Valerie Jarrett, Hilary Clinton, Barack Obama, Muslims, and Liberals have no respect for Human Life, children, women, human rights, or Freedom.


  3. To find the bad guys, follow the money.


    What is Hilary’s friend George Soros up to today ?

    Spreading more Terrorism like he did in the Ukraine?

    Who supplies the money for Black Lives Matter’s Protests ?

    The guy who says there will be more protests, George Soros.

    CAIR has always worked with Terrorists.

    Obama’s supporters are stiring up trouble again.

    Who are the Nation of Islam and the New Black Panthers telling people to kill today ? Who are Barack Obama’s, Valerie Jarrett’s, and Hilary Clinton’s friends asking people to kill today ?

    Only Black Lives Matter.

    Obama’s Muslims are Terrorists.

    Everything about Islam offends me.

    Islam has spread child abuse, abuse of women, torture, rape, violence and war since 600 AD and that is all Obama’s, George Soros’, and the Terrorists’ Islam offers our world today.

    For Muslims, Liberals, Democrats, Black Lives Matter, and Terrorists, the Truth Hurts.

    Liberal Socialist Democrats’, George Soros’s, Hilary Clinton’s, Bernie Sanders’s, and radical Muslim Terrorists’ plans for America suck.

    Black Lives Matter is a Terrorist Group, like the Nation of Islam, the New Black Panthers, the Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, and ISIS.


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