Trump To Hillary: Give Migrant Money To The Poor In The Inner Cities


Donald Trump issued a challenge to Hillary Clinton and indirectly to Barack Obama today at the Faith and Freedom Conference in Washington D.C.

Trump, who was on prompter, told the packed house of mostly Christians, that Hillary Clinton should revoke her support for president Obama’s migrant import program. Instead, Trump says the money ought to go to the inner cities to help the poorest Americans so they can rebuild their lives.

Trump’s America First theme is hitting a nerve with many disaffected democrats and minorities who see their country supporting foreigners instead of native born citizens. This strategy also puts Hillary and Obama on the defensive. America has too many problems to be the world’s dumping ground .

Trump also reiterated his call to temporarily ban all immigration until we can get a handle on our own affairs.

This strategy will give democrat consultants fits. No GOP candidate in recent memory has made a serious pitch to the inner cities. This could be a game changer which may result in a historic victory for Donald Trump come November.


One thought on “Trump To Hillary: Give Migrant Money To The Poor In The Inner Cities

  1. Hello,

    I must say that I loved your work and I saw this video today and thought of you.

    To put in some context, this famous Minecraft Youtuber (Yogscast Lewis), who was playing with a team member of his (Yogscast Sjin), mocked Americans directly for several minutes straight. Keep in mind their teams combined channels have over 10 million subscribers. The mockery starts around the 11:30 minute mark.

    Here’s the link:

    Thanks a ton!



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