Orlando Massacre Insures Trump Landslide


Forty-nine victims. And another dead piece of human refuse. The worst massacre ever. Radical Islam. And Barack Obama calls it plain old garden variety terrorism. No mention of the motivation. In fact the usual crap about “we don’t yet know what his motive was” was part of Obama’s painfully inept remarks. A president is supposed to give the nation comfort in situations like these. Maybe even a steely resolve. A backbone. But Obama does not have backbone. He had to be coerced into taking out Osama Bin Laden according to inside sources.

This is a weak kneed, limp-wristed dictator in chief who only projects weakness and oozes with political correctness.

In contrast, Donald Trump has been saying that these people need to be rounded up and deported. The FBI can’t just stand down when they have a reasonable threat. They must take action. The agency has become much like the border patrol. A Trump presidency would put an end to this lunacy. These people would be able to do the jobs they were trained to do.

This tragedy happened at the wrong time for democrats. They are constantly telling us we need to let more Syrians in. Keep the borders wide open. Women want safety. And they are the key to his election. The glass ceiling won’t matter to them if their families aren’t safe in their own communities. Donald Trump speaks to these issues using logic and common sense.

Also, the folks over at Never Trump incorporated ought to put their pea shooters away and unite behind the only candidate who has pledged to make America safe again. Any of the qualms about Trump were destroyed in Orlando. Neocon war mongering is not homeland security. And people are waking up to the notion that America first means securing the border and eradicating the terror network with due diligence.

Orlando was a wake up call that should put Donald Trump in the White House in landslide fashion.


One thought on “Orlando Massacre Insures Trump Landslide

  1. Are you really so naive to believe that this election is not fixed? It does not matter who we vote for, we are going to be stuck with that old whore.


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