Mark Levin Shuts Down Caller Who Thinks FBI Directly Involved With Orlando Massacre


Conservative talk radio used to be a place where you could freely express a thought. These days it’s more like controlled demolition. You can be as bombastic as you like, as long as you agree with your neocon host.

Mark Levin has become the latest pawn of the New World Order. His disdain for Donald Trump borders on pathological. During the primaries, Levin would spend his 3 hours of Bain Capital sponsored propaganda ripping Trump a new one. Levin would become apoplectic when talking about Donald’s ideas on trade. “A trade war would put America into a recession!”. No caller ever got through to inform the “great one” that America is already in a trade war, and we are getting our ass kicked.

Last night a very intelligent gentleman got past Mister Producer and began to posit a theory about possible FBI collusion in Orlando. Levin pretended to be fooled by the caller as he shut him down. “He seemed intelligent, and such a gentleman”. These neocon talk shows all screen out any kind of plausible theories that might make for a good dialog. Even if you believe that Obama’s goons didn’t stand down, you ought to have the ability to make your case on a third rate talk show that is hemorrhaging ratings faster than his morning counterpart – Glenn Beck.

The callers have gotten more intelligent than the hosts. And any attempt to think creatively is met with an ivory tower rebuke.

Does anyone think for a second that Orlando wasn’t a second 911? We have the intelligence. We just refuse to do the job. And Mark Levin’s caller has seen this movie before.

Americans are on to it. So called conservative talk is just another protective arm of the media industrial complex that has sold out to big business and those who hold the puppet strings that keep these bozos employed.


3 thoughts on “Mark Levin Shuts Down Caller Who Thinks FBI Directly Involved With Orlando Massacre

  1. Obama changed the rules of engagement for the FBI. They’re hamstrung. Then he goes out and blames everything but his policies. I ask, why does he WANT to kill us? That is what he’s doing and I know the answer. Since the citizens can no longer think critically, they believe him. We’re screwed.


  2. Unfortunately, every time there is a mass shooting or terrorist attack these days, in the back of my mind I wonder if it’s real or a false flag. But I would suspect the CIA more than the FBI. Maybe both. Who knows anymore? Is there anyone in Washington who works for us and not the NWO goons anymore?


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