The Government Media Complex Are Completely Fine With A Donald Trump Assassination


America has reached an odd tipping point. We are now at a place where it’s okay to fire bullets at the presumptive GOP nominee, Donald Trump. Whether you like Trump or not, there seems to be a coordinated silence about the real likelihood that Donald Trump could lose his life running for president.

Yesterday, Michael Steven Sandford, a British national who had overstayed his visa, was arrested in connection with a possible assassination attempt on Trump. If you mainly spend time with the three major networks and the liberal cable channels, you might have missed this story amidst the spin machine tasked with making the Corey Lewendowski resignation the story of the century.

But imagine if you will, an assassination attempt on queen Hillary and what kind of media coverage that would get? Even Fox News would be wall to wall with panelists and “experts” trying to make sense of it all.

Fortunately, local authorities in Las Vegas haven’t completely sold out to the feds and acted quickly in apprehending the scum bag. The newsroom at CNN must have been horrified that they had to report on an assassination attempt on their favorite punching bag. I’m sure that the 15 seconds of capture footage was more than enough to satisfy the reporting requirements of Jeff Zucker and friends.

All lives do not matter. Donald Trump’s life doesn’t matter. Remember he wants to secure the borders and beef up our entire check-in process. And that might have prevented this lunatic from being here in the first place. And the hopes of so many Trump haters would have been dashed.

The honest truth is that the media hates Donald Trump with the kind of hatred that makes their disdain for Mitt Romney or George W. Bush look tame in comparison. Trump is uncouth and unconventional and he puts them in their place. He has used the new media to go around these dinosaurs to create his own narratives. And they hate him for it.

This battle will continue. Unless of course the media and the current government get their wish. And that wish is a death wish for Donald J. Trump.


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