George Will Can Go To Hell!

Salute To FOX News Channel's Brit Hume

George Will has been part of the bourgeoisie class of political thinkers in this country for decades. His opinions are well constructed if you like living in a hypothetical world. Will has no answers for the working class. He only embraced Ronald Reagan kicking and screaming. And even Reagan, by today’s standards wouldn’t be the remedy for what ails us now. We are thirty years removed from a time when the two parties worked together and compromised. Both have now become so polarized against each other that finding common ground is heresy.

Will is stuck in his own Wall Street Journal reality. He believes so long as the stock market does well, the rest of the country is fine by default. But Wall Street has no connection to main street. More and more Americans have either opted out or have decided not to play the stock lottery. And even fewer understand it. That might be due to the fact that capitalism as once practiced is no longer preached in our education, or reeducation centers.

All money flows from a benevolent government who’s main job according to the central planners is to evenly distribute what is rightfully “mine”. George Will has bought into this idea because he supports trade and immigration policies that contribute to this way of thinking. The country has to ration resources because fewer and fewer Americans see any benefit to busting their ass for 40 or 50 hours a week when some illegal from south of the Rio Grande can cash in on at least $30,000 in welfare just by showing up.

Welfare Better Deal Than Working

In the backward world of George Will, we can finance these freeloaders, again, so long as Will’s portfolio looks good. Will has always worn those annoying spectacles that are a prop to make him look and sound more intelligent than you or I. The tint has to be rose colored because there is no way a man of his raw intellect could be so blinded by 30 plus years of rampant crony capitalism. Surely he must understand that the proletariat below him is suffering. But the establishment has given up on the little guy. Look at what happened in 2012 when the GOP picked two silver spooned white guys, who in theory were supposed to lobby for votes from the 47% they disdain. That didn’t play so well in Ohio.

Donald Trump has rewritten the political playbook without knowing any of the sanctimonious George Will rhetoric. And come to find out, Trump doesn’t need any fancy Ivy League lingo to reach the downtrodden souls who haven’t experienced a real wage increase since Bill Clinton got impeached. And yet George Will would have you believe that the party (meaning Trump) that supposedly left him is in grave danger because they’ve allowed the cake eaters to infiltrate.

George Will is nothing more that a globalist shill. Someone who attends the opera and the symphony and lives a life few of us could understand. Supposedly he likes baseball. But he doesn’t like the guy who used to be able to afford to take his family to the games he is often in a sky box to see. Will doesn’t understand that millions of us can’t even afford to take our kids to a minor league game because we have little or no disposable income.

There’s one last thing that irritates me about George Will. It’s the same thing that irritated me about Ted Cruz. This idea of self importance. Grandstanding. Making a personal statement that only makes people think less of you. Most Americans could care less about the fact that you loathe Donald Trump or are leaving the GOP. The GOP left ordinary folks decades ago.

President Eisenhower was the last republican who truly understood the proletariat. He distrusted the global system and saw what was coming with pin point accuracy. It’s stunning how disconnected a man like George Will is from the people of this country. It might be the reason why Will is held in such low regard. Nobody cares or worries about what George Will thinks.

And for all intense and purposes George Will can go to hell. And if that is not a suitable place for him, I’m sure one of the EU countries would love to have him.


2 thoughts on “George Will Can Go To Hell!

  1. We’ve outsourced so many jobs, wouldn’t it be great if we could outsource these hot air blowers? Where are the H1B replacement workers for people like him?


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