Ted Cruz Has Become A Foul Stench

Conservatives Gather Near Washington DC for CPAC 2015  (February 26, 2013)

The Supreme Court is about to go bonkers. Liberal bonkers to the dark side for 50 or 60 years. The damage to the country would be catastrophic. The rule of law would be an arbitrary line that would get crossed with every “ruling”. And Ted Cruz and his minions have decided to play games with America’s future.

Not that Cruz is that much of a kingmaker. He is more of a grand-stander. But he has a considerable faction of so-called conservative media pundits who are still reminiscing about the primaries and how Cruz was Jefferson and Washington all rolled into one Cuban-Canadian, roly-poly, slick haired, fork tongued meatball. Their love of Cruz is akin to the Zika virus. You know it’s out there and you were hoping that it would go away. But it (Cruz) hasn’t.

There are stories now almost daily, about how Cruz and his national team of delegate thieves are planning a revolt at the convention. Add to this, the neocon yammering of Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell who seem quite content with handing the presidency to Hillary Clinton. These alliances aren’t really alliances. They are separate factions working side by side to create doubt, chaos and tons of anger among actual voters who rejected Cruz and the rest of the God forsaken establishment.

But if Ted Cruz really is the smartest man in history according to the likes of Glenn Beck and Mark Levin, he ought to be a little worried about his country. Some would say that Cruz only cares about 2018. That is when he can be re-elected to the senate and position himself for a presidential run in 2020. With Hillary in the oval office, Cruz can pontificate, grandstand and filibuster to his heart’s content. And those fading talk show hosts can applaud his courage as he accomplishes absolutely nothing.

So if you were thinking that Ted Cruz would eventually come to his senses and endorse Donald Trump, think again. Cruz and his stable of Kool Aid drinkers don’t seem to have any senses. They are consumed with talking about the Constitution and the Founding Fathers. Those pursuits make no sense in light of the fact that Trump is willing to go full Monty conservative on the Supreme Court, the economy and on immigration.

Trump is also willing to take on the media and the special interests. And that may be where the problem lies. Trump has rendered much of the media pointless, including conservative talk radio. And the special interests own the media including talk radio.

Ted Cruz would wink and nod at these people as he slimes his way into the role of just another Washington politician. Cruz would placate the gravy train while sounding all Constitutional and Christian without actually being any different from the rest of the D.C. Cartel.

Ted Cruz needs a prescription for common sense pills that he can take when his mind starts to wander. Any time he dreams of being the president or giving one of those speeches where terms like “trumpertantrum” are born, he needs to take two common sense caplets and then he needs to stop talking.

The problem with all of this is that Ted Cruz holds a few cards. He has a lot of delegates. He has a team willing to revolt. He is still getting free publicity from his conservative talk buddies. And he has the same ego as Barack Obama. And he believes his own lies. He thinks that he can destroy Trump and swoop in at some point to ‘save the day’.

Ted Cruz has become nothing more than a foul stench. A pungent odor. There were plenty of politicians who came to their senses to help the country in the past. So much hangs in the balance. And Ted Cruz is still focused on Ted Cruz. This is no time for ego or posturing. This is a time for choosing. And Ted Cruz needs to lay down his fake and ineffective weaponry and wholeheartedly throw his support and his delegates to Donald Trump.

If he wants to be re-elected in 2018, it’s the only play that will work. Otherwise, his career will die a slow and painful death. And that may be the only consolation we have knowing that a third term of liberal hell is underway.


21 thoughts on “Ted Cruz Has Become A Foul Stench

  1. Please, God, NO. The only thing that could make someone support Cruz is TOTAL IGNORANCE regarding his motives. He is totally GLOBALIST. He is NOT an even an American citizen. Please, voters, do a little homework. Thanks

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    1. I did my homework and read substantive articles which verified Cruz’s citizen status…but the anger I see here is another reason the Democrats will likely win…a megadisaster. If Trump would abjectly apologize to Cruz. Other republicans he insulted…he might pick up a quality running mate amongst them.hint Christie and Gingrich…too much baggage.


      1. I am viewing this thread in Jan 2017. Voted for Cruz in primary. Voted for Trump in main election. Am favorably impressed with the advisors surrounding Trump…which reflects well on him. Hoping Trump rebuilds bridges to Cruz, other staunch Republicans…he will have to fight some clueless…in Rep leadership…thinking of recent move by some to gut ethics comm.


      2. Again reading this after the Pres. Election. While Trump owes less…to fellow party members…he would gain strength…by rebuilding bridges with those party members who hold views closer to him…Cruz and some of the former Rep candidates hold views closer to his…than to some of their Rep party leadership…some who seem more allied with Dems than with the Rep voters.


      3. It’s April…and Cruz and Trump have met and had dinner together. Hopefully they have built some bridges since their viewpoints seem rather similar. Hopefully the hostile recent past is…forgotten.


      4. Cruz may be a “citizen”, even a “citizen at birth”, but he is NOT a “natural born citizen” as required by the Constitution for the offices of president and vice president. One MUST be born on U.S. soil, to two citizen parents to be a “natural born citizen”. Any other birth circumstances are not “natural born citizens”. Ted is a “naturalized by congressional statute” citizen, and he has even quoted the statute that allowed his naturalized citizenship, 8 US Code 1401(g), which came from the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952, Section 301(g) (also known as the McCarran-Walter Act of 1952). Naturalization law cannot make anyone a natural born citizen. Cruz has tried to make people believe that citizen at birth is the same as natural born citizen, but that is not true. Cruz was a Canadian citizen until May 2014.
        Obama was never eligible, even had he been born in the White House, simply because his Kenyan, British subject father was not a citizen, or even a legal resident of the U.S. If one is born with dual citizenship, whether due to birth in another country or by birth in the U.S. but not having parents who are both citizens, those children can only be “naturalized” citizens, not natural born citizens. Even children born abroad to two U.S. citizen parents in the military, stationed abroad, are only “naturalized” citizens. Our bases overseas are NOT considered U.S. soil, for constitutional purposes.
        Rubio and Jindal are also not eligible, even though born in the U.S. They are “citizens” only because of the 14th Amendment, but are not natural born citizens because their respective parents didn’t become citizens until after their sons were born. We must abide by the Constitution, or we will lose it!


      5. Then maybe they should aologise to trump since he has beenproven correct over and over and over again.let the ones inthe wrong do the apologising!


  2. This article spent many paragraphs saying one main point. Ted Cruz is hated because he has not given his delegates to Trump.

    Whatever one thinks of that issue…the article also recycles some of the vapid name calling of the primary era(people worrying about Cruz’s personality? Really?) .

    Not a substantive article…


  3. Since when has any slimy politician actually cared for America? The last two that I can think of were JFK and Reagan. The rest should be wearing NASCAR jerseys, so we know who has bought them.

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  4. So by demonizing Cruz and calling his supporters childish names you hope to win the election how? By pandering to Bernie socialists? Instead of Trump, Huckabee, Palin and the rest of his followers making peace and uniting the party, they’ve decided to destroy it, and any chance Trump had, by telling them to get on the cattle car or get out of the Republican party. Trump has made it clear that this will become a conservative free party… welcome to the new Republican Democrat Socialist Party.


    1. Actually it’s people like you who are destroying the party. And the GOP itself. Nice try though. And why wouldn’t we want some Bernie people? All you are doing here is parroting the Mike Lee talking points. Conservatism as once practiced is dead.


  5. lies lies and more lies you make it hard to support Trump and I don’t but I will vote for him as there is not other choice but Trump is so full of himself and lies more than anyone but since I won’t vote for Hillary I will vote for Trump but I don’t trust him. Look at Ted Cruz record he has done more for our country than Trump who only has lined his own pockets. I still can’t listen to or watch Trump, TV goes off. Praying for him though and hoping he keeps all his promises!


    1. Well good. Thanks for ruining the county. You will go down as a person who helped get us a Supreme Court devoted to dismantling the Constitution. Cruz doesn’t have a record! He has a speech pattern.


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