Glenn Beck and Mark Levin Commit Radio Treason – Promoting Mitt Romney While Trashing Donald Trump


Two men with large radio audiences and even larger stomachs are committing radio treason on a daily basis. If you stopped listening to the banal ramblings of Glenn Beck and the migraine inducing yelling of Mark Levin, you probably lowered your blood pressure and are enjoying life a lot more.

Beck and Levin are continuing to find listeners and on air guests who will do their bidding. Namely, trashing Donald Trump. The latest supposed Trump mistake is telling a reporter that he would increase the minimum wage to ten dollars an hour. Conservatives are supposed to never increase the minimum wage. Except for the 1996 republican congress, right? They initiated a wage increase under Bill Clinton who signed it into law. Both Bushs increased the minimum wage, and I’m sure their new poster child for replacing Trump, Mitt Romney would do the same.

But according to buffoons like Mark Levin, you are supposed to use his radio show as a platform to complain about Trump or you are not a principled, Judeo-Christian, constitutional, conservative, living, breathing American. Levin actually chastises his listeners for not hammering Trump. I don’t remember there being any hammers or chisels or bean bags being tossed at Romney in 2012. Romney had a record – and much of it was liberal appeasement as has to be done in Massachusetts.

Donald Trump wants to appoint conservative judges to the Supreme Court. Game set match. Beck and Levin should be lining up interviews and promoting the Trump family as the 2016 version of Camelot. But instead, Glenn Beck has Erik Erickson on his meaningless radio program so the two of them can brainstorm on air about hatching a plot to get Romney on the ballot in some deep red states in an attempt to deny Trump the 270 electoral votes needed for victory.

Glenn Beck seems far more concerned about Donald Trump than Hillary Clinton. And that is why Beck should have a full psychiatric evaluation as soon as possible. These men have become monkey wrenches with the emphasis on the word “monkey”.

Conservative talk radio does not have the pull it once had. You have to go back to the 1994 congressional races to find tangible proof that the very popular Rush Limbaugh had had an impact. All of the usual suspects sounded the alarm about Obama in 2008 and again in 2012. And nothing changed. Even worse for the likes of Beck and Levin is the fact they’ve split their audience in half by going against Trump. Limbaugh is now on the Trump train and is defending him each and every day. Beck has even chastised Limbaugh for not being true to “conservative values”. Beck owes his entire existence to Limbaugh and probably ought to shut his pie hole or he may lose more radio affiliates.

Even though these shock talkers don’t have enough influence to sway an election, they do give the liberal media more talking points. And the lib media does have enough influence to give this election over to Hillary Clinton.

So Glenn Beck and Mark Levin are both committing radio treason against the values that they supposedly believe in. It’s actually very simple. Get on the Trump train or lose the damn country for the next 50 years. The Supreme Court matters more than scoring cheap political points on the minimum wage.

These ego maniacal jerks can’t handle the fact that Donald Trump is his own man and has tapped into a strain of American populism that many thought had vanished. These radio shows are nothing more than propaganda for the Clinton campaign. That’s right I said it.

Ted Cruz 2018: Primary Challenge Coming From Rick Perry


Ted Cruz is in trouble. Not with just folks outside of his home state. Apparently there is already a movement afoot in Texas to unseat Cruz. Congressman John Carter from Texas’s 31st congressional district has already told several media sources that former Governor Rick Perry is going to challenge Ted Cruz for his senate seat in 2018.

Not only are Texans outraged about what Cruz did at the RNC convention, many more have become disillusioned with the senator’s views on free trade and immigration. Moreover, Cruz was exposed as someone who may not even be eligible to hold a senate seat because he was born in Canada to only one U.S. born parent.

And thanks to Wikileaks we learn that Cruz’s father, Raphael Sr. was hanging out with Lee Harvey Oswald at the time of the JFK assassination. Something Cruz has cited as why he refused to endorse Donald Trump. People should wonder about the allegations against Heidi Cruz. Her globalist ties and mental health issues. Both are likely true. There is more than reasonable doubt among Texans.

We also know for a fact that Cruz is an ineffective senator who is not respected or liked by his colleagues. Former house speaker John Boehner has given Cruz the nickname “Lucifer”. Ted Cruz is damaged goods. He’ll be lucky if he can go back to practicing law.

In the meantime, Rick Perry is Texas through and through. Love him or hate him, his tenure as governor was mostly positive. And Perry has smartly boarded the Trump train, albeit a tad late. He at least recognized the importance of keeping Hillary away from the nuclear codes.

Governor Perry will have the full support of the establishment behind him and a strong grassroots coalition of real Texans who will enthusiastically support unseating the Canadian born Cruz.

The bottom line: Ted Cruz committed political suicide when he failed to endorse Donald Trump at the RNC convention. And he will lose big to Rick Perry in the 2018 senate primaries.

Bye bye lyin’ Ted.

Bernie Sanders Campaign A False Flag To Promote Hillary Clinton

If Bernie supporters land on this page keep in mind that the author is a Donald Trump supporter. I am a strong believer in economic populism and less war mongering. Two things Bernie Sanders believes in. But the rest of Bernie’s platform I don’t ascribe to. You can’t spend your way to prosperity. You can’t give away free college in the face of 19 trillion in debt.

However, no matter what I think of Sanders and his campaign, his supporters have been duped by an epic government bait and switch. They are now being told to eat the excrement sandwich that they so vehemently opposed. They are being told – even by Bernie Sanders himself – that it’s Hillary’s turn. Just sit down and shut up.

And now tangible proof exists thanks to Wikileaks. Debbie Wasserman Shultz had been given marching orders from the very beginning. And Sanders knew all along that he’d have to abandon his principles. But he went along with the charade anyhow. Notice how Sanders is putting up almost no resistance. He knew all along that his purpose was to attract younger, activist voters and then heard them over to Hillary.

The difference between Sanders and Trump is that Trump was willing to call out the corruption in his own party and not succumb to the will of the elites. Sanders made it clear that the media should stop talking about Clinton’s email scandal early on. He literally threw away his ace card. A Trump-Sanders battle would have reflected the real will of the people. Instead, crony capitalism and new world order globalism take center stage with the Hildabeast as the nominee.

The entire scenario was rigged and central planned by Barack Obama with the help of foreign governments like Saudi Arabia. Everyone knows that Hillary Clinton may be the worst presidential candidate the democrats have put forth since Walter Mondale. The democrats can only win by using Wall Street and world banking institutions to finance their loser campaign.

The question is, will Bernie supporters stay home? Some have expressed a desire to vote for Trump. Some have realized that the corruption goes to the highest levels of our own government and beyond.

One thing is certain – the whole Sanders campaign was a ruse from the get go. Just another false flag government manipulation tactic. A tactic that may backfire and ignite a revolution at the ballot box. Because in reality, the only candidate that has made both party establishments angry is Donald Trump. And Trump will get votes from disenfranchised Sanders supporters.

The American Independent Calls On Ted Cruz To Resign From The Senate and From Public Life


Ted Cruz is an embarrassment to America. His speech at the republican convention was a treasonous, self centered filibuster that was specifically designed to undermine the country and elect Hillary Clinton as president.

Ted Cruz has disqualified himself from serving in government. He has broken his RNC pledge and lied to millions of voters. He is a disgrace to the republican party and to the entire country.

There is really no point in having Ted Cruz serve out his term. If Cruz won’t voluntarily resign, then the good citizens of Texas need to recall the senator even before his term is up. Someone this dangerous to America must be removed from office immediately.

Ted Cruz has demonstrated a reckless disregard for the will of the people. He has even alienated many of the people who supported him. There is now no longer any room in our government for someone this self centered and narcissistic.

We are calling on Ted Cruz to be removed from the senate. We ask that he return to the private sector, never to be heard from again.

Ted Cruz Is An Ugly Secretion With Eyes


Last night Ted Cruz was invited to speak at the republican convention. And he did. He talked about freedom. He spoke about a dead cop’s little girl. Things were going well for about 5 minutes. And then he told the crowd to “vote their conscience”. This is after he congratulated Donald Trump for winning the nomination after several of Cruz’s coup attempts were thwarted.

Seeing Cruz again after having a much needed vacation from the pasty white Cuban dough boy was a bit unnerving. The pursed lips. The strained smile- the one where his face can’t complete the loop. The cheek-chin meld….The creepy meter was at 11 and climbing. If frumpy was a fragrance, Ted Cruz would wear too much of it. Even his suits make him look like an extra from a 1960’s police drama.

But what was more disturbing is that the former Harvard debate champion used his rhetorical prowess to lead us down a path and then when the field opens up to the promised land he leads us back into the wilderness. Ted Cruz is the anti-Moses. Cruz’s speech guaranteed that he’d be wandering in a political desert where there may be no escape.

It’s obvious that this was sabotage and treason all rolled into one ugly secretion with eyes. Military hardware couldn’t have inflicted this much damage at the RNC. Cruz’s stealth tactics were only one upped by Trump, who cleverly exposed Cruz as the secretion we all knew he was. Trump was actually trying to save Cruz by having him endorse. But Cruz chose to fall on his imaginary sword, sponsored by Glenn Beck and Mark Levin, who both had a hand in creating the delusional narrative that Donald Trump is somehow a bigger threat to the republic than Hillary Clinton.

At least now we have closure. Ted Cruz can go back to Texas where he has accomplished absolutely nothing as a United States senator. He can work on perfecting his impersonations of various characters from the Simpsons. He can reference pop culture to his heart’s content. He can knock back some fine whiskey and make some more machine gun bacon.

But in two years Ted Cruz will have a rugged, American born primary challenger who will erase the Cuban-Canadian from our political consciousness. The ugly secretion with eyes will be a political footnote and his name will only be used as an insult or as an adjective. Much like the name “Lewinsky” is now used to describe a certain act. Ted Cruz is the new Benedict Arnold. To Ted-Cruz someone, will be to lie to their face as you stab them repeatedly in the back while smiling.

There’s more good news too. This might be the last time I have to write about the ugly secretion with eyes.

Ted Cruz Is An Arrogant, Self Centered SOB and WILL NOT Endorse Donald Trump

FILE: Ted Cruz Expected To Make Bid For Presidency

Ted Cruz was asked to speak at the Republican Convention tonight. Cruz accepted the invitation. Cruz accepted because he wants one last crack at making Donald Trump look bad. His delegate minions were humiliated on Monday when they tried to pull a Colorado on the convention floor. Their foolish parliamentary prank was overwhelmed by Trump delegates who simply had enough of this imaginary never Trump movement. The coup had been thwarted with one gun shot into the air.

Ted Cruz will walk into a hostile building tonight. Donald Trump selflessly asked Cruz to speak, probably against the wishes of many in his campaign. But Trump continues to show why he is everything that the conservative media establishment says he’s not. Humble. Gracious. Self-deprecating.

Having another look at lyin’ Ted will reassure onlookers that they made the right choice in nominating Trump. Cruz will ramble on about the Constitution, the Founding Fathers and how he won 20 states in a row. Cruz will do his best Baghdad Bob imitation. He may even blame Fox News again for promoting Trump.

But don’t expect Cruz to exhibit any of the so-called Christian qualities he failed to represent during the primary season. Instead, look for Cruz to cross the street again to confront those misguided Trump supporters. Instead of “lock her up” we may hear a chorus of “lyin’ Ted” tonight.

Cruz might want to be careful tonight. If he decides to go rogue he may do irreparable damage to a brand that has already taken a beating. Cruz hung in the longest and his image might never recover. Stories about marital turmoil and his father’s past associations still hang in the air. Whoever runs against Cruz in 2018 already has a playbook to work from.

When Cruz supporters read this, they will get very angry. They will call the author names, and make fun of Donald Trump’s complexion. They will drag out refuted claims and they will lean on Glenn Beck talking points as if Beck was still a credible outpost for truth. But it won’t matter. Ted Cruz is a snake of the highest order. A political opportunist who sees tonight’s speech as a way to cast more doubt on the man who soundly humiliated him and destroyed his reputation.

Ted Cruz would be much smarter to endorse Donald Trump and to assume the role of attack dog against Hillary Clinton and the media. But all of the never Trump sycophants are cheering him on. Their radio audiences and publication circulation are wedded to Cruz staying the course. But maybe Cruz will surprise us with some self preservation.

But don’t count on it. Ted Cruz is simply about Ted Cruz. He is another power thirsty Washington insider who will have to learn his lesson the hard way.

Glenn Beck’s Hatred For Donald Trump Is A Form of Psychosis – Beck Needs To Be Marginalized


Glenn Beck was on Meet The Press this past Sunday. A forum not known for conservative guests. But in recent months Beck has been making a point to share his views in liberal precincts that are more than happy to welcome him because of his hatred for Donald Trump.

Beck spouted off about how the two major political parties are so out of touch with the American people. That is true. But one of the political parties was infiltrated by an American businessman, a populist and a patriot. And his name is Donald Trump. A name that makes Glenn Beck recoil. .

Beck’s radio show has gone from an information outpost to a cross between Dr. Phil and a high school history class. Beck’s program is all over the place. You tune in and your attention span is quickly put to the test. Beck and his three pointless co-hosts babble incessantly, almost as if they are talking to themselves, rather than the audience of 500 stations that currently carry this radio splatter.

Beck claims that if Ted Cruz endorses Donald Trump, there is nobody he can trust in Washington. A comical statement if you examine it. You see, Ted Cruz lied about Donald Trump so much that Ted deservedly got the moniker “lyin’ Ted” from Trump. A name that would stick because Cruz’s lies were easy to document. The Texas senator is also a grand stander and political opportunist of the highest caliber.

Remember when Cruz went on a tirade about the 5 states he had won in row? It was Baghdad Bob at his finest. And Beck and his minions were never intellectually curious about Ted’s past associations. They never got around to vetting Cruz on his connections with George W. Bush, the war in Iraq, No Child Left Behind or the Council on Foreign Relations.

And then there was that little story about Ted Cruz and the D.C. Madam. Cruz’s name appeared in her little black book. Nobody ever denied the allegations. The closest we got to the truth was when Heidi Cruz tweeted out something about having a few ups and downs in life. No concern over documented reports of Heidi Cruz slumped over next to the interstate. Apparently the crew over at The Blaze couldn’t handle the research that millions of Americans had already done.

Beck states that he is fed up with the two parties. And so are most Americans. And this is why Donald Trump is the republican nominee. Beck has to be mentally impaired to not see the revolution taking place around him. He continues on in his Trump fog, obsessively worried about naked pictures of Melania Trump and the supposed shame that would bring to the White House. Beck has also given a wink and a nod to the idea that Donald Trump should be either stabbed or assassinated. And what might be more disturbing is the fact that high profile people on Beck’s payroll have defended his insanity. People like Dana Loesch and Brad Thor.

Glenn Beck lives in his own world of Glenn Beck principles. I know this because Beck opposed Romney in 2012 and then changed his tune claiming that Romney was George Washington reincarnated. In fact, Beck made a similar claim about Rick Santorum. And Michelle Bachmann. And Ted Cruz. The funny thing is both Santorum and Bachmann have signed on with Trump in a big way. Romney has decided to throw in with Hillary. And Cruz may end up being on team Trump as well.

Beck is worried about his pocketbook and what’s left of his reputation. He could care less about another political sellout. He only cares about ratings and his standing with the folks who own his pathetic radio program – Bain Capital.

Glenn Beck isn’t even entertaining anymore. His show has lost all of it’s urgency and appeal. The show has also lost its edge and its energy. Booking Jeb Bush as a guest might actually make the show more listenable.  The problem for Beck is he’s picked the wrong boogeyman. Donald Trump represents limited government. He represents a leaner meaner foreign policy. Moreover, Trump is connecting with minorities and the working class. Beck’s claims are spurious because it’s really hard to argue against the likes of Jerry Falwell, Jr, Phyllis Schlafly and Joe Arpaio. But that doesn’t deter the king of gloom.

Look for Donald Trump to win the election and turn the country around. And look for Glenn Beck to be taken away in a straight jacket for a long stay at Bellevue.

The Entire Media Government Complex Wants Trump Supporters To Die

DangerGeorge Soros. Hillary Clinton. Black Lives Matter. They are all part of an organized effort to cause chaos and even death of the Republican Party Convention in Cleveland Ohio next week.

Both the FBI and the DHS are issuing warnings. And even if there is no credible threat, the narrative has begun. And the media will question the very existence of the republican party who they say are the reason for all of the mayhem in the first place. The fact that they live in an alternate universe that they created makes no difference to them. Their job is to make it seem like everything that surrounds Donald Trump is extreme and unhinged.

In addition to the obvious media cabal, The Gateway Pundit is reporting that the Cleveland Police have been given stand down orders for the convention. Much like what happened in San Jose, the police have been told NOT to protect Trump supporters. So just by attending the convention, you are putting your life in danger.

Stand Down Orders To Cleveland Police

The American Independent Endorses Chris Christie As Trump’s Vice President


Chris Christie single handedly derailed the republican establishment by turning little Marco Rubio into a robotic mess during the ABC republican primary debate. A moment Donald Trump would use over and over again to destroy Rubio’s campaign. Christie helped eliminate the last hope the establishment had of running a Hillary-lite candidate.

Donald Trump loves loyalty. And out of the box, Chris Christie crossed the never Trump picket line and endorsed Donald Trump. And for about a week Christie went out on the stump with the Donald, giving revved up openings for Trump’s red meat speeches.

Christie has all of the qualities Trump’s team needs. First, he is a bulldog. He has the rhetorical firepower needed to call out both the media and the political establishment. Chris understands the law as a former United States Attorney. He would fit nicely into the law and order themes that are emerging in this campaign.

Chris Christie is only 53 years old. He adds some badly needed youth to the campaign. Trump just turned 70, and Hillary is about the same age as Trump. Christie will also play well in all of the purple states and he is fervently pro-life so that should satisfy most evangelicals.

Finally, like Trump, Christie has run something. A very large northeastern state. He has experience taking on the status quo, as well as making tough decisions under the liberal media microscope. Christie took on a failing education establishment in Jersey and he won. And Chris was victorious in not one, but two elections in a very blue state. Chris Christie is ready on day one to assume the presidency if God forbid something happens to Donald Trump.

And that is why the American Independent endorses Chris Christie for Vice President.

America Is Officially At War With Black Lives Matter


Rudy Giuliani has called Black Lives Matter “inherently racist”. But the problem is deeper than just racism.Similar to the way much of Islam approves of things like honor killings and suicide bombings, BLM approves of violence against police officers. It’s gotten so blatant that you now have Miss Alabama saying the Dallas mass murderer was a martyr.

It’s time to look at this problem the same way we look at radical Jihadists. We are now at war with citizens in our own country. Attacks are being planned all over the country. Police arrested 5 more suspects in connection with another plot to ambush cops in Washington D.C. DC Ambush Stopped  Things are out of control. We need a declaration of war from congress.

The only way to stop the destruction is to declare war. The problem is that we have a president who inspired these people to do what they are doing. Mass shootings are up 700% since he took office. And unless the military takes over the country and puts the president and his treason brigade in shackles, there is no way forward without more blood shed and exponential violence.