Jim Comey Issues Fatwa: Hillary Exonerated


Dinesh D’Souza most likely forgot to write this eventuality into his upcoming movie about Bill and Hillary Clinton. Even the skeptics among us thought that Hillary would be indicted. But Jim Comey had a great alibi planned long before the Hildabeast was coronated.

Simply put, Hillary is not guilty because she didn’t have any evil intent. She just didn’t protect the country’s secrets…over and over again. Tell that to the Benghazi families who still haven’t heard the truth. I guess we should be thankful. Comey could have blamed a YouTube video on how to create an email server in a convenience store bathroom.

The sad thing is that most of America won’t even blink. Hillary might even get a bounce in the polls. It was those evil republicans all along. Just another vast right wing conspiracy. Nothing to see here, move along.

And I was beginning to think it might be 2 to 1 odds that Joe Biden would have to come off the bench and rescue the world from a Donald Trump landslide. But old Joe knew all along, probably right around the time he declined to run, that Hillzilla would be exonerated. And there was no way Barack Obama’s presidency would be dragged into the never ending world of Clinton scandals. Obama’s legacy is guilty by association since he received a plethora of emails from the rogue server.

So as usual, America gets screwed and the truth is nowhere to be found. The rule of law is now issued by Fatwa or decree – if you believe the current administration is not part of the Muslim Brotherhood. This whole thing was one long charade designed to give Clinton the glow of vindication. And the “see I told ya so’s” will be loaded into every Hillary teleprompter from now until  November 8th.

One thing is for certain: Donald Trump has his work cut out. Not only does he have to run against both parties, now it’s been confirmed that the media is vociferously in the tank for president wannabe, and they will do everything in their power to cover for her. This isn’t your grandfather’s media bias, this is old school Soviet style conditioning. It makes you question your own existence.

The only thing we can hope for is that Hillary’s mystery health problem will catch up with her right before election day. And even that might not be enough to spare the world from the first woman president…who should have been indicted.


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