America Is Officially At War With Black Lives Matter


Rudy Giuliani has called Black Lives Matter “inherently racist”. But the problem is deeper than just racism.Similar to the way much of Islam approves of things like honor killings and suicide bombings, BLM approves of violence against police officers. It’s gotten so blatant that you now have Miss Alabama saying the Dallas mass murderer was a martyr.

It’s time to look at this problem the same way we look at radical Jihadists. We are now at war with citizens in our own country. Attacks are being planned all over the country. Police arrested 5 more suspects in connection with another plot to ambush cops in Washington D.C. DC Ambush Stopped  Things are out of control. We need a declaration of war from congress.

The only way to stop the destruction is to declare war. The problem is that we have a president who inspired these people to do what they are doing. Mass shootings are up 700% since he took office. And unless the military takes over the country and puts the president and his treason brigade in shackles, there is no way forward without more blood shed and exponential violence.


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