The American Independent Endorses Chris Christie As Trump’s Vice President


Chris Christie single handedly derailed the republican establishment by turning little Marco Rubio into a robotic mess during the ABC republican primary debate. A moment Donald Trump would use over and over again to destroy Rubio’s campaign. Christie helped eliminate the last hope the establishment had of running a Hillary-lite candidate.

Donald Trump loves loyalty. And out of the box, Chris Christie crossed the never Trump picket line and endorsed Donald Trump. And for about a week Christie went out on the stump with the Donald, giving revved up openings for Trump’s red meat speeches.

Christie has all of the qualities Trump’s team needs. First, he is a bulldog. He has the rhetorical firepower needed to call out both the media and the political establishment. Chris understands the law as a former United States Attorney. He would fit nicely into the law and order themes that are emerging in this campaign.

Chris Christie is only 53 years old. He adds some badly needed youth to the campaign. Trump just turned 70, and Hillary is about the same age as Trump. Christie will also play well in all of the purple states and he is fervently pro-life so that should satisfy most evangelicals.

Finally, like Trump, Christie has run something. A very large northeastern state. He has experience taking on the status quo, as well as making tough decisions under the liberal media microscope. Christie took on a failing education establishment in Jersey and he won. And Chris was victorious in not one, but two elections in a very blue state. Chris Christie is ready on day one to assume the presidency if God forbid something happens to Donald Trump.

And that is why the American Independent endorses Chris Christie for Vice President.


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