Glenn Beck’s Hatred For Donald Trump Is A Form of Psychosis – Beck Needs To Be Marginalized


Glenn Beck was on Meet The Press this past Sunday. A forum not known for conservative guests. But in recent months Beck has been making a point to share his views in liberal precincts that are more than happy to welcome him because of his hatred for Donald Trump.

Beck spouted off about how the two major political parties are so out of touch with the American people. That is true. But one of the political parties was infiltrated by an American businessman, a populist and a patriot. And his name is Donald Trump. A name that makes Glenn Beck recoil. .

Beck’s radio show has gone from an information outpost to a cross between Dr. Phil and a high school history class. Beck’s program is all over the place. You tune in and your attention span is quickly put to the test. Beck and his three pointless co-hosts babble incessantly, almost as if they are talking to themselves, rather than the audience of 500 stations that currently carry this radio splatter.

Beck claims that if Ted Cruz endorses Donald Trump, there is nobody he can trust in Washington. A comical statement if you examine it. You see, Ted Cruz lied about Donald Trump so much that Ted deservedly got the moniker “lyin’ Ted” from Trump. A name that would stick because Cruz’s lies were easy to document. The Texas senator is also a grand stander and political opportunist of the highest caliber.

Remember when Cruz went on a tirade about the 5 states he had won in row? It was Baghdad Bob at his finest. And Beck and his minions were never intellectually curious about Ted’s past associations. They never got around to vetting Cruz on his connections with George W. Bush, the war in Iraq, No Child Left Behind or the Council on Foreign Relations.

And then there was that little story about Ted Cruz and the D.C. Madam. Cruz’s name appeared in her little black book. Nobody ever denied the allegations. The closest we got to the truth was when Heidi Cruz tweeted out something about having a few ups and downs in life. No concern over documented reports of Heidi Cruz slumped over next to the interstate. Apparently the crew over at The Blaze couldn’t handle the research that millions of Americans had already done.

Beck states that he is fed up with the two parties. And so are most Americans. And this is why Donald Trump is the republican nominee. Beck has to be mentally impaired to not see the revolution taking place around him. He continues on in his Trump fog, obsessively worried about naked pictures of Melania Trump and the supposed shame that would bring to the White House. Beck has also given a wink and a nod to the idea that Donald Trump should be either stabbed or assassinated. And what might be more disturbing is the fact that high profile people on Beck’s payroll have defended his insanity. People like Dana Loesch and Brad Thor.

Glenn Beck lives in his own world of Glenn Beck principles. I know this because Beck opposed Romney in 2012 and then changed his tune claiming that Romney was George Washington reincarnated. In fact, Beck made a similar claim about Rick Santorum. And Michelle Bachmann. And Ted Cruz. The funny thing is both Santorum and Bachmann have signed on with Trump in a big way. Romney has decided to throw in with Hillary. And Cruz may end up being on team Trump as well.

Beck is worried about his pocketbook and what’s left of his reputation. He could care less about another political sellout. He only cares about ratings and his standing with the folks who own his pathetic radio program – Bain Capital.

Glenn Beck isn’t even entertaining anymore. His show has lost all of it’s urgency and appeal. The show has also lost its edge and its energy. Booking Jeb Bush as a guest might actually make the show more listenable.  The problem for Beck is he’s picked the wrong boogeyman. Donald Trump represents limited government. He represents a leaner meaner foreign policy. Moreover, Trump is connecting with minorities and the working class. Beck’s claims are spurious because it’s really hard to argue against the likes of Jerry Falwell, Jr, Phyllis Schlafly and Joe Arpaio. But that doesn’t deter the king of gloom.

Look for Donald Trump to win the election and turn the country around. And look for Glenn Beck to be taken away in a straight jacket for a long stay at Bellevue.


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