Ted Cruz Is An Arrogant, Self Centered SOB and WILL NOT Endorse Donald Trump

FILE: Ted Cruz Expected To Make Bid For Presidency

Ted Cruz was asked to speak at the Republican Convention tonight. Cruz accepted the invitation. Cruz accepted because he wants one last crack at making Donald Trump look bad. His delegate minions were humiliated on Monday when they tried to pull a Colorado on the convention floor. Their foolish parliamentary prank was overwhelmed by Trump delegates who simply had enough of this imaginary never Trump movement. The coup had been thwarted with one gun shot into the air.

Ted Cruz will walk into a hostile building tonight. Donald Trump selflessly asked Cruz to speak, probably against the wishes of many in his campaign. But Trump continues to show why he is everything that the conservative media establishment says he’s not. Humble. Gracious. Self-deprecating.

Having another look at lyin’ Ted will reassure onlookers that they made the right choice in nominating Trump. Cruz will ramble on about the Constitution, the Founding Fathers and how he won 20 states in a row. Cruz will do his best Baghdad Bob imitation. He may even blame Fox News again for promoting Trump.

But don’t expect Cruz to exhibit any of the so-called Christian qualities he failed to represent during the primary season. Instead, look for Cruz to cross the street again to confront those misguided Trump supporters. Instead of “lock her up” we may hear a chorus of “lyin’ Ted” tonight.

Cruz might want to be careful tonight. If he decides to go rogue he may do irreparable damage to a brand that has already taken a beating. Cruz hung in the longest and his image might never recover. Stories about marital turmoil and his father’s past associations still hang in the air. Whoever runs against Cruz in 2018 already has a playbook to work from.

When Cruz supporters read this, they will get very angry. They will call the author names, and make fun of Donald Trump’s complexion. They will drag out refuted claims and they will lean on Glenn Beck talking points as if Beck was still a credible outpost for truth. But it won’t matter. Ted Cruz is a snake of the highest order. A political opportunist who sees tonight’s speech as a way to cast more doubt on the man who soundly humiliated him and destroyed his reputation.

Ted Cruz would be much smarter to endorse Donald Trump and to assume the role of attack dog against Hillary Clinton and the media. But all of the never Trump sycophants are cheering him on. Their radio audiences and publication circulation are wedded to Cruz staying the course. But maybe Cruz will surprise us with some self preservation.

But don’t count on it. Ted Cruz is simply about Ted Cruz. He is another power thirsty Washington insider who will have to learn his lesson the hard way.


7 thoughts on “Ted Cruz Is An Arrogant, Self Centered SOB and WILL NOT Endorse Donald Trump

  1. I never would have given him time to speak. He’s not constitutional at all, not natural born so he shouldn’t have run, said scurrilous things about Trump & we’re all supposed to move on.
    Also we all know how our characteristics get worse with age. His voice makes me want to put a bullet in my head now, how bad will it be in a couple of years.
    I don’t think he will ever get be elected president.

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  2. I am thinking the same way . I don’t think Cruz has the gnome in him for the moment to be about anyone else . He has people who have already fell on their swords over their convention antics . Ken Cuccinelli stormed off the convention floor and Mike Lee lost the respect of a lot of people who thought he was the Robin of constitutional conservatism . There will be a call to primary him from many who were once his dedicated supporters . If he did get on the Trump train many of his Bernie fan like supporters would feel betrayed . I don’t think it would rescue his political career if he did . He buried himself . I expect him to get boo’d off the stage trying to teach the rubes about write in candidates or talking about 2020 .


  3. I was a Ted Cruz voter but I have chosen to accept the fact Donald Trump is the man for the job. I’m just thankful we got to see this side of you without you becoming our president.


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