Bernie Sanders Campaign A False Flag To Promote Hillary Clinton

If Bernie supporters land on this page keep in mind that the author is a Donald Trump supporter. I am a strong believer in economic populism and less war mongering. Two things Bernie Sanders believes in. But the rest of Bernie’s platform I don’t ascribe to. You can’t spend your way to prosperity. You can’t give away free college in the face of 19 trillion in debt.

However, no matter what I think of Sanders and his campaign, his supporters have been duped by an epic government bait and switch. They are now being told to eat the excrement sandwich that they so vehemently opposed. They are being told – even by Bernie Sanders himself – that it’s Hillary’s turn. Just sit down and shut up.

And now tangible proof exists thanks to Wikileaks. Debbie Wasserman Shultz had been given marching orders from the very beginning. And Sanders knew all along that he’d have to abandon his principles. But he went along with the charade anyhow. Notice how Sanders is putting up almost no resistance. He knew all along that his purpose was to attract younger, activist voters and then heard them over to Hillary.

The difference between Sanders and Trump is that Trump was willing to call out the corruption in his own party and not succumb to the will of the elites. Sanders made it clear that the media should stop talking about Clinton’s email scandal early on. He literally threw away his ace card. A Trump-Sanders battle would have reflected the real will of the people. Instead, crony capitalism and new world order globalism take center stage with the Hildabeast as the nominee.

The entire scenario was rigged and central planned by Barack Obama with the help of foreign governments like Saudi Arabia. Everyone knows that Hillary Clinton may be the worst presidential candidate the democrats have put forth since Walter Mondale. The democrats can only win by using Wall Street and world banking institutions to finance their loser campaign.

The question is, will Bernie supporters stay home? Some have expressed a desire to vote for Trump. Some have realized that the corruption goes to the highest levels of our own government and beyond.

One thing is certain – the whole Sanders campaign was a ruse from the get go. Just another false flag government manipulation tactic. A tactic that may backfire and ignite a revolution at the ballot box. Because in reality, the only candidate that has made both party establishments angry is Donald Trump. And Trump will get votes from disenfranchised Sanders supporters.


3 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders Campaign A False Flag To Promote Hillary Clinton

  1. In my book you are being to kind to Sanders. He knowingly used all those people. I agree he was put into place by the moribund DNC to pretend to challenge Hillary, but Bernie and his mercinary wife saw gold in them their hills.

    Neither Bernie or Hillary are going to be the democrat candidate, just wait and see.


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