Ted Cruz 2018: Primary Challenge Coming From Rick Perry


Ted Cruz is in trouble. Not with just folks outside of his home state. Apparently there is already a movement afoot in Texas to unseat Cruz. Congressman John Carter from Texas’s 31st congressional district has already told several media sources that former Governor Rick Perry is going to challenge Ted Cruz for his senate seat in 2018.

Not only are Texans outraged about what Cruz did at the RNC convention, many more have become disillusioned with the senator’s views on free trade and immigration. Moreover, Cruz was exposed as someone who may not even be eligible to hold a senate seat because he was born in Canada to only one U.S. born parent.

And thanks to Wikileaks we learn that Cruz’s father, Raphael Sr. was hanging out with Lee Harvey Oswald at the time of the JFK assassination. Something Cruz has cited as why he refused to endorse Donald Trump. People should wonder about the allegations against Heidi Cruz. Her globalist ties and mental health issues. Both are likely true. There is more than reasonable doubt among Texans.

We also know for a fact that Cruz is an ineffective senator who is not respected or liked by his colleagues. Former house speaker John Boehner has given Cruz the nickname “Lucifer”. Ted Cruz is damaged goods. He’ll be lucky if he can go back to practicing law.

In the meantime, Rick Perry is Texas through and through. Love him or hate him, his tenure as governor was mostly positive. And Perry has smartly boarded the Trump train, albeit a tad late. He at least recognized the importance of keeping Hillary away from the nuclear codes.

Governor Perry will have the full support of the establishment behind him and a strong grassroots coalition of real Texans who will enthusiastically support unseating the Canadian born Cruz.

The bottom line: Ted Cruz committed political suicide when he failed to endorse Donald Trump at the RNC convention. And he will lose big to Rick Perry in the 2018 senate primaries.

Bye bye lyin’ Ted.


32 thoughts on “Ted Cruz 2018: Primary Challenge Coming From Rick Perry

    1. I disagree with you about Senator Cruz. His intellectual power is awe inspiring. He challenges you to be a better person, to have courage and to have faith. My admiration for him keeps growing every time I see the examples he set for us and the demands he sets for himself. Thank you for being an upstanding person, Senator Cruz.


      1. I think what this is called is man worship. You ought to be ashamed of yourself. God should be the one who inspires you to have courage and faith. Not some dumpy Cuban who lies constantly.

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      2. Cruz manipulated voters, lied & distorted the truth about Trump to the point I couldn’t stand to look at him. Are you a relative of Cruz?

        GO RICK PERRY!


      3. Have courage to what? Cheat your fellow workers and tell lies about them? He teaches you to have faith how? By cheating on his wife and lying all the time. Not to mention holding grudges. My faith calls for none of that. No one is perfect but instead of trying to get the speck out of your neighbor’s eye, maybe he should try and get the log out of his own. He doesn’t set demands on himself. He himself claimed that he was not eligible to run for President and then when asked about it, he refused to answer the question. He sat on national tv and twisted everything that Trump said, and they played it side by side, what was really said and what Cruz said and they were total lies. Now I don’t know about you but that doesn’t look like a man of faith to me. Maybe he should go hang out with Rev Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. Oh, wait, he already does hang out with the left. Now those are some men of faith.


      4. Cruz is close to Evil, a horrible person who only cares about himself and its extremely sad that some can’t see that. Then we could get into his globalist connections and desires which would make him a horrible choice even if he was a great person which he is not. Really is beyond insane that some still can’t see him for what he is but the good thing is that almost all do now, just a small minority are still brainwashed by Cruz.


      1. And TX rural land owners won’t forget Perry’s passionate love of TTC and the Spanish co, Cintra ( which filed for bankruptcy), he glowingly approved to manage the highway after completion.


    1. Hey Principled –
      Did someone put coke in your crack? Obviously you are smokin’ something bad to be promoting the most corrupt politician in American history & Communist Democrat Party.


  1. I’m searching for articles, etc. that confirm this. Has anybody found any? I did hear of this info being shared by Congressman John Carter with Alex Jones. I am so hoping that this is true. If you find any more confirmation please post.

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  2. Sen. Ted Cruz has represented the people of Texas in Washington DC. He does not forget who he represents. He has our backing!


  3. A Texan, wearing boots — welches on a signed Pledge? … Say it isn’t so — for this reason alone, I hope he is not eligible (by residency requirements) for the Senate seat from Texas. ~~~ But, then there is the lie — remember the North Houston TownHall where he lied to the peoples faces? In answering a question about the rumors of Heidi and the “Council on Foreign Relations” .. He answered by saying the “CFR” was a “pernicious nest of vipers” … letting everyone leave thinking the rumors were not true! — When the truth was, Heidi had just resigned after serving on the “CFR” for 5 years (because of Ted’s Senate run) .. and helping author “Building a North American Community” (“Union”) with them!

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