Glenn Beck and Mark Levin Commit Radio Treason – Promoting Mitt Romney While Trashing Donald Trump


Two men with large radio audiences and even larger stomachs are committing radio treason on a daily basis. If you stopped listening to the banal ramblings of Glenn Beck and the migraine inducing yelling of Mark Levin, you probably lowered your blood pressure and are enjoying life a lot more.

Beck and Levin are continuing to find listeners and on air guests who will do their bidding. Namely, trashing Donald Trump. The latest supposed Trump mistake is telling a reporter that he would increase the minimum wage to ten dollars an hour. Conservatives are supposed to never increase the minimum wage. Except for the 1996 republican congress, right? They initiated a wage increase under Bill Clinton who signed it into law. Both Bushs increased the minimum wage, and I’m sure their new poster child for replacing Trump, Mitt Romney would do the same.

But according to buffoons like Mark Levin, you are supposed to use his radio show as a platform to complain about Trump or you are not a principled, Judeo-Christian, constitutional, conservative, living, breathing American. Levin actually chastises his listeners for not hammering Trump. I don’t remember there being any hammers or chisels or bean bags being tossed at Romney in 2012. Romney had a record – and much of it was liberal appeasement as has to be done in Massachusetts.

Donald Trump wants to appoint conservative judges to the Supreme Court. Game set match. Beck and Levin should be lining up interviews and promoting the Trump family as the 2016 version of Camelot. But instead, Glenn Beck has Erik Erickson on his meaningless radio program so the two of them can brainstorm on air about hatching a plot to get Romney on the ballot in some deep red states in an attempt to deny Trump the 270 electoral votes needed for victory.

Glenn Beck seems far more concerned about Donald Trump than Hillary Clinton. And that is why Beck should have a full psychiatric evaluation as soon as possible. These men have become monkey wrenches with the emphasis on the word “monkey”.

Conservative talk radio does not have the pull it once had. You have to go back to the 1994 congressional races to find tangible proof that the very popular Rush Limbaugh had had an impact. All of the usual suspects sounded the alarm about Obama in 2008 and again in 2012. And nothing changed. Even worse for the likes of Beck and Levin is the fact they’ve split their audience in half by going against Trump. Limbaugh is now on the Trump train and is defending him each and every day. Beck has even chastised Limbaugh for not being true to “conservative values”. Beck owes his entire existence to Limbaugh and probably ought to shut his pie hole or he may lose more radio affiliates.

Even though these shock talkers don’t have enough influence to sway an election, they do give the liberal media more talking points. And the lib media does have enough influence to give this election over to Hillary Clinton.

So Glenn Beck and Mark Levin are both committing radio treason against the values that they supposedly believe in. It’s actually very simple. Get on the Trump train or lose the damn country for the next 50 years. The Supreme Court matters more than scoring cheap political points on the minimum wage.

These ego maniacal jerks can’t handle the fact that Donald Trump is his own man and has tapped into a strain of American populism that many thought had vanished. These radio shows are nothing more than propaganda for the Clinton campaign. That’s right I said it.


5 thoughts on “Glenn Beck and Mark Levin Commit Radio Treason – Promoting Mitt Romney While Trashing Donald Trump

  1. My husband is still drinking the duo’s kool-aid. I will never understand it, I guess it is easy to brainwash someone.


  2. This Never Trump duo are not even loyal to their listeners and those who helped them build the Blaze network. They, in fact, have betrayed their own principles by not backing Mr. Trump who has been endorsed by the NRA, who has been endorsed by Jerry Falwell, Jr. of Liberty University, and who has been endorsed by more than 20,000 Border Patrol Agents (who told Mr. Trump that a wall is crucial in maintaining order at the border), Sheriff David A Clarke and Arizona’s Sheriff Joe Arpaio, to name just a few.

    I only have contempt for these two charlatans who played us all for fools for a very long time.

    These Never Trumpers have many traits in common. They are sanctimonious hypocrites, they are globalists, they are for the status quo, they are for these continuous wars for power and profit, they are anti-Russia and hate Putin, and they are the neocons of the GOP (the McCain and Hillary types) who have caused total havoc in the Middle East by arming the Muslim Mercenaries to fight for NATO expansion and Russian provocation and to remove sovereign leaders Gadhafi and Assad, and in the Ukraine to destabilize Ukraine and expand NATO up to Russia’s doorstep leaving the Ukrainians embroiled in civil war. They have been an epic fail on a global scale and they are not willing to admit it, or analyze where they have failed, even in the midst of obvious chaos and confusion where over a million people have died in Egypt, Libya and Syria alone, and tens of thousands have died in Ukraine, during the reign of Obama and his two most incompetent Secretaries of State, Hillary Clinton and John Kerry..

    Donald J. Trump is worth all of them put together, even with all of his failings. Trump left his comfortable life where he could be enjoying himself, and made a unselfish sacrifice to not watch America go down the road to serfdom any longer, and to put his gifts to work for America to make it great again, for the American people who are struggling to make ends meet. For doing this he is continually bashed by these Never Trumpers who haven’t got the decency to even say that there are some things about Donald J. Trump that they like. Like the fact that Trump will put judges like the late great departed Antonin Scalia on the bench. One of them even went so far as to not even give Trump any credit for how great his children turned out to be.

    And these two Never Trumpers call themselves “principled.” If they are “principled” I can say right now I don’t ever want to be like them. Never like them. They are the hypocrites, the hollow men, the betrayers of all that is good.


  3. Thank you for finally exposing these two know-it-all charlatans, I can’t believe the distortion and rants Mark Levin goes on a daily basis against Trump. He actually took excerpts of Trump’s press conference to ridicule him and lied about his statements. I was beside myself and almost wanted to stop the car and call his station, but of course, they filter the calls who only they fit proper to his agenda. I shut off his time slot in the radio, which comes after Hannity and never listen to him anymore. He sounds more and more as a derail mental case. I wonders, has he thought for half a minute what will happen to the Supreme Court if Hillary is elected? He who claims to be a “true constitutional conservative”! oh…..but I just got an idea, if Hillary is elected, he will have more listeners because then he will have more to talk about in his program. Very clever…..traitor!


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