Sean Hannity Goes Nuclear On Glenn Beck: “His Answers To Me In Private Emails Were Half-Assed”


Glenn Beck is ready for the insane asylum. And this writer could not be happier. Day two of the war of words between a sane man, Sean Hannity, and an insane man, Glenn Beck continues. Like Sean Hannity, I did not listen, could not listen and would not listen to the Glenn Beck radio show today. Actually, that’s been the norm for me since I was called a racist for supporting Donald Trump. You see according to Glenn Beck, you can’t be a member of the Tea Party and support Donald Trump. That’s pretty hysterical since there are dozens of Tea Party For Trump groups all over the internet.

Sean Hannity has had enough. Today he told his listeners that he stands by his remarks that never trump idiots will own the results of the election. Beck has begun preparing for what he believes will be a Trump loss by pleading with his dwindling audience for unity. Beck has no idea that his lack of involvement and downright sabotage of Trump might be the reason for a defeat if one happens. Funny that Beck doesn’t follow the news these days because most polls have the race tightening up.

Instead, Beck went off on Hannity today. Someone will have to send me the audio since I won’t give my local Beck affiliate a ratings point. Beck is a toxic mess of history teacher, self help guru and food storage prepper. If I hear one more ad for Beck’s 1791 mom jeans I think I might hurl a small intestine. The sight of Glenn Beck in a pair of these supposedly rugged $200 outdoor jeans might make me hurl a large intestine.

But for Beck this is what it’s all about – his empire. He could care less about the American people and what we want. According to mister entertainment and enlightenment, we are all hypnotized by Donald Trump. The crazy hypnosis has even spread to Dr. Alveda King – one of the speakers at Beck’s last Kool Aid drenched man on the moon rally. I guess Dr. King is hypnotized like the rest of us.

Sean Hannity understands that in order to defeat Hillary Clinton, all hands must be on deck. You can’t have a cumulative bunch of butt hurt elitists who are standing for an imaginary principle that pales in comparison to the supreme court or secure borders. These steadfast neocons and pseudo constitutional purists are enough of a faction to defeat Trump. And people like Beck are salivating at the chance to destroy Trump. It’s a symptom of his out of proportion Trump derangement syndrome.

And for those of you who claim to be ultra conservative, you might want to examine who Glenn Beck has been keeping company with lately. PBS. MSNBC. The Huffington Post. Megyn Kelly. And that daily race baiter, Don Lemon on CNN. Beck hangs out with people who are opposed to everything he supposedly believes in. And to make matters worse for Beck, he’s now in the cross hairs of Sean Hannity who is 2nd place behind Rush Limbaugh in overall audience ratings.

Here’s a prediction: if Donald Trump loses, Glenn Beck’s radio career is over. His Blaze network goes down in flames and his books will end up at Dollar Tree just a few months after being released. Beck is a sick, twisted, jealous man. His whole life has been one long radio feud. He has never fully let go of his shock jock past. The only way for his name to stay in the news is for him to start fights with media pundits who have double or triple his audience.

Personally I think Beck is a closet liberal. He is behaving like someone who feels guilty and always wants to reconcile with the left. Hey Beck, they hate you just as much as we do. There’s nobody on either side of the political spectrum who trusts anything you say.

Sean Hannity has more class than I do. He called you a patriot – albeit reluctantly…certainly not with any shred of enthusiasm. I think Glenn Beck is a selfish piece of human excrement who is fully-crazy-treasonous in his hatred for Donald Trump.

And one last thing, Glenn Beck is certainly not helping the Mormon faith. If this is what Mormons do, I’d run to a real religion that teaches the Trinity. One that doesn’t add to Scripture. And one that didn’t promote racism up until 1978.

So there. I’ve vented. Glenn Beck can go to hell.

Cruz and Kasich Build Unholy Alliance In Ohio To Keep Donald Trump Out of The White House


According to The Hill and Gateway Pundit, Ted Cruz and his team of never trumpers are planning an extensive ad blitz in swing states. Those ads are all designed to depress the Trump vote and to give the election to Hillary Clinton. There are already millions of dollars allocated for these ads. Much of it leftover from the primaries.

There are a number of super PACS, whose names you’ve heard before. PACS that did extensive damage during the primary season. They spent millions in places like Florida and Virginia – two states that went to Donald Trump despite the onslaught of cash and lies.

These super PACS air their falsehoods primarily on the Glenn Beck radio show. Some also target the Mark Levin show. Both of whom have refused to endorse Donald Trump and are usually heard bashing Trump on a daily basis.

These PACS have names like Conservative Solutions and Constitutional Conservatives. Most of the never trumpers think these PACS care about Americans. But if you link back to who really funds them, you will find hedge funds and the Chamber of Commerce. It’s big business looking for cheap labor.

Sources on the ground in the Buckeye state have made it clear to me that something is up with John Kasich. Like Ted Cruz, Kasich hates Donald Trump. He and Cruz couldn’t be further apart on style and substance. But a deal was made that they would both work to stop Trump so they could individually benefit from a dying America in 2020.

But for John Kasich, his ambitions are a bit different. Kasich wants to be education czar in a Hillary Clinton administration. His goals are for next year and really not for 2020. Kasich has no clue as to how to run a national presidential campaign. That is why Kasich has praised Hillary Clinton on her foreign policy credentials and has mocked Donald Trump every time he’s stood up to global elites.

Simply put, John Kasich wants to be part of a Hillary Clinton administration. And if he can deliver Ohio to Hillary, he’s likely a shoe in.

As for Cruz, he could care less about another Clinton administration. His wacky 1996 thinking assumes that the country will be ready for a real “constitutional conservative” in 2020 after the carnage that is wrought by Clinton. Cruz has no idea that his political capital has already been spent and that Rick Perry is waiting to steal his seat in 2018.

The bottom line is that Kasich and Cruz, collaborating with open borders advocates are working behind the scenes to win the state of Ohio for Hillary Clinton.

If that is not treason, I don’t know what is.

Donald Trump’s Secret Weapon: Mike Pence

Pence Trump

When Donald Trump walks into the room, all of the air pretty much gets sucked out. Trump is the rare figure in politics that has a cosmic magnetic pull. Most believe it comes from Trump’s many years on television. Or it just could be the man himself. The aura follows Donald wherever he goes.

Mike Pence is the exact opposite. Trump picked governor Pence to compliment the ticket and because Mike has qualities that Donald does not possess.

First, Mike Pence is universally loved and respected in conservative circles. He has experience in congress and as a governor. He has fought battles on his own turf that have gotten him in some hot water. But through all of it, Mike Pence has stood his ground.

When Mike Pence was chosen, most conservative pundits (Glenn Beck and Mark Levin in particular) were rather quiet about it. They wanted to hate the pick but couldn’t. They made a lame attempt at praise just to placate their dwindling audiences. It’s hard not to like Mike. Trump’s pick was brilliant because it diffused the never Trump losers who nit pick Trump’s entire itinerary 24-7.

On the campaign trail, Mike Pence’s calm reassuring demeanor makes him a favorite at small grass roots events. Pence can also get into the wonky details of Trump’s plans on a variety of topics and do it with ease and poise.

Mike Pence is also ready on day one if anything were to happen to Donald Trump.

Mike Pence’s record is far more impressive than Hillary’s corrupt choice, Tim Kaine. There will be fireworks at the VP debate and Kaine will need to be ready for the man who took on members of his own party and isn’t afraid to mix it up.

Mike Pence proves that Donald Trump has excellent judgment. Pence will be a great vice president and is part of a team of professional men and women who truly can make America great again!

Hillary Clinton Presidency Will Usher In The End Times – You Must Vote Trump!


A Hillary presidency guarantees a runaway supreme court. Simply stated that means every liberal social experiment will receive a rubber stamp. Free speech in churches will become a thing of the past. You will never hear a sermon dealing with a controversial topic again. In fact, the tax exempt status that churches currently enjoy will be revoked under a Clinton monarchy.

The economy will spiral downward. Stagnation will be enshrined as the new normal. People will become disenchanted with the idea of upward mobility. Complacency will replace hard work as the predominant attitude in America.

Mindless foreign interventions will continue. Our government on both sides of the isle will continue to fund unconstitutional wars sponsored by multinational corporations. Stocks will continue on their upward trajectory, as food stamp enrollment goes up as well.

The rich will become richer. The poor and middle class will get poorer.

And with no leader giving cues to other world governments, the global economy will tank as well. If you like the new world order, it will only become more dominant. Meaning that individual sovereign countries will be forced to comply with global regulations and law.

All that is really left is for Jesus to come back. And if Hillary becomes president, many Christians will make that their daily prayer. Atheists might make it THEIR prayer as well.

If you think this article is tongue and cheek, you are sadly mistaken. There is no chance at making America great again unless Donald Trump is elected.

Otherwise, the clock will immediately start ticking. If you are not religious, think of it as the night of the living dead. Except there will be daily sequels with no end in sight.

It’s The Alt-Left You Really Have To Worry About


Hillary Clinton and her gaggle of neocon speech writers have successfully introduced a new term into American politics. The alt-right. Supposedly we’re an underground cabal of conspiracy theorists and misfit nationalists who aren’t nuanced enough to understand the intricacies of Hillary’s policies.

The term also implies that the normal right, or the George H.W. Bush right, is okay and it’s a dog whistle to The Wall Street Journal and National Review that they ought to “be with her” as her tag line declares. Because it’s good and precious to import slave labor into this country from the third world in order to keep wages low and costs down for the expanding government-business industrial complex.

And even though the smart companies are doing their own version of Brexit to avoid the high cost of staying, the ones who stay are beholden to the Clinton family crime syndicate. Taxes on them won’t go down which means more money gets funneled to illegals and unvetted migrants.

Welcome to the alt-left. A strange merger of neocon principles and liberal social ideology. The neocon element is there to essentially fund the social pathology and mind control that this movement has championed.

The membership is expanding. Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, John McCain and Jeb Bush are all members of Hillary Clinton’s expanding group of globalist pawns who siphon money from the American taxpayers so China can burn coal without any regulatory restraints.

The alt-left has also taken over entire news organizations. CNN, Bloomberg, and the latest inductee, FOX news. Most of these folks have abandoned even the appearance of objectivity. To them Clinton is the rightful heir to Obama and might even be too conservative for recent grads who are interning in the newsroom.

The alt-left has a worldwide power base. They have orchestrated trade and foreign policy that have merged third world ideologies with developed countries. Their quest from the beginning was to level the playing field by using the spoils of big business.

They have succeeded almost unabated now for the last 25 years. It’s no wonder Hillary’s speech writers called out the likes of Alex Jones, who’s underground libertarian populism is the biggest threat to the new world order this bunch has seen since Reagan or Eisenhower. People are finally on to them.

But it might not be enough. Because in honest counter movements there is in fighting and real debate about which policy is best. In other words, true unregulated democracy is messy and the alt-left is a unified block with an endless flow of cash. They can propagandize to their hearts content. They can make the alt-right sound like Fox Muldar from the X-files.

The alt-left has created an alt-reality. That’s why normal folks are seen screaming at their televisions. Nothing they see makes sense anymore. The new normal is a stagnant, no growth economy. Turf wars between groups of entitlement riddled addicts are encouraged and celebrated.

The alt-left is dangerous. Their world is not our world. And they are in the process of a global takeover. They have the money. They have the media. We are all that is left to stop them.

Count me in as a proud member of the alt-right.

Real Trump Internal Polling Shows Potential Landslide

Republican U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump reacts on stage as his wife Melania looks on at his 2016 New Hampshire presidential primary night rally in Manchester

You can’t turn on a television or a radio without hearing about how Donald Trump’s campaign is struggling. Tied in with that narrative is these fake allegations of sexual assault driven by a media that is so out of proportion with what’s important, it’s now become comical in nature.

The media is fixated on every ripple they can manufacture. It’s as if they are in their own echo chamber, they make a noise – and then they amplify it by reporting on how loud that noise is getting. The news is all artificial ingredients. All filler. Pure by-products of a Clinton obsessed zombified gaggle of sycophants.

One of my sources from the New Hampshire Trump campaign  says that “internal numbers are very strong”. Infowars has been reporting that internal polling data suggests a 5 point lead for Trump in battleground states after a brief drop during the release of the so-called locker room tapes.

Does anyone doubt that Donald Trump hasn’t hired the best internal pollsters that money can buy? He sure isn’t acting like a man who believes he can’t win this.

Even the Hillary flavored LA Times had a recent poll that showed Trump up by 2 nationally. And in Pennsylvania, that poll had data that showed Trump up by 6. And it’s still early by election standards. Think of this as the last two minutes of a basketball game. There are going to be lots of fouls and out of bounds passes thrown to stop the clock..

You’d be hard-pressed to find positive coverage of the momentum that is building. All of the major networks make it sound as though Trump is floundering. He’s looking for his voice as he sells out 20000 seat arenas all over the country. Nobody over at CBS seems to notice that Hillary Clinton can’t fill a gymnasium or has gone underground to “rest” or to do endless “debate prep”.

Which all leads to the idea that Donald Trump may very well win the election in an unprecedented landslide. I’ve not heard anyone from the Hillary-stream media say that their candidate will win in such a fashion.

I think the only thing Donald Trump needs to worry about is voter fraud. And he has been urging his supporters to voluntarily monitor the polling stations as the votes are counted.

But as Project Veritas has documented, voter fraud is real and it’s widespread and it’s planned.

So as long as illegal aliens and dead people aren’t allowed to vote, it should be a big win on November 8th for Donald J. Trump.

Donald Trump: The Only Choice There Is

TREUMOOOOSo what we are facing is a choice between a stagnant, mediocre economy that will be on the brink of collapse at all times and a vibrant growing economy.

We have a choice between the rule of law or sanctioned anarchy.

We have a choice between the remnants of Judeo-Christian ethics or the nonsense of politically correct dogma.

We have a choice between being a sovereign nation or an open borders society that continues to fracture and Balkanize.

There is also a choice between the American work ethic or an entitlement society that rewards those who don’t even try. This is a choice between prosperity and the entrepreneurial spirit against the meaningless apathy that is now two generations deep.

This is a choice between a much less involved foreign policy versus the neocon war machine that wants to reshape the world in it’s image.

And finally this is a choice between a thriving middle class instead of a disappearing middle class that has no chance at upward mobility.

Donald Trump is the only candidate running who has pledged to make America great again. And Donald Trump is on the right side of all of these issues.

All Branches of Government Are Now Lawless Bodies Sold Out To The Central Banking System


What I’m about to write may scare a few people. I believe that country has reached a tipping point. Lawlessness is no condoned by our government. How you say? Let’s count the ways shall we.

1. Allowing unvetted migrants in with no process in place to screen them.
2. Allowing BLM protesters to destroy private property and by selectively editing comments they make to give the appearance that all they want is peace.
3. By arming 3rd world Islamic state terrorist groups.

4. By allowing suspected terrorists to leave Guantanamo Bay Cuba so they can return to the battlefield to inflict more harm on American soldiers and innocent civilians.

5. By allowing the continued slaughter of babies in the womb.

6. By sending millions of dollars to terrorist organizations in the name of diplomatic foreign policy.

7. By not securing the southern border of the United States.

8. By not prosecuting Hillary Clinton for high crimes and misdemeanors

9. By not prosecuting Barack Obama for high crimes and misdemeanors

10. By keeping our troops in foreign countries so central banks and George Soros can continue to reap windfall profits from collapsed economies and large nation building contracts.

This of course is a partial list. But it represents a lawless government with no intent on prosecuting itself. The people and the military establishment must eventually recognize that we are now at the point of no return.

Chauncey Goss Is The Only One Who Makes Sense In Florida’s 19th District


This is all you need to know about the battle for the republican seat in Florida’s 19th congressional district. First, Francis Rooney appears to be the biggest recipient of big money from Super-Pacs. He gets a lot of support from Conservative Solutions PAC. A nasty outfit that supported Ted Cruz and who dumped millions into Florida slandering Donald Trump. This PAC apparently gets money from sources outside the U.S. They have also been involved in laundering money to so-called conservatives like Mark Levin and Glenn Beck to promote the likes of Cruz and other people they deem worthy.

Rooney is the Glenn Beck “conservative” in the race. He litmus tests well in fantasy land and has the backing of all of the so-called constitutional folks stocking up on freeze dried food and battery backed up solar panels. Rooney is a multi-millionaire who has been part of the GOP establishment for decades. Rooney was an ambassador under the failed presidential tenure of George W. Bush. His experience as liaison to the Vatican does nothing to help his standing with southwest Florida residents. I’m not sure how that qualifies as “experience in foreign affairs”. It’s a resume enhancement.

Rooney may look good on paper, but the old world he operates in has changed and people want a new direction. Rooney is a country club republican who’s lived a life that many of us in southwest Florida can’t relate to. He’s also paying his own consultants to make up phony polls that put him way ahead of the other contenders. Sounds like Rooney is using some Hillary Clinton tactics.

Dan Bongino is also running. He is the radio talk show host former secret service candidate. He has zero chance of winning. Bongino is on tape saying he likes some of the provisions in Obamacare. This will also be his third time running for congress. And he’s done it in three different locations. When you run for local office, you might want to be a local for a while. Bongino vehemently supported Ted Cruz in the primary but has since said he will support Donald Trump, albeit reluctantly. Southwest Florida voters overwhelmingly chose Trump in the primaries. Bongino is out of touch with the working class and seems to want to be a celebrity spokesperson more than he wants to be a congressman.

Chauncey Goss is the only rational alternative. My guess is if you liked Curt Clawson, you will love Chauncey Goss. He is not plugged into the republican establishment. He is a grass roots candidate who runs a small business. He has lived in Southwest Florida for a long time. He runs a firm that does budget forecasting, and boy do we need that! We are 19 trillion dollars in debt. He understands that our foreign policy, especially in the middle east has been a disaster. He has not aligned himself with establishment republicans at any level. Goss is a family man, and young enough to serve with energy and enthusiasm.

Chauncey Goss is the only outsider in this race. Someone who understands the mood of the district and can best represent the voters of Southwest Florida. Goss is not bought and paid for by super PACS that have destroyed the political careers of decent people who are just trying to serve their community.

Vote Chauncey Goss on August 30th in the republican primary.

Planned All Along: Hillary Illness To Be Used For Sympathy and Votes

Hillary Coughing

There is a new theory emerging. Hillary Clinton may really have some kind of motor neuron related illness. She may even be terminal. And it will all be used to pull at the heart strings of the American people.

As one doctor after another comes forward to explain what it is that Hillary might have, it is clear that this is a coordinated effort to make the former first lady into a character from the Netflix show House of Cards. Hillary ends up being Frank and Claire Underwood all rolled into one ruthless autocrat.

Fans of the show might remember that Frank Underwood was shot and then needed a liver transplant and there was uncertainty that the liver would take. All of Frank’s primary opponents eventually dropped out as the country began voting for Underwood because they felt sorry for him.

Frank Underwood is played by Kevin Spacey – a huge Clinton supporter. The Clintons have always been connected to the movers and shakers in Hollywood. Hillary’s negatives are off the charts and someone with a brain must have told Bill and Hillary about the show.

The only way to drive down Clinton’s negatives is to portray her as a sick woman who will fight on so she can fight for you as president. The fact that her health should disqualify her from serving, has not deterred the media or anyone in her midst from acting like it’s business as usual.

Rather than question whether she is healthy enough to be president, the media will march out new talking points that claim Hillary is gaining momentum BECAUSE of her illness. Sigmund Freud could not have designed reverse psychology this good.

The media will also begin to build up Tim Kaine as the most qualified person in the world to take the reigns if Hillary’s illness eventually forces Clinton out of the oval office.

The truth is Hillary Clinton is sick. But as former Obama chief of staff Rahm Emmanuel once said, “never let a serious crisis go to waste”.

Watch for this new narrative to emerge as Hillary’s incidences become an everyday occurrence.