Donald Trump: The Faith Candidate


There is another battle going on in America. Humanism against theism. Theism says there is one divine power that intercedes on behalf of imperfect people. Humanists believe the collective can more or less vanquish and type of injustice. Many of the injustices humanists are most concerned about are ones they’ve created themselves.

And in this current election for the presidency, the theists are with Donald Trump and the humanists support Hillary Clinton. Despite having a background in the Methodist Church, Hillary Clinton has asked voters to “change what they believe about faith” in order to accommodate liberal orthodoxy. It’s the first time ever that a politician has suggested that one’s conscience needed to be “wiped”. Clinton has lots of experience wiping data away.

On the other hand, Donald Trump has made it a point to give Christ followers a renewed and louder voice. Trump wants to repeal a law signed by Lyndon Johnson. The law keeps politics out of the pulpit and violators can lose their 501C3 tax exempt status. Mainly for preaching against abortion and homosexuality. Trump is the free speech candidate. Clinton is the “change your speech or else” candidate.


Even before Trump’s new found love for Christians, believers were flocking to Trump. Some found it impossible to understand with other candidates like Dr. Ben Carson and Ted Cruz out there. Both of whom wore their faith like a neon sign. The consensus was that even though Trump said “Two Corinthians” while attempting to quote Scripture at Liberty University, he still came off as more authentic than the other two men. Donald has also been vocal about his commitment to keep the government away from the pulpit.

So it’s no wonder that Trump supporters have a deep faith in God. At least the majority of them. It’s as if the silent majority is also the Christian majority.  And while some in the so-called conservative talk radio movement can’t fathom why Donald Trump appeals to evangelicals, the rest of America has no problem connecting the dots.

Donald Trump is the law and order candidate. And he’s also the faith candidate.


2 thoughts on “Donald Trump: The Faith Candidate

  1. Great. “Neon sign” Carson & Cruz both Pharisees, both attacked Trump’s faith before he came back at them.
    Also, my Bible says Two Corinthians, not Second Corinthians. Both would be written by editors not God. I never could understand that phony “dog whistle” criticism. These Pharisees are no better than the left & the media.


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