Hillary Clinton Has A Motor Neuron Disease


So democrats, how’s that coronation working out for you?  You all wanted a piece of the action. But that action has recently identified Donald Trump as her husband. The action in question needs help getting up a small flight of stairs. And the secret service is armed with guns and Epipens in case of some kind of instantaneous flare up.

So if a bunch of balloons drop from the ceiling it might be time for the butcher of Benghazi to have a seat and rest a while. In fact, it’s highly possible that phone rang at 3 a.m. and even though the former first lady was home, in reality she wasn’t all there.

Ah, speculation is a wonderful thing when proof is starting to pour in that Debbie Wasserman Shultz’s bitch might end up being the main spokesperson for Life Alert next year after she loses to Donald Trump in a devastating landslide.

The media knows about this. If they are even remotely paying attention as they dig through Donald Trump’s medical records from 1977, they must be aware that the madam secretary is not mentally or physically fit to assume the presidency. Maybe they just really think Tim Kaine is the cat’s meow. I mean he is the perfect corrupt replacement for the Hildabeast.

Wait for it though. The media will start a sympathy campaign. They will claim ageism and sexism combined and call for a complete investigation into Donald Trump’s high school years. The writers and producers over at House of Cards now have a year’s worth of scripts.

And Barack Obama knows too. He made this deal early on when he mysteriously vaulted past Clinton in the delegate count back in 2008. This was supposed to be payback. Nobody realized that Clinton must have had a nervous breakdown, even before she became Secretary of State. I mean that was supposed to be her presidency! That is why you can calmly look at the camera and tell the world that YouTube was to blame for Benghazi. Whatever she is taking, they may want to dispense some to Paul Ryan and George Will.

If even 5 percent of this can be confirmed by the real media, that’s to say social media, then Hillary Clinton will lose the election. And whatever is left of the clueless vacuum of reporters “covering” (for) Mrs. Clinton – they will be discredited to the point of extinction.

Surely there is a God.


4 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton Has A Motor Neuron Disease

  1. Speaking of House of Cards. They had an episode during the election campaigning where they used Calire’s aging mother to gain sympathy for votes. Then killed her off. So….they always eat their own.


  2. Hello Dave I’m a huge fan. I never write blog posts but felt compelled. I didnt think there was anyone else out their that held similiar beliefs (pro trump yet libertarian, anti beck, really really anti levin, skeptical of all media, chrisitan mortality ). Thank you for creating a place where I can vent. Im in sillicon valley where free thought is outlawed. Please keep up the great youtube videos and posts. You are a real inspiration. May God bless you and your family.


  3. Dave
    I have a good name for the traitor: Even McAnus
    I have subscribed to your YouTube channel.Please include info for people on where they can find you on your social media outlets, they are asking for info in the YouTube comment section
    When you do your Mark Levin impression can you end it with a”that’s right ya big dummy”
    You are right on point with your videos and I enjoy your honesty and sense of humor.
    Keep up the great work.



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