Media Cabal – Dennis Michael Lynch Is Terminated By NEWSMAX!


For most of the day, Newsmax is a tedious TV channel. They air documentaries about history and Ronald Reagan. They air countless ads that are designed for the Geritol crowd. One of their main anchors is former congressman J.D. Hayworth, who looks as though his face has been given the Joan Rivers treatment and whose voice sounds like someone practicing too hard to enunciate words so the hearing impaired can make sense of it.

Newsmax is NOT an up and coming channel. On most cable systems, if they are there at all, typically they will be channel 211 or something. They are one of the only stream for free channels on the internet and if you have a Roku you can beam it right to your TV.

So when Dennis Michael Lynch’s show Unfiltered hit the airwaves, you could almost feel the dust being shaken from this AARP network for so-called conservative republicans. Lynch’s opening monologues were must see TV. He crushed every narrative and skewered every RINO.

Much like Donald Trump, DML was off script and he never held back a thought or a feeling. At times, that made for some very uncomfortable TV for people wanting the usual back and forth between host and guest.

Lynch has done some of his best work shooting documentaries about what is happening at the southern border. He is also a staunch Donald Trump supporter and has a film coming out in just four days called “Fighting For Trump”. All of which make the timing of this firing very curious.

Lynch had the best ratings on the network. In fact it wasn’t even close. DML would often bring in about 10 times as many viewers as the channel had on it’s next most watched show.

One thing is clear, this network would rather suffer and wallow in mediocrity than employ a sage like Dennis Michael Lynch. It’s also more evidence of a uni-party cabal in which the truth is stifled. And rather than unfiltered truth, you’ll now get the incoherent ramblings of Dick Morris or some other has-been, retread commentator.

Newsmax just put themselves out of business. Hopefully Lynch will land on his feet with a better gig in a workplace that has more integrity and courage.


2 thoughts on “Media Cabal – Dennis Michael Lynch Is Terminated By NEWSMAX!

  1. They are part of the lap dog media like the rest! They tried to come off as an alternative to Faux News, but showed their true colors one #Trump hit the scene. The head of the company is a staunch Killary supporter!


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