IHeart Media Plans To Sever Ties With The Glenn Beck Program


Glenn Beck’s media empire is crumbling. In the last year Beck and his gaggle of grungy, misfit toy co-hosts have made it their life’s work to destroy the life and candidacy of Donald Trump. It’s become kind of a radio psychosis. But this is nothing all that new from a man who once made fun of a woman for having a miscarriage back when Beck was a Scott Shannon shock jock wannabe.

But the man’s obsession with Trump has raised questions about the whole premise of his radio program. How can “the truth live here” when the truth teller has some kind of truth telling deficiency? Or is it an auto-immune deficiency? Beck claims to be sick but there’s not one medical doctor who could explain to his dwindling audience what he has or why he’s able to walk on two feet.

Glenn Beck is also a congenital liar. He recently explained to his Kool Aid drinking listeners that “some guy whom I’ve never met just got fired from Newsmax TV”. The guy in question is Dennis Michael Lynch. Beck called him David instead of Dennis. Needless to say, Lynch has appeared with Beck on his television show on multiple occasions. Beck’s selective memory might be caused by the same malady that is plaguing Beck’s new presidential candidate of choice – Hillary Rodham Clinton.

This may have been the last straw for IHeart Media. They have been distributing the Glenn Beck show to their radio affiliates for years. But calls and complaints and lower ratings (Beck was 3rd nationally and now he is 5th) have all put the show’s distribution in jeopardy.

IHeart is a subsidiary of Bain Capital and the only thing that might be keeping Beck afloat for now is Bain‘s opposition to Donald Trump. None of these global companies want America to secure its borders. Even total energy independence would create havoc among investors. So there’s a good chance that IHeart will wait until after the election to see if Beck and his pal Mark Levin can derail the Trump Express.

In the meantime, Beck will continue to say or do anything in order to insert himself into the larger media narrative. He is a man that craves the spotlight. He is not the humble servant he claims to be. His past is littered with moments where he’s been reduced to a lying, duplicitous morning zoo radio host with zero integrity.

In fact, Glenn Beck is a has-been. As is Mark Levin and to a lesser extent Rush Limbaugh. Beck’s time slot sets the table for all of the other shows that follow. His decline hurts the entire day and that’s probably what has gotten the attention of the decision makers over at IHeart Media. Conservative talk on IHeart Media is in decline – mainly because of Beck.

That is why shows like Laura Ingraham, Mike Gallagher and Alex Jones are all seeing increases. They are part of a more reasonable strain of conservative, populist thought. And they are all supportive of Donald Trump in his quest to put global corporations on notice.

In the end, Glenn Beck did this to himself. But he always had a self destructive personality. He supposedly beat substance abuse. But he channeled that abusive behavior into his radio endeavors. His former audience has moved on. No longer wanting to be part of a battered wife radio program.

As far as Beck’s exit from public life, it’s not if, but when. And when the money dries up from advertising, there is really nowhere for Beck to go. He can go live in peace at his Texas compound and leave the rest of us to think for ourselves.


5 thoughts on “IHeart Media Plans To Sever Ties With The Glenn Beck Program

  1. I HEART Media needs to also sever ties with Michael Berry. All of the above can apply to him as well.

    He has become totally unhinged over Ted Cruz losing. I’ve never seen a man defend his wife the way he does Cruz.

    Listening to his show has become extremely unpleasant. He’s nothing but a sore loser! I am a formerly biggest fan of Berry, but he just doesn’t wear well long term. He’s become nothing but a spin doctor twisting the truth.

    It’s interesting how polarizing Trump has been. He has exposed the real agenda of many of these “conservative” talkers.


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