Planned All Along: Hillary Illness To Be Used For Sympathy and Votes

Hillary Coughing

There is a new theory emerging. Hillary Clinton may really have some kind of motor neuron related illness. She may even be terminal. And it will all be used to pull at the heart strings of the American people.

As one doctor after another comes forward to explain what it is that Hillary might have, it is clear that this is a coordinated effort to make the former first lady into a character from the Netflix show House of Cards. Hillary ends up being Frank and Claire Underwood all rolled into one ruthless autocrat.

Fans of the show might remember that Frank Underwood was shot and then needed a liver transplant and there was uncertainty that the liver would take. All of Frank’s primary opponents eventually dropped out as the country began voting for Underwood because they felt sorry for him.

Frank Underwood is played by Kevin Spacey – a huge Clinton supporter. The Clintons have always been connected to the movers and shakers in Hollywood. Hillary’s negatives are off the charts and someone with a brain must have told Bill and Hillary about the show.

The only way to drive down Clinton’s negatives is to portray her as a sick woman who will fight on so she can fight for you as president. The fact that her health should disqualify her from serving, has not deterred the media or anyone in her midst from acting like it’s business as usual.

Rather than question whether she is healthy enough to be president, the media will march out new talking points that claim Hillary is gaining momentum BECAUSE of her illness. Sigmund Freud could not have designed reverse psychology this good.

The media will also begin to build up Tim Kaine as the most qualified person in the world to take the reigns if Hillary’s illness eventually forces Clinton out of the oval office.

The truth is Hillary Clinton is sick. But as former Obama chief of staff Rahm Emmanuel once said, “never let a serious crisis go to waste”.

Watch for this new narrative to emerge as Hillary’s incidences become an everyday occurrence.


2 thoughts on “Planned All Along: Hillary Illness To Be Used For Sympathy and Votes

  1. THAT IS A MAJOR REASON NOT TO VOTE FOR HER. Who in their right mind wants a president who is a LIAR, CHEAT, THIEF, MURDERER and SICK????


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