Chauncey Goss Is The Only One Who Makes Sense In Florida’s 19th District


This is all you need to know about the battle for the republican seat in Florida’s 19th congressional district. First, Francis Rooney appears to be the biggest recipient of big money from Super-Pacs. He gets a lot of support from Conservative Solutions PAC. A nasty outfit that supported Ted Cruz and who dumped millions into Florida slandering Donald Trump. This PAC apparently gets money from sources outside the U.S. They have also been involved in laundering money to so-called conservatives like Mark Levin and Glenn Beck to promote the likes of Cruz and other people they deem worthy.

Rooney is the Glenn Beck “conservative” in the race. He litmus tests well in fantasy land and has the backing of all of the so-called constitutional folks stocking up on freeze dried food and battery backed up solar panels. Rooney is a multi-millionaire who has been part of the GOP establishment for decades. Rooney was an ambassador under the failed presidential tenure of George W. Bush. His experience as liaison to the Vatican does nothing to help his standing with southwest Florida residents. I’m not sure how that qualifies as “experience in foreign affairs”. It’s a resume enhancement.

Rooney may look good on paper, but the old world he operates in has changed and people want a new direction. Rooney is a country club republican who’s lived a life that many of us in southwest Florida can’t relate to. He’s also paying his own consultants to make up phony polls that put him way ahead of the other contenders. Sounds like Rooney is using some Hillary Clinton tactics.

Dan Bongino is also running. He is the radio talk show host former secret service candidate. He has zero chance of winning. Bongino is on tape saying he likes some of the provisions in Obamacare. This will also be his third time running for congress. And he’s done it in three different locations. When you run for local office, you might want to be a local for a while. Bongino vehemently supported Ted Cruz in the primary but has since said he will support Donald Trump, albeit reluctantly. Southwest Florida voters overwhelmingly chose Trump in the primaries. Bongino is out of touch with the working class and seems to want to be a celebrity spokesperson more than he wants to be a congressman.

Chauncey Goss is the only rational alternative. My guess is if you liked Curt Clawson, you will love Chauncey Goss. He is not plugged into the republican establishment. He is a grass roots candidate who runs a small business. He has lived in Southwest Florida for a long time. He runs a firm that does budget forecasting, and boy do we need that! We are 19 trillion dollars in debt. He understands that our foreign policy, especially in the middle east has been a disaster. He has not aligned himself with establishment republicans at any level. Goss is a family man, and young enough to serve with energy and enthusiasm.

Chauncey Goss is the only outsider in this race. Someone who understands the mood of the district and can best represent the voters of Southwest Florida. Goss is not bought and paid for by super PACS that have destroyed the political careers of decent people who are just trying to serve their community.

Vote Chauncey Goss on August 30th in the republican primary.


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