Real Trump Internal Polling Shows Potential Landslide

Republican U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump reacts on stage as his wife Melania looks on at his 2016 New Hampshire presidential primary night rally in Manchester

You can’t turn on a television or a radio without hearing about how Donald Trump’s campaign is struggling. Tied in with that narrative is these fake allegations of sexual assault driven by a media that is so out of proportion with what’s important, it’s now become comical in nature.

The media is fixated on every ripple they can manufacture. It’s as if they are in their own echo chamber, they make a noise – and then they amplify it by reporting on how loud that noise is getting. The news is all artificial ingredients. All filler. Pure by-products of a Clinton obsessed zombified gaggle of sycophants.

One of my sources from the New Hampshire Trump campaign  says that “internal numbers are very strong”. Infowars has been reporting that internal polling data suggests a 5 point lead for Trump in battleground states after a brief drop during the release of the so-called locker room tapes.

Does anyone doubt that Donald Trump hasn’t hired the best internal pollsters that money can buy? He sure isn’t acting like a man who believes he can’t win this.

Even the Hillary flavored LA Times had a recent poll that showed Trump up by 2 nationally. And in Pennsylvania, that poll had data that showed Trump up by 6. And it’s still early by election standards. Think of this as the last two minutes of a basketball game. There are going to be lots of fouls and out of bounds passes thrown to stop the clock..

You’d be hard-pressed to find positive coverage of the momentum that is building. All of the major networks make it sound as though Trump is floundering. He’s looking for his voice as he sells out 20000 seat arenas all over the country. Nobody over at CBS seems to notice that Hillary Clinton can’t fill a gymnasium or has gone underground to “rest” or to do endless “debate prep”.

Which all leads to the idea that Donald Trump may very well win the election in an unprecedented landslide. I’ve not heard anyone from the Hillary-stream media say that their candidate will win in such a fashion.

I think the only thing Donald Trump needs to worry about is voter fraud. And he has been urging his supporters to voluntarily monitor the polling stations as the votes are counted.

But as Project Veritas has documented, voter fraud is real and it’s widespread and it’s planned.

So as long as illegal aliens and dead people aren’t allowed to vote, it should be a big win on November 8th for Donald J. Trump.


15 thoughts on “Real Trump Internal Polling Shows Potential Landslide

  1. Good grief! Romney lost because Christians stayed home and didn’t vote as he was a Morman. That won’t happen to Trump. He is doing better than Romney or McCain and he has to battle a lying media and the Bush machine working against him. If the Bush family cronies,Cruz cronies,and Romney cronies weren’t working against him every day…he would be so far ahead it would be pitiful!

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    1. Better inform Robert P. Jones “White Christian America Is Dead and Trump’s Loss Will Prove It, Religion Expert Robert P Jones Says”

      Trump is losing cause there isn’t enough angry white people. Just inspect the picture at the top of the page. How many off-whites do you see? And it doesn’t matter if those people were actually at a Trump rally cause whenever/wherever that pic was shot that is his base!


      1. Trolling? Jackie wrote “Christians stayed home and didn’t vote as he was a Morman. That won’t happen to Trump.”. My response was to Jackie’s post.


  2. Well no, but the position of the reply indicates it was directed towards me, if not you should contact your webmaster since posts are showing up in the wrong place. I apologize if I am mistaken.


  3. WINNING is 90% Inspiration and 10% Perspiration for Inspired WINNING! When Donald J Trump speaks people get INSPIRED. Everyone know what his speech is going to be/say be We The American People want to be INSPIRED and so his rallies continue to GROW. He is a very Positive Inspiration with 8 years of that he Will Make America Great Again because Inspired American Exceptionalism knows NO LIMITS!!!

    A good friend put this little video together to help the election weary, undecided or fence-sitting people and those who have already decided to sit this one out, regardless of your party affiliation. Whether you like Trump or not, if you LOVE FREEDOM, you need to understand the IMPORTANCE of the message that is in this short video and how your choice for the next POTUS IS GOING to affect you, your children and your grandchildren! (This is NOT just a 4/8 year deal my friend!) Make sure you and everyone you know understands this and gets out to VOTE on November 8th or earlier!

    Enjoy & Share…

    Trump Pence In 2016

    Like him or not and regardless of your party affiliation, if you love FREEDOM, this short…


    1. Most ludicrous thing I ever heard. This would be the largest conspiracy in the history of mankind. Over 50 years, across 50 states, over 30,000 voting districts and according to Mr. Marlow only a few people knew about it. And HE was one of them? Ridiculous!


  4. This Peter Wilson guy never refuted to any internal polls Trump Campaign is talking about. Instead he talks about random articles expressing “feelings” of why Romney will win.

    Trump team operates off of empirical evidence. Romney campaign was using their feelings.

    Peter Wilson isnt even using his brain


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