It’s The Alt-Left You Really Have To Worry About


Hillary Clinton and her gaggle of neocon speech writers have successfully introduced a new term into American politics. The alt-right. Supposedly we’re an underground cabal of conspiracy theorists and misfit nationalists who aren’t nuanced enough to understand the intricacies of Hillary’s policies.

The term also implies that the normal right, or the George H.W. Bush right, is okay and it’s a dog whistle to The Wall Street Journal and National Review that they ought to “be with her” as her tag line declares. Because it’s good and precious to import slave labor into this country from the third world in order to keep wages low and costs down for the expanding government-business industrial complex.

And even though the smart companies are doing their own version of Brexit to avoid the high cost of staying, the ones who stay are beholden to the Clinton family crime syndicate. Taxes on them won’t go down which means more money gets funneled to illegals and unvetted migrants.

Welcome to the alt-left. A strange merger of neocon principles and liberal social ideology. The neocon element is there to essentially fund the social pathology and mind control that this movement has championed.

The membership is expanding. Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, John McCain and Jeb Bush are all members of Hillary Clinton’s expanding group of globalist pawns who siphon money from the American taxpayers so China can burn coal without any regulatory restraints.

The alt-left has also taken over entire news organizations. CNN, Bloomberg, and the latest inductee, FOX news. Most of these folks have abandoned even the appearance of objectivity. To them Clinton is the rightful heir to Obama and might even be too conservative for recent grads who are interning in the newsroom.

The alt-left has a worldwide power base. They have orchestrated trade and foreign policy that have merged third world ideologies with developed countries. Their quest from the beginning was to level the playing field by using the spoils of big business.

They have succeeded almost unabated now for the last 25 years. It’s no wonder Hillary’s speech writers called out the likes of Alex Jones, who’s underground libertarian populism is the biggest threat to the new world order this bunch has seen since Reagan or Eisenhower. People are finally on to them.

But it might not be enough. Because in honest counter movements there is in fighting and real debate about which policy is best. In other words, true unregulated democracy is messy and the alt-left is a unified block with an endless flow of cash. They can propagandize to their hearts content. They can make the alt-right sound like Fox Muldar from the X-files.

The alt-left has created an alt-reality. That’s why normal folks are seen screaming at their televisions. Nothing they see makes sense anymore. The new normal is a stagnant, no growth economy. Turf wars between groups of entitlement riddled addicts are encouraged and celebrated.

The alt-left is dangerous. Their world is not our world. And they are in the process of a global takeover. They have the money. They have the media. We are all that is left to stop them.

Count me in as a proud member of the alt-right.


3 thoughts on “It’s The Alt-Left You Really Have To Worry About

  1. Hillary Clinton and the Never Trumpers have finally merged to save the corrupted Establishment and Globalism. In other words the Left and the Right have merged to defeat Trump and his followers, who are both anti-Establishment and anti-Globalism.

    I reject the term the Alt-Right. It is a fantasy, like most of what Hillary Clinton believes about herself and her elitist microcosm.

    We are the Alt-Amalgamation, which you alluded to in one of your recent videos. In other words, the Alt-Media, which rejected the Establishment pundits and politicians, has created the Alt-Amalgamation of all the people in America who have come to reject the Establishment, their corrupted Institutions, their Media, and everything they stand for.

    The Trumpers see Trump as the anti-Establishment candidate who has said he rejects Globalism and will put America First. Trump called it Americanism. Trump, like us, has also rejected the Media by calling them out on their dishonesty, just as we’ve rejected the media by turning them off and by looking to the Alt-Media to get our news.

    So, the Alt-Amalgamation, the Trumpsters, have rejected the Establishment and it’s Media and Institutions, lock, stock and barrel. The Alt-Amalgamation is the Movement that Trump often alludes to. We have rejected both the Left and the Right; the Establishment.

    This is why we will win. Because we have all united in a common cause. The rejection of Globalism and it’s failed policies of continuous war and regime change for global control which the Establishment embodies, and the acceptance of Americanism, which puts America and Americans First.

    Let’s make America great again!


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