Hillary Clinton Presidency Will Usher In The End Times – You Must Vote Trump!


A Hillary presidency guarantees a runaway supreme court. Simply stated that means every liberal social experiment will receive a rubber stamp. Free speech in churches will become a thing of the past. You will never hear a sermon dealing with a controversial topic again. In fact, the tax exempt status that churches currently enjoy will be revoked under a Clinton monarchy.

The economy will spiral downward. Stagnation will be enshrined as the new normal. People will become disenchanted with the idea of upward mobility. Complacency will replace hard work as the predominant attitude in America.

Mindless foreign interventions will continue. Our government on both sides of the isle will continue to fund unconstitutional wars sponsored by multinational corporations. Stocks will continue on their upward trajectory, as food stamp enrollment goes up as well.

The rich will become richer. The poor and middle class will get poorer.

And with no leader giving cues to other world governments, the global economy will tank as well. If you like the new world order, it will only become more dominant. Meaning that individual sovereign countries will be forced to comply with global regulations and law.

All that is really left is for Jesus to come back. And if Hillary becomes president, many Christians will make that their daily prayer. Atheists might make it THEIR prayer as well.

If you think this article is tongue and cheek, you are sadly mistaken. There is no chance at making America great again unless Donald Trump is elected.

Otherwise, the clock will immediately start ticking. If you are not religious, think of it as the night of the living dead. Except there will be daily sequels with no end in sight.


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