Cruz and Kasich Build Unholy Alliance In Ohio To Keep Donald Trump Out of The White House


According to The Hill and Gateway Pundit, Ted Cruz and his team of never trumpers are planning an extensive ad blitz in swing states. Those ads are all designed to depress the Trump vote and to give the election to Hillary Clinton. There are already millions of dollars allocated for these ads. Much of it leftover from the primaries.

There are a number of super PACS, whose names you’ve heard before. PACS that did extensive damage during the primary season. They spent millions in places like Florida and Virginia – two states that went to Donald Trump despite the onslaught of cash and lies.

These super PACS air their falsehoods primarily on the Glenn Beck radio show. Some also target the Mark Levin show. Both of whom have refused to endorse Donald Trump and are usually heard bashing Trump on a daily basis.

These PACS have names like Conservative Solutions and Constitutional Conservatives. Most of the never trumpers think these PACS care about Americans. But if you link back to who really funds them, you will find hedge funds and the Chamber of Commerce. It’s big business looking for cheap labor.

Sources on the ground in the Buckeye state have made it clear to me that something is up with John Kasich. Like Ted Cruz, Kasich hates Donald Trump. He and Cruz couldn’t be further apart on style and substance. But a deal was made that they would both work to stop Trump so they could individually benefit from a dying America in 2020.

But for John Kasich, his ambitions are a bit different. Kasich wants to be education czar in a Hillary Clinton administration. His goals are for next year and really not for 2020. Kasich has no clue as to how to run a national presidential campaign. That is why Kasich has praised Hillary Clinton on her foreign policy credentials and has mocked Donald Trump every time he’s stood up to global elites.

Simply put, John Kasich wants to be part of a Hillary Clinton administration. And if he can deliver Ohio to Hillary, he’s likely a shoe in.

As for Cruz, he could care less about another Clinton administration. His wacky 1996 thinking assumes that the country will be ready for a real “constitutional conservative” in 2020 after the carnage that is wrought by Clinton. Cruz has no idea that his political capital has already been spent and that Rick Perry is waiting to steal his seat in 2018.

The bottom line is that Kasich and Cruz, collaborating with open borders advocates are working behind the scenes to win the state of Ohio for Hillary Clinton.

If that is not treason, I don’t know what is.


14 thoughts on “Cruz and Kasich Build Unholy Alliance In Ohio To Keep Donald Trump Out of The White House

    1. What kind of Conservative Republican are you?? You had rather put Lying Hillary in the White House than put a man with no imbedded ties to the Washington crowd and spending a lot of his own money into his race. He does not have the hideous Clinton Foundation where if you donate you get back favors from the Sec. of State!! Do you even remember the $200,000 worth of furniture she took when Bill moved out!! As I recall the secret service mad her bring it back! What a redneck set it jerks! I think Mr. Kasich and little Cruz just showed their true side and how small minded they are!!!!!!


  1. Ted Cruz actions would make you believe his dad didn’t just happen to be in the photo.

    I read the Warren Report: it was pretty lame for one man to say we were offered a couple of dollars to hand out pamphlets, and we don’t know about the other man.

    This you see the video of those big strong men in suits talking with Lee Harvey Oswald, the video with the audio turned OFF, televised shortly after the assassination?

    If you cannot read lips, have any deaf friends?

    These ‘idiots must think Hillary ‘radicals, or the ‘establishment, will reward them.. only I lived thru the 60’s and all the lies and I am in my 60’s so how many left are still around?

    Not much.


  2. This is definitely an Unholy Alliance I’m ashamed for them and of them it reminds me of the story about the guy drowning in the flood 3 chances for Rescue come his way and he judges them he drowned and God tells him what about the Lifeboat I sent you? Trump is a Lifeboat we need to get on it dr. James Dobson has endorsed him and Billy Graham’s son has also


  3. David, is your report about “Cruz and Kasich Build Unholy Alliance In Ohio To Keep Donald Trump Out of The White House” current or is it the April 2016 report? Need to know because I’m getting flack from people who says this is old news. Many thanks. Mariane Evans


  4. Just more oroof the establishment will stop at nothing to keep Trump out. They dont care about the american people. Another edorsement for donald trump in my eyes.


  5. Did you know that John Kasich’s mother is from the Nazi puppet State of Croatia? The same Ustashi (Muslim & Croat Nazis) State of Croatia that the Clintons helped ethnically cleanse in the 1990s of 350,000 Orthodox Christian Serbs from the Krajina (an Independent Serb State that was given to Croatia by Tito the Croat Liquidator after WWII. The Serbs were not allowed to return to their ancestral homes in the Krajina afterwards and their properties and belongings were confiscated by the Croatian government.

    Both Kasich and Cruz are snakes, and not to be trusted.

    They will not win. Unless they get the Feds to rig the election because now FBI Director Comey is talking about getting involved in the State’s elections via Homeland Security. Of course, the Governors do have the ability to reject their involvement in State elections, which Kasich will not do.

    Despite the treachery of the Never Trumpers I am steadfast in believing that they will not get away with it and every Never Trumper will be politically shunned, whether Trump wins or loses. There will be no win for Bush Insider Cruz in 2020 because everyone will remember what he did when he didn’t endorse Trump.


    1. FBI Dir Comey had a paid directorship of a foreign bank ‘arranged by the Clinton Foundation, and he stayed on after FBI Director appointment by Obama.

      If FBI Director got involved in the ballot box it would be to do fraud.

      Homeland Security would have to prove it helped anyone at Katrina: people ran more than two states to get away from Homeland Security, both ‘blacks and ‘whites.

      The Registrar of Voters has to be honest, or not.

      The registration of voters has to be verified eligible to vote.

      The Governor of California has interferred, and it could cause California to lose their electoral college ‘votes.

      That kind of interferrence can have that result, as can the Virginia Governor acting before the election for President of the United States.

      If it were just about restoring voting rights, it could have been in time for the local election.

      How about criminals affecting the Mayor, the County Commissioners, the School Superintendant, the County Cleark, the County Treasurer, &etc.

      The essential people are the poll box workers, and at least the two major political parties have to be represented.

      This is how most voter fraud is introduced.

      FBI Director Comey has proven he is willing to compromise law enforcement.

      He is “sold-out” to Hillary and Obama and the Clinton Foundation.

      AG Lynch was an Obama ‘appoinment as well.

      Election voter fraud has been proven before.

      It isn’t as-if it is a lie.


  6. I’ve been watching and listening to the ‘Never Trump’ and anti-Trump ‘republicans’ prattle on about how he has said things that they don’t like/agree with and that he may not be a ‘real’ conservative’ for the last few months now, and felt I needed to say something myself. I’ll just start by saying that he has also said things that I wasn’t thrilled with, yet I will still vote for him…….there’s just too much at risk not to.

    The anti-Trump forces inside the Republican party are going to have the opportunity of a lifetime…they are going to be able to tell their children and grand-children how they assisted in putting Hillary in the White House, and helped to destroy The Constitution….do you think that’s harsh?

    She will, within her first year in office, grant amnesty to every single illegal alien now in this country as well as the 50+ thousand more that she has said she wants to bring in. She will strip second amendment rights from millions of Americans, just as she and her minions have said she would. She will make free speech a hate crime and ‘micro-aggression’ will become the order of the day. Abortionists will continue to murder millions of the unborn every year. The government will be for sale on a scale that has never been seen before ‘Pay for Play’ will be the slogan of the government under this woman. Racial animosity will grow during her administration as the powers in DC continue to play identity politics. It also goes without saying that any and all documentation showing any misdeeds by her will be ‘wiped’ away, as if they never existed…..and the list goes on. There is no question about whether she will do this or not, she’s said that she will….if Trump’s an unknown, the same can’t be said about Hillary.

    She will do all of this by ‘executive order’. We have all seen Obama issue ‘executive orders’ on all sorts of issues, some of which have been overruled by the Supreme Court. Hillary has seen this as well, and will ensure, by packing the Supreme Court with ‘liberal/activist’ justices that her orders will not suffer the same fate. The appeals courts are already top-heavy with liberal judges and that trend will certainly continue under a Clinton Administration. Once she appoints ‘her’ justices to the highest court in the land, the American people will have nowhere to appeal, and her ‘executive orders’ will stand.

    Anti-Trump ‘republicans’ will have a lot to be proud of, they will be able to stand up and say “I am so proud that I was able to ‘vote my conscious’, because Trump said something that upset me…and I was strong scared enough to put my feelings before the good of my country, and your future, my child”……

    The damage to this country that Hillary will inflict in the first year of her presidency will take generations to repair, if ever.

    All of these ‘anti-Trumpers just really need to get over themselves long enough to understand what’s really at stake here, and realize what they are going to be doing to future generations of Americans…….if they really were ’voting their conscious’ they would do everything they could to make sure this woman never gets anywhere near the White House ever again.


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