Donald Trump’s Secret Weapon: Mike Pence

Pence Trump

When Donald Trump walks into the room, all of the air pretty much gets sucked out. Trump is the rare figure in politics that has a cosmic magnetic pull. Most believe it comes from Trump’s many years on television. Or it just could be the man himself. The aura follows Donald wherever he goes.

Mike Pence is the exact opposite. Trump picked governor Pence to compliment the ticket and because Mike has qualities that Donald does not possess.

First, Mike Pence is universally loved and respected in conservative circles. He has experience in congress and as a governor. He has fought battles on his own turf that have gotten him in some hot water. But through all of it, Mike Pence has stood his ground.

When Mike Pence was chosen, most conservative pundits (Glenn Beck and Mark Levin in particular) were rather quiet about it. They wanted to hate the pick but couldn’t. They made a lame attempt at praise just to placate their dwindling audiences. It’s hard not to like Mike. Trump’s pick was brilliant because it diffused the never Trump losers who nit pick Trump’s entire itinerary 24-7.

On the campaign trail, Mike Pence’s calm reassuring demeanor makes him a favorite at small grass roots events. Pence can also get into the wonky details of Trump’s plans on a variety of topics and do it with ease and poise.

Mike Pence is also ready on day one if anything were to happen to Donald Trump.

Mike Pence’s record is far more impressive than Hillary’s corrupt choice, Tim Kaine. There will be fireworks at the VP debate and Kaine will need to be ready for the man who took on members of his own party and isn’t afraid to mix it up.

Mike Pence proves that Donald Trump has excellent judgment. Pence will be a great vice president and is part of a team of professional men and women who truly can make America great again!


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