Sean Hannity Goes Nuclear On Glenn Beck: “His Answers To Me In Private Emails Were Half-Assed”


Glenn Beck is ready for the insane asylum. And this writer could not be happier. Day two of the war of words between a sane man, Sean Hannity, and an insane man, Glenn Beck continues. Like Sean Hannity, I did not listen, could not listen and would not listen to the Glenn Beck radio show today. Actually, that’s been the norm for me since I was called a racist for supporting Donald Trump. You see according to Glenn Beck, you can’t be a member of the Tea Party and support Donald Trump. That’s pretty hysterical since there are dozens of Tea Party For Trump groups all over the internet.

Sean Hannity has had enough. Today he told his listeners that he stands by his remarks that never trump idiots will own the results of the election. Beck has begun preparing for what he believes will be a Trump loss by pleading with his dwindling audience for unity. Beck has no idea that his lack of involvement and downright sabotage of Trump might be the reason for a defeat if one happens. Funny that Beck doesn’t follow the news these days because most polls have the race tightening up.

Instead, Beck went off on Hannity today. Someone will have to send me the audio since I won’t give my local Beck affiliate a ratings point. Beck is a toxic mess of history teacher, self help guru and food storage prepper. If I hear one more ad for Beck’s 1791 mom jeans I think I might hurl a small intestine. The sight of Glenn Beck in a pair of these supposedly rugged $200 outdoor jeans might make me hurl a large intestine.

But for Beck this is what it’s all about – his empire. He could care less about the American people and what we want. According to mister entertainment and enlightenment, we are all hypnotized by Donald Trump. The crazy hypnosis has even spread to Dr. Alveda King – one of the speakers at Beck’s last Kool Aid drenched man on the moon rally. I guess Dr. King is hypnotized like the rest of us.

Sean Hannity understands that in order to defeat Hillary Clinton, all hands must be on deck. You can’t have a cumulative bunch of butt hurt elitists who are standing for an imaginary principle that pales in comparison to the supreme court or secure borders. These steadfast neocons and pseudo constitutional purists are enough of a faction to defeat Trump. And people like Beck are salivating at the chance to destroy Trump. It’s a symptom of his out of proportion Trump derangement syndrome.

And for those of you who claim to be ultra conservative, you might want to examine who Glenn Beck has been keeping company with lately. PBS. MSNBC. The Huffington Post. Megyn Kelly. And that daily race baiter, Don Lemon on CNN. Beck hangs out with people who are opposed to everything he supposedly believes in. And to make matters worse for Beck, he’s now in the cross hairs of Sean Hannity who is 2nd place behind Rush Limbaugh in overall audience ratings.

Here’s a prediction: if Donald Trump loses, Glenn Beck’s radio career is over. His Blaze network goes down in flames and his books will end up at Dollar Tree just a few months after being released. Beck is a sick, twisted, jealous man. His whole life has been one long radio feud. He has never fully let go of his shock jock past. The only way for his name to stay in the news is for him to start fights with media pundits who have double or triple his audience.

Personally I think Beck is a closet liberal. He is behaving like someone who feels guilty and always wants to reconcile with the left. Hey Beck, they hate you just as much as we do. There’s nobody on either side of the political spectrum who trusts anything you say.

Sean Hannity has more class than I do. He called you a patriot – albeit reluctantly…certainly not with any shred of enthusiasm. I think Glenn Beck is a selfish piece of human excrement who is fully-crazy-treasonous in his hatred for Donald Trump.

And one last thing, Glenn Beck is certainly not helping the Mormon faith. If this is what Mormons do, I’d run to a real religion that teaches the Trinity. One that doesn’t add to Scripture. And one that didn’t promote racism up until 1978.

So there. I’ve vented. Glenn Beck can go to hell.


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