October Surprise: Obama, Clinton Provoke Russia To The Brink of War


How do you get Donald Trump out of the news cycle? You go to the brink of World War III. The United States has made blunder after blunder in Syria. Secretary of State John Kerry had to admit to a UN panel that coalition forces had no clue how to separate rebels from ISIS members when they began their bombing campaign.

Moscow has been increasingly concerned over this issue. And in recent months, Russia has led it’s own bombing campaign against ISIS in Syria. And president Obama has consistently condemned these attacks because they weren’t done with the approval of the coalition.

John Kerry has given Moscow an ultimatum: Stop bombing Aleppo.

From Russia today: “I’m really scared about this ultimatum, because it seems like the US administration is going to escalate the [situation] in Aleppo,” Atwan told RT. “Things are really moving into a really dangerous zone here.”

Moscow says US failed to separate rebels from terrorists in response to US ultimatum over Syria

This wouldn’t be the first time a democrat president used military escalation to obscure an issue. Bill Clinton attacked an aspirin factory back in 1998 to move attention away from his scandal with Monica Lewinsky.

Operation Infinite Reach was the code name for American cruise missile strikes on Al-Qaeda bases in Afghanistan and a pharmaceutical factory in Sudan on August 20, 1998.

With Donald Trump gaining momentum, there is a good chance that a military strike on Russian forces in Syria would gain enough traction in the news cycle to take the wind out of Trump’s sails. It would also make Russia look like the aggressor. Hillary Clinton would be able to seize on this as a way to bolster her neocon credentials.

In addition, President Obama has been overridden by congress on a bill that would allow 911 victims to sue Saudi Arabia. This nation has too much influence in neocon politics because they are an oil rich country. They were also included in the 28 pages of the 911 report that were kept from the American public for nearly 15 years. Americans see these countries as sponsors of terror. And the United States is aiding them with money and munitions.

Obama and Clinton are losing the public relations war. Nothing would take that off the front page like a war with Russia. And many RINO republicans would rejoice over another cold or hot war with Moscow and Putin. It’s the ultimate October surprise. And one that could turn the presidential race upside down.

US warns Russia ‘extremists’ in Syria will exploit vacuum, attack Russian interests, cities

The Media Takes Center Stage At Tonight’s Debate


Seriously, why debate? Hillary hates talking and interacting anyway. She’d rather be sleeping off that long walk up 3 stairs yesterday. We know what she stands for. More Obama agenda. More quantitative easing. More Wall Street. More race baiting and more animosity towards law enforcement. Hillary’s agenda is to make America her’s again.

I think a lot of people are going to tune in because they think Hillary might have a heart attack right there on stage. The drama is huge. Will Donald Trump lose it and call her every name in the book? Not likely. The plan is to let Clinton hang herself. The more talking she does, the more turned off voters become.

All Trump has to do is remain calm and not be goaded by the slanted questions he will receive. Much like the way he dispatched Hillary supporter Matt Lauer.

As of today 96 percent of Americans do not trust the media. So tonight will be more about how the media does than how Trump or Clinton do. Trump could wipe the floor with Clinton and tomorrow it will come out of the spin cycle as a Hillary comeback.

The debate really needs to be about our current mainstream news delivery system. It is broken. Tonight, the media will be on trial. Journalism has effectively been dead since 2008. But tonight we may see a new level of propaganda only reserved for banana republics and tin pot dictatorships.

So grab your adult beverages. Once the bias starts flying, you may need to drink more in order to stay sane.

October Surprise: Hillary Clinton Will Admit She Has ‘Ailments’


Evidence is beginning to pile up. Doctors are coming out of the woodwork. Hillary Clinton is not well. There is something wrong with the woman who would be queen. And it’s getting harder and harder to conceal.

But if you watch the dead media, you won’t find much on the topic. In fact, those who raise the issue like Dr. Drew, get relieved of their duties. Former Huffpo reporter David Seaman found out very quickly what it’s like to oppose the Clinton dynasty. He is now making superb videos that are reaching a far greater audience than he had working for Arianna Huffington.

Recently, Dr. Ted Noel broke down some video of the former Secretary of State. It seems Mrs. Clinton now has a wandering eye. And this is not a matter of opinion. You can see it for yourself.

Add this problem to the 911 collapse, the coughing fits (that were witnessed first more than a year ago), the green balls that were spit into a glass of water, and the zombie like behavior at 8 PM at night, and you’ve got the makings of a real medical emergency.

If you look at the infamous third term of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, you a see a man with numerous ailments.  During the 1944 election campaign,  Roosevelt’s spokesperson denied several times that Roosevelt’s health was poor. On October 12, for example, he announced that “The President’s health is perfectly OK.” 

One of Hillary’s heroes is FDR. My guess is she wants to take a page out of his propaganda machine and use the same tactics that he successfully employed. She knows the media and the global elites are in her back pocket. Her life is meaningless unless she gets the power she so deserves.

Sometime in October, a new narrative will begin to emerge. It will be fed down to the media industrial complex by George Soros, Rupert Murdoch and even David Koch. “Hillary’s illness doesn’t prevent her from service. On the contrary, it humbles her so she can better relate to the plight of millions of disenfranchised minorities and those who’ve been left behind”. They’ll be no mention of course that the policies that did this were enacted by her former boss Obama, and her general plan is to continue them.

Details about the ailment will trickle out little by little as the narrative builds. Donald Trump will not be able to attack because he will be seen as a bully for doing so. And for those of you who want to argue that her health would be an automatic disqualifier, have to remember that the media industrial complex can create a sympathetic narrative and pound it relentlessly so it oozes into the subconsciouses of millions of robotic low information dupes.

There may even be memes created that say, “I’d rather have Hillary at 50% than Donald Trump at 100%”. A sick Hillary is better than no Hillary at all.

Besides, globalists the world over will prop her up financially and keep her brain alive in a jar as long as possible in order to inflict as much damage to the western way of life as they can. If she’s on life support, they are fine with it.

The covers of Time and Newsweek will show Clinton pushing through her disease in order to save the American people – and the world, from Donald Trump.  Quite honestly, there is no other way to counteract Hillary’s negative perception. Making her into a martyr for her cause is the only way to do this.


There is no way in hell that Hillary Clinton can serve a four year term. It’s all about creating enough sympathy to get her to the finish line so Wall Street’s boy Tim Kaine can take over.

So there’s your October surprise. And it can only be pulled off because of the mind numbed culture we live in. News about music, sports and entertainment get far more play than anything having to do with politics. Hillary and her handlers know this. Obama knew it in 2008 when he uttered the phrase hope and change eight billion times. The culture only understands so much. They can only process what is fed to them by the media industrial complex.

Otherwise they might be “triggered” by the truth.




This is why you never give election fraud doers a free pass.  The Hillary establishment camp along with the DNC have been pushing out every lie and smear in order to rig their sickling  (Hillary) into some sort of .winning candidate.  Forget the fact that they high jacked the election from Bernie through the primaries and at the DNC….now we have evidence they have been desperately trying to push Hillary in the polls. Take a look at the Net Message to pollster Patrick Murray and make note of the (his eyes only) disclaimer!


Is anyone surprised?  Heck no, we all knew the polls were skewed!  What is surprising is the smoking Net Mail has leaked out.  It just may be that somewhere in America another suicide is about to take place.  I mean at this point it is obvious that if the Clinton camp finds out who leaked the Monmouth University document … that head…

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Is Hillary Clinton Dying?

Call me a conspiracy kook if you will. Poke fun at the title. That’s fine. I’ve been lumped in with deplorables and the alt-right. I’ve been given names that didn’t exist not too long ago. This is a tactic used by someone who is trying to shift attention away from their own problems. Hillary Clinton is now working overtime to make everyone stop talking about her failing health.

The medical mysteries keep piling up. And the media has moved on. In fact, Hillary’s 911 collapse hardly made them blink. CNN said she stumbled. Others went with the false narratives that were spread by team Clinton. Was she overheated? Was it pneumonia? Was it a faulty shoe? The media didn’t care if they got their story straight as long as they had a story.

In this analysis, could it be a green screen effect? A slow mo reveal shows somebody’s phone completely empty of the Hillary we just “saw” speaking. There have already been allegations of a body double who magically appeared to greet and hug a child. This is after Clinton was “diagnosed” with pneumonia.

Finally we get the real Hillary. She looks horrible. Almost as if death is calling her. Her subdued, almost drugged out response would lead one to believe that she is not well. Or maybe she is dying.

Could it be that Hillary wants the oval office so badly that she will die trying? More evidence of a giant cover up is coming.

David Seaman Video Proves Corruption of Media, Obama and Clinton: The Whole Thing Is Rigged!

David Seaman used to report for the Huffington Post. But when he started getting close to the truth, he was fired. He has since gone on to make independent videos, sharing what he couldn’t share with his audience at the Huffington Post.

By all accounts, David is likely a fairly liberal guy. But the truth has trumped his ideology. Watching him in this video, you’ll immediately be drawn in. You can tell he has discovered what many of us already knew. The difference here is that Seaman has detail and specifics. He’s all over the latest Clinton Wikileak. He is completely dumbfounded by the lack of media attention this new information is getting.

And we ought to be just as angry. The entire media industrial complex is corrupt. These new revelations center mostly around how anyone with money can become an ambassador without having any experience to justify it. It’s pay to play on steroids. It’s one of the things Donald Trump has spoken about numerous times.

David Seaman’s wrath here is really aimed at the media. He understands what many of us in the alt-right have known for a long time. There is systemic bias built in to the news. But now it’s a full blown, Watergate style cover up that would make Richard Nixon feel cheated.

The question is, will there be a tipping point where the avalanche can’t be controlled? Will the media be forced to cover this woman using a skeptical lens at some point? My gut feeling is no. The cover up will get more elaborate and coordinated as the information piles up.

The only hope is that enough of the alternative media seeps through to the general public and that people do their own research and reach the ultimate conclusion that Hillary Clinton is a corrupt globalist that ought to be in prison for multiple infractions. Including, possibly murder.

This video illustrates how scary our predicament is. The government working side by side with the media to create a false reality. Sort of reminds you of Nazi Germany.

And what are these corporatists willing to die for? The death of the middle class and cheap labor from the third world. So much for the party of the little guy. The little guy is being trampled.

David Seaman is doing heroic work. He is shedding sunlight on a dying race – the media. And if we have no truth, then we have no reality. And everything we consume cannot be trusted.


There Will Be A Revolution If Clinton Wins



I think of Rachael Maddow. She is mocking me right now as I type this. I am some kind of middle America kook that doesn’t understand the LGBTQ community, who eats hamburgers and listens to classic rock. She thinks that I’m some kind of tin foil hat wearing Neanderthal that needs to die quickly so the species can evolve and get to a place where gender has been erased and the government supplies every need and every want.

In fact every kind of equality has been met. Gender equality, income equality, sporting event equality, equality of outcomes at school – perfection has been reached. Utopia has been achieved. This is the world Rachael lives in.

Liberals don’t live like you or I. But they control all of the thespian communications. Turn the TV on, and it’s produced by some left wing nut job who thinks animals deserve human rights. And this sewerage has crept into everything. Employee manuals have even adopted terms that were once only popular inside useless government agencies.

Hillary Clinton is now the brain in a jar that leads this alien enterprise. She is the stick figure head of what Rachael Maddow dreams of every night. And if the electoral college fails us again, we have 8 years of brain in a jar and a country that no longer is even a mere shadow of what our founders envisioned.

Quite simply put, a revolution will have to be undertaken. The educational system is rigged. The courts are rigged. The media is rigged. The two party duopoly is rigged. And even the language is rigged. THINKING IS RIGGED. There is nothing left for good, decent Americans to do but fight back with weaponry.

The question is, will the military succumb to the Rachael Maddow culture or will their social experiments end? Will they overthrow this banana republic or will they go along with it? It’s really the answer to everything. Is America too big and too tangled up to even think that we could toss aside a government completely imposed on us by globalists who want our demise?

And how mad will we be if Clinton wins? Her rallies are easily contained inside a high school gym. She likely has a life threatening illness that is now being covered up. She is a corrupt, feeble woman who only wants her name in the history books. She has no real following or support. Will we be mad enough to start a revolution?

Because if we are not mad enough to start a civil war, then we really don’t have any right to complain. Yes, we can go back to doing novel things like voting and posting memes on Facebook. But that won’t be enough to combat this Maddow culture that has infested the way we breathe. This is serious. And if we are too consumed by our own struggles we will crash and burn and have nobody to blame but ourselves.

If Hillary Clinton wins this election, a revolution will begin. It’s just not known if it will have enough support to actually have an impact on what will be a dying nation.

Mark Levin – “Don’t Throw In With The Alt-Right!”


Mark Levin has made speaking out of both sides of his mouth an art form. One moment he’s praising a portion of a Donald Trump speech. The next moment he’s lecturing one of his callers about the dangers of calling yourself “alt-right”. He warns about the constitutional crisis that will unfold if these people come to power. He also is hell bent on skewering populism and nationalism. Only constitutional conservatism works for Mister Levin. The problem for Levin is his brand of conservatism has never actually run the country.

Levin is a Reaganite and cites Reagan as his exhibit A. The problem for “The Great One” is that Ronald Reagan was a negotiator. He gave the democrats what they wanted in order to advance the interests of the United States. Reagan also gave us amnesty. And that decision would eventually open up the floodgates for generations of undocumented illegal immigration. That’s not constitutional conservatism as defined by Levin.

Levin’s radio show has become almost impossible to listen to for more than one segment. His callers are either sycophants or Trump supporters who are offered free memberships to Levin’s pay TV channel, Levin-TV. Ah, the creative name of the channel boggles one’s mind!

A week or so ago Levin gave a very tepid, almost insulting endorsement of Donald Trump. But that only gave him more license to correct Trump supporters who would call in and explain the urgency of the situation. Levin has actually done more in the name of “never trump” since the endorsement. This includes his mindless lectures on the alt-right. He claims that alt-righters are conspiracy nut jobs and nationalists who don’t understand trade or foreign policy. In addition Levin has fallen in line with the left wing media by linking Trump supporters to Vladimir Putin. Levin is a cold warrior and he can’t seem to evolve past 1990. To many in the old right, Russia has to be the bogeyman so we can justify a gigantic military build-up. It’s the kind of thinking that has helped us get 19 trillion in the hole. And Levin advocates more of it.

The alt-right is actually less hawkish and more libertarian. Things that the old Reagan coalition have a really hard time with. Economic growth to them is a good war followed by nation building. The alt-right has had enough.

The fact that Mark Levin actually has a problem with the term “America first” shows how brain dead the conservative movement is. Just because the democrats of yesteryear spoke in such terms doesn’t make these concepts bad. The idea of trade that benefits American workers is something that will bankrupt the country according to Levin. I mean why the hell would some guy outside of Detroit want a good paying manufacturing job when he can feast off of the globalist policies that have allowed him to enjoy food stamps and section 8 housing?

What really bothers Mark Levin is that Donald Trump’s message is more appealing than his. In a few words, Trump obliterates the entire idea of so called constitutional conservatism. I might find the ideas of John Adams to be interesting. But a course at Hillsdale college is not going to reduce the national debt or help anyone navigate this new service based economy. Wawa, the convenience store-sub shop is hiring general managers at $70,000 a year. A job that is not for everyone, but certainly one that pays well. Constitutional conservatism will not produce more jobs in silicon valley. The service economy is booming because that’s all there is.

We need leadership that understands how to remove the restraints that are preventing economic growth. And in some cases there needs to be limitations put on some imports to force America to start producing it’s own stuff again.

These conservative radio hosts don’t live in the real world. In fact many of them are living in a rose colored, Reagan tinted world where nothing ever went wrong. The 1980’s were a great time to be alive, but the government has since borrowed it’s way into oblivion. No amount of alt-right bashing will make things right. If I’m a conspiracy kook, then so be it. I throw in with like minded souls who no longer trust the government. And add Mark Levin to the list of people and institutions I no longer trust. Levin is a hack lawyer screaming at the top of his lungs in order to make us feel inferior to his self promoting high intellect. Thankfully, I can simply choose not to listen to this corporate monkey as he promotes the status quo.

I say join up with the alt-right. At least we stand for things that will actually make America great again!

Hillary Clinton Collapse A False Flag: It Gets “Deplorables” off The Front Page

Yes she is this desperate to shift the narrative. Her “basket of deplorables” comments that threw at least half of the Trump train under the bus, needed to be recinded. And rather than a mea culpa, team Clinton decided to throw gasoline on the fire that is “Hillary’s health”. Even the Washington Post is concerned. Gary Johnson can breathe a little easier as “Aleppo” has also been buried by Clinton’s Chevy Chase impression.

The American Independent believes that this was a staged, false flag distraction. They knew the cameras were rolling. And if you were going to hide Clinton’s illness, why would her aids allow her to lean on a post? And as she makes her way forward her legs begin to buckle. Just enough movement to get the cameras all pointing in her direction. There’s even a shoe that becomes dislodged and is left at the scene. Why wouldn’t the secret service scoop the shoe up on their way out of the place?

Now there is the possibility that this crew is so sloppy that this wasn’t actually staged. But in reality this campaign is too well funded. And too many people, including Hollywood are in on it. The Clintons have palled around with some of Hollywood’s finest writers. A phone call must have come in at 3 A.M. This time Hillary took the call. And a plan was hatched.

The campaign is apparently willing to feed the failing health narrative in order to erase the stupid things that come out of Hillary’s mouth. It’s not just green blobs the campaign has to worry about. It’s politically tone dead language that on it’s own might get Donald Trump elected president.

So as the media, lead by team Clinton makes you look way over there, understand that it’s all psychological warfare. The fainting spell is now the new sexy story in town. And be ready for another health alert coming to a campaign stop near you.

The end game might actually be to get people to feel sorry for her. Reactions from social media were mixed.There were even a few Trump supporters that worried that the former first lady might be really sick. Proving the Trump folks have big hearts. It also proves that this kind of sympathy can only be generated by a deteriorating Hillary.

The health issues have been around now for the entire campaign. And the lastest Reuters poll from Breitbart had Clinton up by 3 points over Donald Trump before this event.

Clinton Up 3

There is no doubting for a moment that Hillary Clinton would fake her own death if it would help her poll numbers. And that is what likely happened today.

Or she could really be dying a slow painful death in front us. And in that case, Donald Trump wins this in a landslide.

False flags don’t always work.

Never Trump Trolls Still Trolling The American Independent

Beck and Levin

This might be too much inside baseball for some. But I get a lot of comments on this page. Some of which I’ve started to delete. You see I have no more room or tolerance for never Trump people. Case in point was this idiot who told me that Mark Levin hasn’t insulted Trump supporters. And that he didn’t directly inpugn the character of other talk show hosts in the process. The problem is I heard it. I was listening to his pathetic show when he did it.

From about February to just a few weeks ago, Mark Levin has been a one man crusade against Donald Trump. Well, if you count Glenn Beck, which I don’t, there are two men. But Beck has devolved into a subhuman creature that is hard to identify. And if Levin isn’t directly trashing Trump, he’s bashing nationalism and populism. He keeps promoting his impossible Article 5 fiasco. I guess Levin isn’t astute enough to understand the current political climate. Article 5 is a joke. You need insane majorities in states that won’t go near the thing. It’s like promoting Lysol during a pandemic.

But the trolls troll on. They’ve got pages to hit, and points to be made. This particular troll was defending Levin for his “passion”. Please don’t insult me. Yelling loudly is no substitute for intelligent thought. And you can be passionately stupid in your attempts to redefine me into something I am not.

Even when Levin allows a Trump supporter to grace his polluted air waves, it’s merely as a prop. A teachable moment for his merry band of Constitutional scholars, many of whom haven’t created one job – never mind tens of thousands. These callers are often cut off and then the audience is told that “they just can’t be helped”. Mister Producer is then told to find some more Trump misfits to exploit. And in between the lessons Levin foists upon his followers, he makes sure to air callers who’ve read his books and worship the ground he walks on. It’s very messianic. All in the name of electing Hillary Clinton.

So I’ve taken it upon myself to just delete comments from these blind, mentally challenged morons. Besides, it’s my show, my rules and for a little while, still my country. And there is too much at stake to let these bozos have the last word.