Mark Levin: Preaching To A Sink Hole


LEVINLet me be clear – I love the Constitution.

But you have to ask yourself this question: are we currently a constitutional republic? Or a better question is are our laws conforming to the standard our Founders put forth? And how long has it been since those standards have been practiced? The honest answer is that it’s been decades since the document has been taken seriously.

So anyone who goes on the radio and rants about the Constitution needs to understand that there is no longer a consensus on the interpretation of it. A liberal church will rant about the Bible. They will find verses and parables that justify their lunacy. Ranting about convention of states or “getting back to the Constitution” is verbal masturbation. Because unless we have a court in place where the majority sees the same interpretation, there is no point in ranting about the Founders or our history.

Our history is now. And unless we elect Donald Trump as president, there is no chance that we even point to where the Founders had wanted us to go. Right now you need a strong leader that can use some executive power to stop the bleeding. That then sets the stage for the major surgery. The extraction of all of the circuit court judges appointed by “open-minded” liberals over the past 30 years.

At that point I might be able to tolerate the incoherent ramblings of Mark Levin and other right wing zombies whom are preaching to a sink hole right now.


2 thoughts on “Mark Levin: Preaching To A Sink Hole

  1. Reblogged this on Bob's Opinion and commented:
    Mark Levin, … oh Mark, if God would grant you wisdom to exercise your intellect you would do so much better as a real patriot … but you are falling by the way of Bill Kristol, and making you just another Right Wing Radical Nauseating voice.


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