Glenn Beck Opines About Mark Levin Voting For Donald Trump: Here’s My Response To Beck


Glenn Beck always falls back on some thespian dialog about historical figures. He feels he needs to explain everyday events in some kind of historical framework. He says he understands why people like Trump but then he goes out of his way to say that he doesn’t understand the people. Truly you have misled your audience, your network is now imploding and your contract is up in 2017. If Trump loses this election I will not need you or Mark Levin or any of the so called radio talkers. I may listen to Laura Ingraham or Mike Gallagher, both of whom have been with the American people.

If Donald J. Trump loses, Sean Hannity will have been correct. People like yourself and George Will and Erik Erickson and Ted Cruz have fed this beast for months now. And it’s not that you’ve all aligned with liberals, but the result of your principled and pointless stand will be the same thing – a Hillary Clinton presidency.

You are still on more than 500 radio stations nationwide. A number that is imcomprehensivable in light of how you’ve conducted yourself. You told Tea Party members they were racists for supporting Trump. You told your audience that Melania Trump was a lesbian porn star. Funny, you always mention your own kids, but no consideration for Baron Trump and what he must think about wild allegations against his mother. You imagined that “the stabbing wouldn’t stop” if you were onstage at a debate with Donald J. Trump. And last but certainly not least, you and Brad Thor hypothezised about “a patriot” who would end Trump’s life. And most recently you firmly stated that “some Trump supporters are Nazis”.

I’m surprised “American Dream Labs”, or atleast the concept of it lasted this long. I have a hunch that you long for the days when you were a shock jock in a small market where you could evicerate the fat chick on the air working for the rival station or make fun of a woman on your zany morning zoo show for having a miscarriage. Life was easier for you, even if you were constantly in a drunken stupor.

But as of this moment, you are a danger to the republic, because you have put your own self interests ahead of country. By the way, there was no long explanation given by you when Dr. Alveda King praised Donald J. Trump up and down for speaking to the issues that most conern her. I guess Dr. King isn’t as important as Mark Levin.

It’s sad that you can be so blind. But my hunch is that the clown show thing is real and that you might not really believe anything you say. There is no prayer that is satisfactory that I can say on your behalf. You are a man without a purpose, and now your empire is crumbling. This might be God’s way of telling you to shut your pie hole.


3 thoughts on “Glenn Beck Opines About Mark Levin Voting For Donald Trump: Here’s My Response To Beck

  1. That Moment when…you are a danger to the republic of USA, because you have put your own self interests ahead of your country….YOU realize it’s not a dream game or republic anymore fighting for existence down a tube of UN.. CONTROL of NO RETURN….<3


  2. Reblogged this on Bob's Opinion and commented:
    COULD IT BE THAT, Glenn Beck is a slime-bag who has used a promotional ideology (founding fathers, history, and Fox News tactics) to grow his wealth and build a listening base? absolutely, then throw patriots, Tea Party, 2nd amendment activists, 1st amendment activist under the bus just to sell either survival food, (Mormon Doctrine) Gold, (Now hoping the price will go back up) all because he is a megalomaniac narcissist who has went a bit off the rail as a self-declared Mormon Prophet, a false prophet who pandered to good but struggling clergy, Tea Party, NRA, … using them while it was making him money and gaining listeners, … but when people started doing what he was advocating and getting stung; Beck would throw them under the Beck Bus…. He is a slime-bag who believes lying is okay if it gets you what you want.


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