Hillary Clinton Collapse A False Flag: It Gets “Deplorables” off The Front Page

Yes she is this desperate to shift the narrative. Her “basket of deplorables” comments that threw at least half of the Trump train under the bus, needed to be recinded. And rather than a mea culpa, team Clinton decided to throw gasoline on the fire that is “Hillary’s health”. Even the Washington Post is concerned. Gary Johnson can breathe a little easier as “Aleppo” has also been buried by Clinton’s Chevy Chase impression.

The American Independent believes that this was a staged, false flag distraction. They knew the cameras were rolling. And if you were going to hide Clinton’s illness, why would her aids allow her to lean on a post? And as she makes her way forward her legs begin to buckle. Just enough movement to get the cameras all pointing in her direction. There’s even a shoe that becomes dislodged and is left at the scene. Why wouldn’t the secret service scoop the shoe up on their way out of the place?

Now there is the possibility that this crew is so sloppy that this wasn’t actually staged. But in reality this campaign is too well funded. And too many people, including Hollywood are in on it. The Clintons have palled around with some of Hollywood’s finest writers. A phone call must have come in at 3 A.M. This time Hillary took the call. And a plan was hatched.

The campaign is apparently willing to feed the failing health narrative in order to erase the stupid things that come out of Hillary’s mouth. It’s not just green blobs the campaign has to worry about. It’s politically tone dead language that on it’s own might get Donald Trump elected president.

So as the media, lead by team Clinton makes you look way over there, understand that it’s all psychological warfare. The fainting spell is now the new sexy story in town. And be ready for another health alert coming to a campaign stop near you.

The end game might actually be to get people to feel sorry for her. Reactions from social media were mixed.There were even a few Trump supporters that worried that the former first lady might be really sick. Proving the Trump folks have big hearts. It also proves that this kind of sympathy can only be generated by a deteriorating Hillary.

The health issues have been around now for the entire campaign. And the lastest Reuters poll from Breitbart had Clinton up by 3 points over Donald Trump before this event.

Clinton Up 3

There is no doubting for a moment that Hillary Clinton would fake her own death if it would help her poll numbers. And that is what likely happened today.

Or she could really be dying a slow painful death in front us. And in that case, Donald Trump wins this in a landslide.

False flags don’t always work.


8 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton Collapse A False Flag: It Gets “Deplorables” off The Front Page

  1. I really disagree with you on this one. People don’t really care about her words, her health is a bigger issue and more likely something we can deal with.

    I’ll take this a step farther. A hollywood type *swears* it wasn’t even Hillary that came out of her daughter’s apt 30 minutes later suddenly cured. At first I totally disregarded it as silly and clicked it away. Then I got to thinking about it. He’s right. The healthy Hillary had dark roots showing, the puffy face from this morning suddenly disappeared. Saggy neck.. gone! Clothing and shoes were not the same. Nobody standing on either side of her in case she “trips” but instead, a totally happy, peppy, perky, Hillary emerges from her daughter’s apt.

    No, this was not staged. In the whole scheme of things nobody cares about her stupid words regarding Trump supporters, her health is a farrrr bigger concern to people. I really think you called this one wrong.


    1. Okay, well that’s fine. But you are actually feeding a different end of my theory. A “stunt double” comes out to play Hillary? That is the same kind of thinking that caused me to write this piece. Meaning there is nothing this woman won’t do to be president. And the electorate is that stupid to not see the seriousness of her health if it is failing.

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  2. Yep, I think you called it wrong.

    We ALL know what a lying skank she is and she will do anything to make people believe she is winning. That is a given, nobody is disputing that. The details are where I disagree with you.

    But I still do not believe she faked anything about her “illness” this morning other than her body double.

    It doesn’t change, I love your blog, I read all your articles, I agree with you 99% of the time. Just not this time regarding faking an illness.

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  3. This is most definitely a false flag, but is it to take attention away from the “deplorable” comment or to take attention away from the subpoena that just happened on capital hill?! While everyone was in a frenzy about the Clinton health story no one was paying attention to the emails that they’re trying to hide…hmmm??


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