Never Trump Trolls Still Trolling The American Independent

Beck and Levin

This might be too much inside baseball for some. But I get a lot of comments on this page. Some of which I’ve started to delete. You see I have no more room or tolerance for never Trump people. Case in point was this idiot who told me that Mark Levin hasn’t insulted Trump supporters. And that he didn’t directly inpugn the character of other talk show hosts in the process. The problem is I heard it. I was listening to his pathetic show when he did it.

From about February to just a few weeks ago, Mark Levin has been a one man crusade against Donald Trump. Well, if you count Glenn Beck, which I don’t, there are two men. But Beck has devolved into a subhuman creature that is hard to identify. And if Levin isn’t directly trashing Trump, he’s bashing nationalism and populism. He keeps promoting his impossible Article 5 fiasco. I guess Levin isn’t astute enough to understand the current political climate. Article 5 is a joke. You need insane majorities in states that won’t go near the thing. It’s like promoting Lysol during a pandemic.

But the trolls troll on. They’ve got pages to hit, and points to be made. This particular troll was defending Levin for his “passion”. Please don’t insult me. Yelling loudly is no substitute for intelligent thought. And you can be passionately stupid in your attempts to redefine me into something I am not.

Even when Levin allows a Trump supporter to grace his polluted air waves, it’s merely as a prop. A teachable moment for his merry band of Constitutional scholars, many of whom haven’t created one job – never mind tens of thousands. These callers are often cut off and then the audience is told that “they just can’t be helped”. Mister Producer is then told to find some more Trump misfits to exploit. And in between the lessons Levin foists upon his followers, he makes sure to air callers who’ve read his books and worship the ground he walks on. It’s very messianic. All in the name of electing Hillary Clinton.

So I’ve taken it upon myself to just delete comments from these blind, mentally challenged morons. Besides, it’s my show, my rules and for a little while, still my country. And there is too much at stake to let these bozos have the last word.



4 thoughts on “Never Trump Trolls Still Trolling The American Independent

  1. So glad someone has called out Levin! He has done more damage than his tepid support for Trump can ever undo! If Hillary wins, Levin will bear equal responsibility with all the Never Trumpers!


  2. Levin is a hack lawyer who will take money wherever he can get it. The money from Cruz has dried-up, so now he’s maneuvering to suck in some of Trump’s dough. He isn’t as whacko as Beck. But, neither of them are to be trusted.


  3. I like Mark and used to listen to him all the time. I quit listening regularly last winter when he became openly hostile to Trump and a constant, angry Cruzlim. I do check in on him every now and then to see where he’s at. I did so tonight.

    When the March 28th, 2016 edition of National Review came out, Kevin D. Williamson wrote his infamous “Garbutt, NY” piece and that created a sensation on the web. I tuned into Mark that night to get his take.

    If you don’t remember that article, in it Kevin used the upstate New York town of Garbutt as a symbolic stand-in for all the little, bedraggled and blighted manufacturing towns that dot the American landscape. He could have used my hometown. Kevin’s take was absolutely unbelievable! He said these places “deserved to die”. And incredibly that those still in them are “morally indefensible as a people.” And that’s not all! It was shocking, I could not believe anybody would print something like that.

    So, Levin came on and said that Kevin was “wrong on tone, but right on substance,” and went on to pontificate on the usual “buggy whip” free trade line of argument. I almost drove off the road, I was stunned. These people’s maniacal devotion to free trade is something to behold. They hold a Manichean view of things where the choice is between either a rigid, isolated protectionist dystopia or a free trade utopia. The have blinders on to the real human cost of globalism on local communities and lives.

    He has wandered off into some bizarre quarters now trying to analyze what is going on today. This was on display tonight. Mark trotted out his belief, which he often does, that conservatism is not really an ideology by a way of life. The more you think about that, the more you have to wonder what it means. What is all this talk about “true conservatism” then that we keep hearing about, especially from the Cruzlims? And oh my gosh do you ever stop hearing about that from them? That was the entire rationale for the Cruz candidacy, that he was the One True Conservative in the race. NO, Mark also insists at the same time. He says conservatism has no such thing as a pure version or an impure version, he allows zero talk about “purity” that in fact offends him. Conservatism is merely a way of life, you see. Not an ideology.

    So, what does he think is an ideology? He named a few tonight: nationalism, populism, agrarianism. Why do they qualify as “ideologies” but “conservatism” does not? And what is the deal with agrarianism, he keeps bringing that up and associating it with Trump, why? Donald Trump is an agrarian, seeking to establish a dominant FARMING economy? Who knew?

    Mark seems to have lost his mind. This is nonsense talk. It is amazing to behold.


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