Mark Levin – “Don’t Throw In With The Alt-Right!”


Mark Levin has made speaking out of both sides of his mouth an art form. One moment he’s praising a portion of a Donald Trump speech. The next moment he’s lecturing one of his callers about the dangers of calling yourself “alt-right”. He warns about the constitutional crisis that will unfold if these people come to power. He also is hell bent on skewering populism and nationalism. Only constitutional conservatism works for Mister Levin. The problem for Levin is his brand of conservatism has never actually run the country.

Levin is a Reaganite and cites Reagan as his exhibit A. The problem for “The Great One” is that Ronald Reagan was a negotiator. He gave the democrats what they wanted in order to advance the interests of the United States. Reagan also gave us amnesty. And that decision would eventually open up the floodgates for generations of undocumented illegal immigration. That’s not constitutional conservatism as defined by Levin.

Levin’s radio show has become almost impossible to listen to for more than one segment. His callers are either sycophants or Trump supporters who are offered free memberships to Levin’s pay TV channel, Levin-TV. Ah, the creative name of the channel boggles one’s mind!

A week or so ago Levin gave a very tepid, almost insulting endorsement of Donald Trump. But that only gave him more license to correct Trump supporters who would call in and explain the urgency of the situation. Levin has actually done more in the name of “never trump” since the endorsement. This includes his mindless lectures on the alt-right. He claims that alt-righters are conspiracy nut jobs and nationalists who don’t understand trade or foreign policy. In addition Levin has fallen in line with the left wing media by linking Trump supporters to Vladimir Putin. Levin is a cold warrior and he can’t seem to evolve past 1990. To many in the old right, Russia has to be the bogeyman so we can justify a gigantic military build-up. It’s the kind of thinking that has helped us get 19 trillion in the hole. And Levin advocates more of it.

The alt-right is actually less hawkish and more libertarian. Things that the old Reagan coalition have a really hard time with. Economic growth to them is a good war followed by nation building. The alt-right has had enough.

The fact that Mark Levin actually has a problem with the term “America first” shows how brain dead the conservative movement is. Just because the democrats of yesteryear spoke in such terms doesn’t make these concepts bad. The idea of trade that benefits American workers is something that will bankrupt the country according to Levin. I mean why the hell would some guy outside of Detroit want a good paying manufacturing job when he can feast off of the globalist policies that have allowed him to enjoy food stamps and section 8 housing?

What really bothers Mark Levin is that Donald Trump’s message is more appealing than his. In a few words, Trump obliterates the entire idea of so called constitutional conservatism. I might find the ideas of John Adams to be interesting. But a course at Hillsdale college is not going to reduce the national debt or help anyone navigate this new service based economy. Wawa, the convenience store-sub shop is hiring general managers at $70,000 a year. A job that is not for everyone, but certainly one that pays well. Constitutional conservatism will not produce more jobs in silicon valley. The service economy is booming because that’s all there is.

We need leadership that understands how to remove the restraints that are preventing economic growth. And in some cases there needs to be limitations put on some imports to force America to start producing it’s own stuff again.

These conservative radio hosts don’t live in the real world. In fact many of them are living in a rose colored, Reagan tinted world where nothing ever went wrong. The 1980’s were a great time to be alive, but the government has since borrowed it’s way into oblivion. No amount of alt-right bashing will make things right. If I’m a conspiracy kook, then so be it. I throw in with like minded souls who no longer trust the government. And add Mark Levin to the list of people and institutions I no longer trust. Levin is a hack lawyer screaming at the top of his lungs in order to make us feel inferior to his self promoting high intellect. Thankfully, I can simply choose not to listen to this corporate monkey as he promotes the status quo.

I say join up with the alt-right. At least we stand for things that will actually make America great again!


5 thoughts on “Mark Levin – “Don’t Throw In With The Alt-Right!”

  1. Hillary and Levin are showing us what they fear. The Alt-Right is the way around their tactics and power stronghold.

    Heh. Nasty Old Sick Hillary is constantly harping on what she fears (Breitbart, Alt-Right, Internet, right to free speech, right to bear arms, etc.) She calls anyone who doesn’t support her or who opposes her vile names and accuses them of all the evils of which she herself is guilty.

    Hillary’s mind, soul and body, and now her campaign, are bearing the consequences of a life of evil.

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  2. Remember this man declared war on the “Alt-Right” whatever that is supposed to mean, and so if you want a constitutional sound government don’t listen to his BS name calling, he did (in this statement), the same thing Hillary did, lie, and put himself above and beyond real conservativism, and a patriotic American. He makes money on his BS just like Glenn Beck, and Bill Krystal … big money and for what? lead the people who really care about our nation, our freedom, in the wrong direction. they are out to stop Trump at the cost of our country and its people, you are smarter than what they want you to believe you are. Well it is up to you all to do your research, and actually listen to Trump not just what these self appointed experts say. … Nevertheless, the decision is yours and yours only. the only way you can do something for your country is to get out and vote! Remember the only vote against a Hillary win, is a vote for Trump. a no vote or vote for the 3rd or 4th candidate is a vote for a Hillary win. it is your choice.

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  3. Reblogged this on Bob's Opinion and commented:
    COULD IT BE, you are as stupid as they think you are if listen to them who have declared war on the alt-right(?) meaning they declared war on patriotic Americans (Conservative and Independents)… but do the one thing that they don’t want you to do is vote for America first.

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