David Seaman Video Proves Corruption of Media, Obama and Clinton: The Whole Thing Is Rigged!

David Seaman used to report for the Huffington Post. But when he started getting close to the truth, he was fired. He has since gone on to make independent videos, sharing what he couldn’t share with his audience at the Huffington Post.

By all accounts, David is likely a fairly liberal guy. But the truth has trumped his ideology. Watching him in this video, you’ll immediately be drawn in. You can tell he has discovered what many of us already knew. The difference here is that Seaman has detail and specifics. He’s all over the latest Clinton Wikileak. He is completely dumbfounded by the lack of media attention this new information is getting.

And we ought to be just as angry. The entire media industrial complex is corrupt. These new revelations center mostly around how anyone with money can become an ambassador without having any experience to justify it. It’s pay to play on steroids. It’s one of the things Donald Trump has spoken about numerous times.

David Seaman’s wrath here is really aimed at the media. He understands what many of us in the alt-right have known for a long time. There is systemic bias built in to the news. But now it’s a full blown, Watergate style cover up that would make Richard Nixon feel cheated.

The question is, will there be a tipping point where the avalanche can’t be controlled? Will the media be forced to cover this woman using a skeptical lens at some point? My gut feeling is no. The cover up will get more elaborate and coordinated as the information piles up.

The only hope is that enough of the alternative media seeps through to the general public and that people do their own research and reach the ultimate conclusion that Hillary Clinton is a corrupt globalist that ought to be in prison for multiple infractions. Including, possibly murder.

This video illustrates how scary our predicament is. The government working side by side with the media to create a false reality. Sort of reminds you of Nazi Germany.

And what are these corporatists willing to die for? The death of the middle class and cheap labor from the third world. So much for the party of the little guy. The little guy is being trampled.

David Seaman is doing heroic work. He is shedding sunlight on a dying race – the media. And if we have no truth, then we have no reality. And everything we consume cannot be trusted.



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