Is Hillary Clinton Dying?

Call me a conspiracy kook if you will. Poke fun at the title. That’s fine. I’ve been lumped in with deplorables and the alt-right. I’ve been given names that didn’t exist not too long ago. This is a tactic used by someone who is trying to shift attention away from their own problems. Hillary Clinton is now working overtime to make everyone stop talking about her failing health.

The medical mysteries keep piling up. And the media has moved on. In fact, Hillary’s 911 collapse hardly made them blink. CNN said she stumbled. Others went with the false narratives that were spread by team Clinton. Was she overheated? Was it pneumonia? Was it a faulty shoe? The media didn’t care if they got their story straight as long as they had a story.

In this analysis, could it be a green screen effect? A slow mo reveal shows somebody’s phone completely empty of the Hillary we just “saw” speaking. There have already been allegations of a body double who magically appeared to greet and hug a child. This is after Clinton was “diagnosed” with pneumonia.

Finally we get the real Hillary. She looks horrible. Almost as if death is calling her. Her subdued, almost drugged out response would lead one to believe that she is not well. Or maybe she is dying.

Could it be that Hillary wants the oval office so badly that she will die trying? More evidence of a giant cover up is coming.


6 thoughts on “Is Hillary Clinton Dying?

  1. One can only hope that Mother Nature takes her for her final dirt nap. That would be the best thing for the entire world and it doesn’t look like Bill is far behind. Chelsea isn’t the brightest crayola in the box, can she really run the “Steal from the World Foundation?”


  2. I don’t wish an early demise to anyone. But I feel she has already died because of her obscene behavior, lies, possible murders, terrible health, and treatment of those are there to protect her sorry ass.


    1. I typically do not wish harm on anyone, I am not advocating for anyone to harm Hillary. But should Mother Nature decide it is her time, I would not be sad. She has caused many countries, including the US, much harm. Due to her actions thousands upon thousands of innocent people including small children are dead and it wasn’t an easy death. She and Obama are probably the biggest threats to the US today. She will gladly and happily throw the US under the bus if it will earn her a dollar. In the dictionary the word “Evil.” could have the word “Hillary” for the definition.

      There is nothing nice or kind about that evil old whore. She has absolutely nothing to offer the world. If anyone crosses her path the suddenly commit suicide with two bullets to the back of the head.

      If she was anyone other than Obama she would be in prison today.

      So yes, if Mother Nature decided it was her time, kewl beans. In her case she is one that the world honestly would be far safer without her. Pond scum has more value than Hillary. I can’t think of anything that has less value than that old whore.


  3. There have been videos of this 9/11 collapse by Hillary Clinton calling it her “perp walk.” Who’s to know?

    When they have been hell bent in covering up for Hillary Clinton, in regard to her health and her three decades of crimes, they give credence to all the conspiracy theories out there, and all the doubts that this woman is unfit for the Presidency. Is this what they want? Again. Who’s to know?

    One thing I do know. Today her fundraiser in North Carolina was cancelled with no explanation at all, and complete silence from the criminal media. She is supposed to have a Rally tomorrow, and Thursday and Friday off. When there is around 49 days left in this campaign for President you have to wonder about what is going on? Is this election rigged to such an extent that she doesn’t need to do anything at all, and the MSM knows this already, and are just propping her up until they get this accomplished? Then they’ll replace her?

    Expect this sinister nightmare to continue, until Trump puts an end to it.


    1. I believe the people want Trump. I don’t think there is a chance in the world the world bank will allow it. It doesn’t matter anymore what the people want, our job is to shut up and pay taxes. I think they will go to any extreme to make sure Trump never steps foot in the oval office. I think they will win, too.

      I believe that regardless of who the people want, we are stuck with that sickly old whore.


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