October Surprise: Hillary Clinton Will Admit She Has ‘Ailments’


Evidence is beginning to pile up. Doctors are coming out of the woodwork. Hillary Clinton is not well. There is something wrong with the woman who would be queen. And it’s getting harder and harder to conceal.

But if you watch the dead media, you won’t find much on the topic. In fact, those who raise the issue like Dr. Drew, get relieved of their duties. Former Huffpo reporter David Seaman found out very quickly what it’s like to oppose the Clinton dynasty. He is now making superb videos that are reaching a far greater audience than he had working for Arianna Huffington.

Recently, Dr. Ted Noel broke down some video of the former Secretary of State. It seems Mrs. Clinton now has a wandering eye. And this is not a matter of opinion. You can see it for yourself.

Add this problem to the 911 collapse, the coughing fits (that were witnessed first more than a year ago), the green balls that were spit into a glass of water, and the zombie like behavior at 8 PM at night, and you’ve got the makings of a real medical emergency.

If you look at the infamous third term of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, you a see a man with numerous ailments.  During the 1944 election campaign,  Roosevelt’s spokesperson denied several times that Roosevelt’s health was poor. On October 12, for example, he announced that “The President’s health is perfectly OK.” 

One of Hillary’s heroes is FDR. My guess is she wants to take a page out of his propaganda machine and use the same tactics that he successfully employed. She knows the media and the global elites are in her back pocket. Her life is meaningless unless she gets the power she so deserves.

Sometime in October, a new narrative will begin to emerge. It will be fed down to the media industrial complex by George Soros, Rupert Murdoch and even David Koch. “Hillary’s illness doesn’t prevent her from service. On the contrary, it humbles her so she can better relate to the plight of millions of disenfranchised minorities and those who’ve been left behind”. They’ll be no mention of course that the policies that did this were enacted by her former boss Obama, and her general plan is to continue them.

Details about the ailment will trickle out little by little as the narrative builds. Donald Trump will not be able to attack because he will be seen as a bully for doing so. And for those of you who want to argue that her health would be an automatic disqualifier, have to remember that the media industrial complex can create a sympathetic narrative and pound it relentlessly so it oozes into the subconsciouses of millions of robotic low information dupes.

There may even be memes created that say, “I’d rather have Hillary at 50% than Donald Trump at 100%”. A sick Hillary is better than no Hillary at all.

Besides, globalists the world over will prop her up financially and keep her brain alive in a jar as long as possible in order to inflict as much damage to the western way of life as they can. If she’s on life support, they are fine with it.

The covers of Time and Newsweek will show Clinton pushing through her disease in order to save the American people – and the world, from Donald Trump.  Quite honestly, there is no other way to counteract Hillary’s negative perception. Making her into a martyr for her cause is the only way to do this.


There is no way in hell that Hillary Clinton can serve a four year term. It’s all about creating enough sympathy to get her to the finish line so Wall Street’s boy Tim Kaine can take over.

So there’s your October surprise. And it can only be pulled off because of the mind numbed culture we live in. News about music, sports and entertainment get far more play than anything having to do with politics. Hillary and her handlers know this. Obama knew it in 2008 when he uttered the phrase hope and change eight billion times. The culture only understands so much. They can only process what is fed to them by the media industrial complex.

Otherwise they might be “triggered” by the truth.


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