The Media Takes Center Stage At Tonight’s Debate


Seriously, why debate? Hillary hates talking and interacting anyway. She’d rather be sleeping off that long walk up 3 stairs yesterday. We know what she stands for. More Obama agenda. More quantitative easing. More Wall Street. More race baiting and more animosity towards law enforcement. Hillary’s agenda is to make America her’s again.

I think a lot of people are going to tune in because they think Hillary might have a heart attack right there on stage. The drama is huge. Will Donald Trump lose it and call her every name in the book? Not likely. The plan is to let Clinton hang herself. The more talking she does, the more turned off voters become.

All Trump has to do is remain calm and not be goaded by the slanted questions he will receive. Much like the way he dispatched Hillary supporter Matt Lauer.

As of today 96 percent of Americans do not trust the media. So tonight will be more about how the media does than how Trump or Clinton do. Trump could wipe the floor with Clinton and tomorrow it will come out of the spin cycle as a Hillary comeback.

The debate really needs to be about our current mainstream news delivery system. It is broken. Tonight, the media will be on trial. Journalism has effectively been dead since 2008. But tonight we may see a new level of propaganda only reserved for banana republics and tin pot dictatorships.

So grab your adult beverages. Once the bias starts flying, you may need to drink more in order to stay sane.


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