October Surprise: Obama, Clinton Provoke Russia To The Brink of War


How do you get Donald Trump out of the news cycle? You go to the brink of World War III. The United States has made blunder after blunder in Syria. Secretary of State John Kerry had to admit to a UN panel that coalition forces had no clue how to separate rebels from ISIS members when they began their bombing campaign.

Moscow has been increasingly concerned over this issue. And in recent months, Russia has led it’s own bombing campaign against ISIS in Syria. And president Obama has consistently condemned these attacks because they weren’t done with the approval of the coalition.

John Kerry has given Moscow an ultimatum: Stop bombing Aleppo.

From Russia today: “I’m really scared about this ultimatum, because it seems like the US administration is going to escalate the [situation] in Aleppo,” Atwan told RT. “Things are really moving into a really dangerous zone here.”

Moscow says US failed to separate rebels from terrorists in response to US ultimatum over Syria

This wouldn’t be the first time a democrat president used military escalation to obscure an issue. Bill Clinton attacked an aspirin factory back in 1998 to move attention away from his scandal with Monica Lewinsky.

Operation Infinite Reach was the code name for American cruise missile strikes on Al-Qaeda bases in Afghanistan and a pharmaceutical factory in Sudan on August 20, 1998.

With Donald Trump gaining momentum, there is a good chance that a military strike on Russian forces in Syria would gain enough traction in the news cycle to take the wind out of Trump’s sails. It would also make Russia look like the aggressor. Hillary Clinton would be able to seize on this as a way to bolster her neocon credentials.

In addition, President Obama has been overridden by congress on a bill that would allow 911 victims to sue Saudi Arabia. This nation has too much influence in neocon politics because they are an oil rich country. They were also included in the 28 pages of the 911 report that were kept from the American public for nearly 15 years. Americans see these countries as sponsors of terror. And the United States is aiding them with money and munitions.

Obama and Clinton are losing the public relations war. Nothing would take that off the front page like a war with Russia. And many RINO republicans would rejoice over another cold or hot war with Moscow and Putin. It’s the ultimate October surprise. And one that could turn the presidential race upside down.

US warns Russia ‘extremists’ in Syria will exploit vacuum, attack Russian interests, cities


3 thoughts on “October Surprise: Obama, Clinton Provoke Russia To The Brink of War

  1. It is important to remember that Syria is a sovereign nation and has the right to allow or disallow other nations to participate within their borders. Syria has requested the involvement of Russia, China and Iran. They have asked the U.S. and other western nations to stay out. The U.S. and other western nations are, essentially, invading the nation of Syria. Russia and China are very sensitive to this and strongly believe Syria’s sovereignty must be protected.

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  2. I’m expecting a triple or quadruple or worse whammy from Obama, Clinton, Bush, Soros, Inc.

    Riots, looting, Islamist jihadi roaming the streets, invading homes, targeting utilities, banking, internet, war, plague even biological weapons if they can get away with it. Nothing is too low for them to attempt to get and keep power and $$$.

    We may suffer, but we will persist in truth-telling and in our ideals and faith.


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