Presidential Debate Commission Needs To Be Investigated: Trump Should Opt Out of The Remaining Two and Do Infomercial Instead


It’s been about a week since the epic showdown between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump at Hofstra University in New York. Initially, many media elites declared that Hillary Clinton had won the debate. Online polls heavily favored Donald Trump. Trump has won every online poll since he started debating.

Many smart and savvy observers have watched the debate over and over again and have learned a number of things.

First, Hillary Clinton was using hand signals. She would scratch just to the left of her nose to indicate that she needed to jump into the conversation without interruption from Clinton Foundation supporter Lester Holt. A poker player has analyzed the tape and without question has concluded that Clinton was signalling for help.

Let’s talk about Lester Holt. He replaced lyin’ Brian Williams on the NBC nightly news. This is the same news organization that used to blow up trucks in order to instigate a recall. They did this on the show Dateline. Holt is just the latest puppet in a long line of Candy Crowley helpers who frame the liberal narrative which is designed to put the ‘R’ candidate on the defensive.

We also have learned that Hillary’s podium had some sort of light in it that went off when the debate ended. You can clearly see it. Some think it was a teleprompter. This could be why Clinton was so “on top” of the questions and why she was looking down so much.

At the end of the debate you also get a look at Clinton’s backside. Sorry for the visual. But there is a box or something underneath her copious pantsuit and what appears to be a wire running up her back. This could have been some kind of radio transmitter feeding her the answers.

Furthermore, at the end of the debate, a strange man is seen taking a small booklet of notes away from Clinton’s podium. And prior to the debate, this man was seen a number of times at the podium. Podiums aren’t usually given this kind of attention. It appears that Hillary had cheat sheets.

Clinton’s poll numbers have suffered since the Hofstra debate. None of the cheating has helped her campaign. Trump’s claim that the system is rigged gets even more traction when you analyze this debate. Voters saw a candidate with every advantage under the sun – including an entire television network that is devoted to her election.

Donald Trump ought to pull out of the remaining two debates and pay for infomercials instead. Bring back the Ross Perot model and talk directly to the American people about all the great plans and proposals you have and how they will help the average family. This bypass would allow voters to see Trump. And Donald could get his message out with the kind of specifics that are now absent from the dog and pony show debate process.

Trump would likely not do this because he understands perception. But this whole process is wrought with conflicts. It’s as if the media is no longer hiding how they feel about the election. They will pull out all the stops for Clinton.

They need Trump to sell ads. This is historic revenue for a presidential debate. Trump could hold it over their heads much like he did to Fox when it was clear the whole thing was rigged against him.

Donald Trump could still win the election, and win it big even if he decided to forgo one or two of the last two presidential debates. An infomercial would do the trick. And the American people might actually learn something about how Donald Trump plans to make America great again.


4 thoughts on “Presidential Debate Commission Needs To Be Investigated: Trump Should Opt Out of The Remaining Two and Do Infomercial Instead

  1. Run “Hillary’s America” & have a live interview with Dinesh afterwards. They can ask each other questions.

    Dinesh is an immigrant, did MUCH less than HRC, and was sent to jail for it. Even his lawyer thought it COULD NEVER HAPPEN. And that’s not all of the targeted, bigoted gubt weaponization that took place. They’re not done with him yet. Same as Sheriff Joe, and many others they don’t like or agree with.

    I would run Infomercials with his Congressional testimony too. How many billionaires developers do you know who go to the gubt and say I want to save you, on behalf of the American Taxpayers, a BILLION, OR MORE, my services included for free.

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    1. And they TURNED HIM DOWN….. 😦 😦 😦

      I would add a piece to this updating what it eventually cost us for their inaction.

      The sad thing is, this is the kind of thing that C-Span should be running right now.

      Maybe we should hit them with a call-in campaign. 😉

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  2. I still think Donald Trump can use these debates to command them, despite the obvious bias of the moderators. He doesn’t have to answer their questions. What he can do is turn around their questions to answer those questions that they never bring up to Crooked. For instance, if they bring Trump’s using the tax laws on his tax returns to benefit his company and his employees as every Real Estate Developer would do, Trump should say that, and then say that Crooked used the exact same law on her 2015 Tax Return.

    I am one hundred percent certain that Trump knows they are rigging the election for Crooked because their livelihoods depend on it, However, he also knows that in these debates he can reach a segment of the American population that he might not otherwise be reaching.

    I have watched almost all of Trump’s debates in the Primaries and his rallies and I have noticed one thing about Trump and that is he really listens to people. Yes. He actually listens to what they have to say, while all the others are only thinking about what they are going to say so that they can get in their zingers. Did you notice how Trump actually listened to Crooked? This is something Trump has had to do when he negotiated his winning deals. When he called his book The Art of the Deal, he did so for a reason. He had to understand where his opponent is coming from so that he can find a way to get what he wants while also making the other person feel that they got something too so that the deal will be upheld.

    In this deal, the art of the debate, he is working on our behalf. He needs to win to ultimately do that. I have great confidence in his ability to win this election, because what he wants to do now, is do the same thing he did for his company for America and the American people. You see, what they don’t get is that Mr. Trump really wants to make America great again.

    The first debate was a learning process for Trump. The second debate will be the start of going in for the kill. The third debate will be the kill. The culmination of a lifetime of knowing how to close the deal, because if you don’t know how to close the deal then you can never win. And Trump is a winner.

    Now he will win for America and the American people.


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