Red October Surprise: Putin Has Clinton Emails And Will Release If Julian Assange Falters


Several commentators have come forward in recent days to posit the theory that Russia will do what needs to be done when it comes to Hillary Clinton’s emails. And that makes sense. Russia has taken charge in Syria and caught the United States hitting the wrong targets in their make believe quest to eradicate ISIS or ISIL or the JV team or whatever they call them.

Vladimir Putin is one of the few adults still standing on the world stage. He and members of his team are hoping for a Donald Trump presidency. Back in April, this is what his own foreign ministry spokeswoman tweeted out :

I hope you win Mr.Trump. Vladimir counts on you.

You would never see a member of our government enthusiastically endorse or hope for this kind of outcome. Maria Zakharova has been going head to head with the likes of John Kerry and other Obama lackeys over who’s a rebel and who’s not a rebel in Syria. Russia has been right and the U.S. has been wrong.

Russia wants a cooperative foreign policy to strike out against ISIS. Trump has said that he would cooperate with Putin. Hillary Clinton wants world war III.

American commentator and former Clinton adviser Dick Morris has also posited this theory about Putin and the emails.
Julian Assange is having trouble releasing the information because of supposed safety concerns. Assange probably aligns more with Clinton politically. And he must have an internal conflict of interest.
Putin has no fear. And there is no doubt that Russian intelligence has all of the information that would bring down Bill and Hillary Clinton. If Assange won’t come forward with the information, Vladimir Putin will.
Sounds like a Red October Surprise.

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