George W. Bush Bails Out The Clinton’s With TARP Money That Funds Hillary’s Campaign


In order to save the free market, we have to destroy the free market – George W. Bush.

This quote was a fitting end to a presidency mired in economic and political turmoil. Bush ran on a platform that he wasn’t Bill Clinton and that he’d keep the oval office free from seaman stains. That’s pretty much the only place where W. made good on his promises.

The Bush economy collapsed under the weight of toxic assets – namely loans that were given out by his globalist pals, Chris Dodd and Barney Frank. Like dominoes, various economic sectors began to topple. The result of course is what is now called “The Great Recession”. Some would argue that we are still in a somewhat more dormant phase of this same economic catastrophe.

Fast forward to the latest leak from Guccifer 2.0 that screen captures a line item accounting of all of the expense accounts of The Clinton Foundation.folder

The other money that was supposed to go into the Toxic Assets Relief Program was funneled all over the democrat universe from Nancy Pelosi and Barney Frank to Bill and Hillary Clinton and their foundation.


Think of it. Taxpayer dollars approved by George W. Bush to bail out a Ponzi derivatives pyramid scheme, was funneled to The Clinton Foundation. For those of you who’ve said the two party system is a uniparty, you have been vindicated. These are oligarchs who take the spoils and just move them to the next monarchy.

Obama, feeling left out, came up with his own ‘stimulus package’ that we are still trying to pay down today. God only knows where that money ended up. One thing is clear, the average citizen has ceded most of their political power to world banks and central planners that control even the thoughts we are allowed to think.

It makes total sense that George H.W. Bush and wife Barbara have already voiced support for Hillary Clinton. And Laura Bush has been spotted palling around with Michelle Obama and rumor has it that the entire Bush clan is voting for Clinton. They are all in bed together.

The Bush Royal Family and The Clinton Royal Family are all on the same corrupt team. There is no honor among thieves. We can’t let this happen again.

Vote for Donald Trump to end the oligarchy.



One thought on “George W. Bush Bails Out The Clinton’s With TARP Money That Funds Hillary’s Campaign

  1. It almost seems that we the people don’t stand much of a chance….I’m really taken aback by the horrid leaked video on Trump…He is vulger with his words…He disappoints, that is for sure…..However, I believe
    that he will make a good President. I believe he will live up to his promises. I believe he really wants to make America Great Again..I shudder to think what will happen if the Clinton Machine regains the White House. I shudder to think that Hillary Clinton cannot be stopped. But remember, the people voted Bill in twice and think of the baggage he brought….the sordid things he did as President… and before he was President. But Hillary and her background!! As far as I am concerned, she has commited TREASON!! She has sold America to the highest bidder, and not just to Russia. I cannot believe that our elected representatives are bailing on Trump. None of us are happy with Trumps locker room trash talk….. but to think they are willing to have Hillary Clinton elected because of trash talk, when they know of all the evil Hillary has been involved with…we are truly being sold out by our Government…..


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