What Donald Trump Must Do At Tonight’s Debate To Save His Campaign

trimpbushHe needs to say to Hillary…”You stood by your husband when most of America was appalled by his reckless behavior. I’ve done nothing criminal. I was having an unfortunate, yet private conversation. There are so many more important private conversations that you’ve had that have hurt our country. And you deleted those conversations so we have no idea what you said. I have been completely forthcoming and have apologized to the American people. Are you willing to do the same?”

“I have apologized. Have you ever apologized to the women that your husband destroyed?” Use names. Paula Jones. Kathleen Willey, Juanita Brodderick….do it! Make the media squirm. Make the millennials google the information so they can see that Bill Clinton is a rapist.

Or, I’m being framed by a corrupt media over a private conversation, whereas the media continues to ignore the very real and public conversations that have implicated Hillary Clinton in actual criminal activity. And then give examples like pay to play. Also make her deny the Julian Assange drone strike idea. Make her lie more. Maybe she’ll just collapse on stage and we can end this campaign once and for all.

It has to be perceived as a full knockout of Clinton. A draw won’t do. The media and Clinton have to both be on the defensive during and after this debate. Otherwise the narrative slips away for a couple of weeks and that might be enough of a dent to elect the most corrupt candidate who’s ever run for public office – Hitlerly Hildabeat Clinton.


2 thoughts on “What Donald Trump Must Do At Tonight’s Debate To Save His Campaign

  1. Why Bill Clinton’s Sex Scandals Still Matter
    by Michael Tracey
    30 Sep 2016

    …”Though the impeachment affair is today sometimes remembered as being the product of a “vast right-wing conspiracy” (to quote Hillary Clinton) or a bunch of hypocritical Republican hucksters getting fake-outraged over a blowjob, Clinton wasn’t impeached for sexual transgressions as such, and no one forced him to repeatedly lie in public. Perjury and obstruction of justice, the crimes Bill was accused of committing, are both serious felonies that have landed plenty of less-powerful people in prison. Nor was the ensuing furor limited to prurient Republicans: Tim Kaine, Hillary’s current running mate, declared in 2002 (when he was lieutenant governor of Virginia) that he believed Bill should have resigned over the matter.

    The issue then, as now, was never the sexual indiscretions themselves. Adults are free to indulge in whatever consensual activities they wish. Bill’s apparently boundless lust only became a subject of legitimate political concern because he was accused—time and time again, often credibly—of harassing, abusive, and sometimes outright criminal behavior against multiple women. The political dimension became unambiguous when federal government resources were deployed to cover up the misdeeds, an endeavor spearheaded by none other than Hillary, at whose behest Bill’s many accusers were regularly tarnished in the media. This sordid process led to an ever-expanding tangle of state-funded scandal, drama, and duplicity, culminating in Bill’s December 1998 impeachment by the House of Representatives.

    Just is the case with Bill, Hillary’s culpability lies in her public actions, not any private romantic matters. As the journalist Gail Sheehy wrote in the 1999 biography Hillary’s Choice: “It was Hillary who made the first call, on the morning the [Washington] Post story [reporting that Bill and others allegedly encouraged Lewinsky to lie to lawyers] broke, to establish the line the White House would use.”

    The “line” was disseminated by way of Sidney Blumenthal—the White House aide and longtime Clinton fixer who was in charge of disseminating talking points to the media. “The First Lady said that she was distressed that the President was being attacked, in her view, for political motives for his ministry of a troubled person,” Blumenthal later relayed in sworn testimony. (According to the Starr Report, Bill told Lewinsky he’d had “hundreds” of extramarital sexual encounters—which is a whole lot of ministering.)

    So that was the story: Bill was the real victim here, not the intern repeatedly slimed by executive branch employees as a “stalker” who wore her dresses a little too tight. In a letter written several years later to the late writer Christopher Hitchens, Lewinsky personally thanked him for “being the only journalist to stand up against the Clinton spin machine (mainly Blumenthal) and reveal the genesis of the stalker story.” Hitchens had stated in a sworn affidavit that he was present when Blumenthal propagated the “stalker” slur at lunch one day in March 1998.”


    “The political dimension became unambiguous when federal government resources were deployed to cover up the misdeeds”


  2. Man you are great! Nail on the head. I hope he heeds your advice. Maybe a strong attack will ward off the bitch’s attacks.

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