GOP – Paul Ryan Sabotaging Trump Campaign – Means The End of The GOP


Ground reports from local RNC chapters in key battleground states are reporting that there has been a shift. Resources are being allocated for local candidates. There is no longer a focus on getting Donald Trump elected president. These reports are coming in from Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Florida.

In some cases, state chairs are actually thwarting the will of those who have told them they had to comply. In other cases, it’s the hierarchy that is conveying the instructions.

This of course coincides with the now infamous Billy Bush locker room tapes. And one google search will reveal that many believe that the current Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan is behind it. In fact, there is growing evidence that a deal was made between Ryan, Obama and Clinton.

If this is true, Paul Ryan has committed treason against his own country. We know, based on the last budget, that Ryan is just a shill for global elites. Ryan is against the working class. He is the most pussy-whipped politically correct zombie to ever hold the title of speaker. John Boehner actually sounds good right about now.

But Ryan and elites have miscalculated. Trump could still win. And even if he doesn’t win, there will be no reason to be in a political party anymore. The military will have to overthrow the power structure because the people no longer have a voice. The duopoly will be solidified and celebrated. Ryan may even get a spot inside Hillary’s cabinet if she wins.

The republican party will be over. Quite frankly it should be over. It doesn’t stand for anything. Conservatives have lost the argument because they refuse to fight. And then we find out they are not really conservative to begin with. It’s all a false left-right construct.

Many believe that Donald Trump can survive this onslaught and still win. As of today, all bets are off. Trump has been on his own for a long time and has weathered the storms. But money is pouring in from foreign governments to assist in the election of the most corrupt person to ever run.

In the end, money buys votes. And if the RNC has pulled the plug on Donald Trump, it’s not a fair fight. Donald should have revived the reform party and took on the two establishment puppets in a three way race. That way nobody would have controlled his ground campaign. He could have assembled his own hand picked organization, rather than relying on blue blood establishment hacks.

The republican party has to be the dumbest group of people in history. They are authoring their own demise. If Trump loses this election, the republican party will be over.

Paul Ryan doesn’t care. He has a nice gig lined up at Goldman Sachs if he is bounced out of congress. For the rest of us, get ready for the new normal. Oh, yeah, I forgot, we’ve had that for the last 8 years. These are the real deplorables. People who work against the will of the people. So much for democracy. Bye bye RNC!


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